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5. 5 Apus Sports is a brand of professional fitness accessories which is growing dynamically. Our company is a well tuned team of enthusiasts, athletes, designers and fitness industry experts. We have grown from a small, Polish based company into a global manufacturer of high quality fitness accessories. Our goal is to design and manufacture professional equipment that will be the pride of your fitness studio and gym, accommodating all budgets. Our equipment will allow you and your clients to develop. APUS SPORTS

9. 9 COMPETITION BUMPER PLATES Apus Sports new Competition Bumper Plates are covered with polyurethane, making them extremely durable. They have olympic colors and an original design. They perfectly complement the equipment in free weight zones or in a functional training area. Thanks to the materials used they are almost indestructible and the polyurethane is odorless. 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg

44. Total Fitness Concept Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. Rybitwy 2, 30-722 Cracow, Poland +48 12 684 33 92 [email protected] www.apus-sports.com

19. 19 All competition Kettlebells are made of steel which are of the same size regardless of their weight. They are made of premium quality materials. Their flat bottom increases stability while the color codes allow you to quickly find the weight you are looking for. Our new Kettlebells stand out thanks to their ergonomic shape and optimum handle size. Their vinyl finish makes them more resistant to mechanical damage and easier to clean. STEEL KETTLEBELL KETTLEBELL 8 kg, 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg, 24 kg, 28 kg, 32 kg, 36kg 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg 12 kg, 16 kg, 20 kg

16. 16 Our T-Bar Holders allow you to use bars in various weight training exercises and other activities. This holder is designed for bars with both small and large diameters. It incorporates two bolts that stabilize the bar during your workout. T-BAR HOLDER FREE WEIGHTS

20. DESIGN AND TECHNOLOGY The unique design of equipment from Apus Sports and the highest quality materials define a new standard in the fitness industry. The excellence of the workmanship and pre - cision in production ensures that these items will complement any fitness club and will ben - efit their members. EXCEPTIONAL EQUIPMENT JUST FOR YOU

21. Polyurethane is among the modern materials used in our accessories as. It is very durable, odorless and has vast design, shape and color potentials. Our polyurethane accessories leave no marks on the floor even after long term use. They maintain their original form and color which outperforms other brands. HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS Apus Sports has created a variety of uniqe and original products in collaboration with a pro - fessional design studio and their creative team of top designers. Our Apus Sports products are made of the highest quality materials for maximum perfor - mance, durability and ergonomics. Designing accessories is a process consisting of market research in the field of ergono mics and user preferences, as well as a detailed technical analysis of the optimal ma terials needed. The models created are then tested and refined ensuring the final product is of the highest quality. UNIQUE DESIGN

33. 33 Our Power Bands which are made from high quality latex, feature outstanding strength. Thanks to their optimum size, they are easy to store and clean. This universal and compact piece of equipment will surely be useful in every gym and fitness club. Our range includes several types of loops which are categorized and marked by colors according to resistance level: Pink: 3-11 kg Blue: 5-18 kg Green: 15-25 kg Yellow: 32-43 kg Orange: 40-50 kg Purple: up to 100 kg Apus Sports Multifinctional Rack can replace several different stands for fit bags, slam balls, medicine balls and other our products. Thanks to the modular structure of our rack, it can be easily built to suit the club’s zone. The accessories can be stored in a fitness room or in functio nal training areas. Our Multifunc - tional Rack creates more training space and keeps your facility orderly and safe. MULTIFUNCTIONAL RACK POWER BANDS Dimensions: L: 320 cm H: 220 cm W: 60 cm

34. 34 Apus Sports Step is perfect for strenghthening, cardio and mixed training. It features a three position height adjustment and has a non-slip surface that even when wet ensures safety during exercise. It is lightweight and durable. Avaliable in two attractive colors: pink and blue. STEP FITNESS ZONE

