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[Olympic] Bars

This type of equipment is designed for more demanding strength training, and its sturdiness and aesthetics will satisfy most users. 


 Palladium Dumbbells from Apus Sports combine great functionality and modern design, achieved by the one-piece design and aesthetic solutions. 

Fitness Mats

Non-slip Fitness Mats for Pilates and Yoga. Made from wear-resistant and easy-to-clean material, it features a durable coating ensuring a good grip. 

hot Accessories

The unique design and the highest quality materials define a new standard in the fitness industry. See it for yourself and check all accessories from APUS Sports

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Wanna buy some brand new fitness accessories for your fitness training area? Let us know what you are looking for and contact our sales team directly.

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More fitness training ACCESSORIES

Oversized Medicine balls

The clear weight markings on the balls are consistent with the color codes used for free weights, allowing you to quickly identify the correct Medicine Balls.

[Competition] Weight Plates

Apus Sports comes with new (Competition) Bumper Plates that are covered with polyurethane, making them extremely durable. Almost indestructible and odorless.

Preloaded Barbells

The weighted ends covered with polyurethane are permanently attached to the bars which makes our Palladium Barbells sturdy, durable and safe.

Barbell Racks

Pre-loaded Barbell Racks features a stable double-sided construction and is fitted with a chrome rail to support the barbells, ensuring convenient and safe storage.

[Multi Functional] Racks

These Racks will do a great job of optimizing space usage in your fitness club. On the one hand, it keeps your accessories tidy, organized and takes up very little space.


Apus Sports (Olympic) weight plates feature an outstanding ergonomic shape. They have specially formed grips and a shape that makes it easier to use.

ACCESSORIES that impresses everyone

Apus Sports is a brand of professional fitness accessories which is growing dynamically and their company is a well tuned team of enthusiasts, athletes, designers and fitness industry experts. They have grown from a small, Polish based company into a global manufacturer of high quality fitness accessories and their goal is to design and manufacture professional equipment that will be the pride and joy of your fitness studio and gym, accommodating all budgets.

APUS Accessories takes pride in making high-end fitness accessories

Apus Sports has created a variety of unique and original fitness products in collaboration with a professional design studio and their creative team of top designers. Apus Sports products are made of the highest quality materials for maximum performance, durability and ergonomics. Designing accessories is a process consisting of market research in the field of ergonomics and user preferences, as well as a detailed technical analysis of the optimal materials needed. The models created are then tested and refined ensuring the final product is of the highest quality.

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