39. 39 The Apus Sports Mat Hanger helps organ - ize fitness areas throughout the gym where needed. Apus Sports Short Fitness Mats fea - ture a specially designed non-slip under - side that is resis tant to abrasion. An addi - tional advantage of our product are the sturdy grommets that facilitate safe and hygienic storage. SHORT FITNESS MAT MAT HANGER Dimensions: 100 cm x 50 cm x 0,9 cm Dimensions: 61 cm x 7 cm

12. 12 MERCURY OLYMPIC WEIGHTS Apus Sports Mercury Olympic weights feature an outstanding ergonomic shape as well as functionality. Covered with premium quality polyurethane, they have specially formed grips and a shape that makes it easier to use. Thanks to these features they prove their worth both in individual and group workouts. Our weights minimalize wrist fatigue when performing trainings with plates only. The weight of the plates are marked with color codes. 1,25 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg FREE WEIGHTS

8. 8 Our Bumper Plates are made entirely of a compressed granulate which makes them resis tant to mechanical damage. Their tex - tured surface facilitates easy lifting from the floor and attaching them to the barbells. They are perfect for snatch and jerk. Our Bumper Plate Trolley is a very useful el - ement in the free weights zone and beyond, making it easy to move the plates around with little effort. Comes equipped with wheels for full mobili - ty. Can be used as a stand for bumper plates and may be used when organizing a training area. TROLLEY FOR BUMPER PLATES BUMPER PLATES 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg FREE WEIGHTS

10. 10 This Pre-loaded Barbell Rack features a stable double-sided construction and is fitted with a chrome rail to support the barbells, ensuring convenient and safe storage. PRE-LOADED BARBELL RACK Holds maximum 10 barbells FREE WEIGHTS

14. 14 Our Olympic Barbell Rack will hold 3 sets of weights and two bars. The height and sym - metrical arrangement make the rack very sta - ble and safe. OLYMPIC BARBELL RACK FREE WEIGHTS Dimensions: L: 101 cm H:140 cm W: 68 cm

18. 18 Our spacious two-tier designed rack will easily accommodate your kettlebell set. The shelves provide easy access. KETTLEBELL RACK FREE WEIGHTS Dimensions: L: 120 cm H: 56 cm W: 50 cm

26. 26 Apus Sports Universal Rack for Medicine Balls and Slam Balls features a well-balanced design and acco mmodates 5 balls. MEDICINE / SLAM BALLS RACK FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Dimensions: L: 42 cm H: 165 cm W: 55 cm

28. 28 UNIVERSAL BALL AND FIT BAG RACK This Universal Rack from Apus Sports will hold fit bags, medicine balls and slamballs. A balanced and well designed product which helps keep your gym space well organized. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING Dimensions: L: 75 cm H: 174 cm W: 54 cm

30. 30 Apus Sports Training Hammers, cast in one piece, have a knurled surface providing a better grip during your workout. Training Hammers are often used to complement a tire work - out. They are great for improving strength and developing an athle tic physique. TRAINING HAMMER FUNCTIONAL TRAINING 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 10 kg

32. 32 Mini Power Bands are the perfect tool for mobility training and stretching. Due to their size and shape, they are suitable for: warm-ups, rehabilitation and activation exercises, as well as for intensifying excersises on individual muscles. Our range includes several types of loops which are categorized and marked by colors according to resistance level: Pink: 6,8 kg Blue: 9 kg Green: 11,3 kg Yellow: 13,5 kg MINI POWER BANDS FUNCTIONAL TRAINING

38. 38 LONG FITNESS MAT This is a non-slip Long Fitness Mat for Pilates and Yoga. Made from wear-resistant and easy-to-clean material, it features a dura - ble coating that ensures a good grip during exercise. An additional advantage of our product are the sturdy grommets that facilitate safe and hygienic storage. FITNESS ZONE Dimensions: 143 cm x 60 cm x 1 cm

42. 42 FUNCTIONAL TRAINING RIG A stable and modern rig for functional training is an excellent extension in all fitness clubs. It is custom made to each client’s specifications. It can be used for: individual training, crossfit, group functional training, as well as a gymnas - tics. Apus Sports offers a range of accessories that enhance the functionality of the rig. FUNCTIONAL TRAINING RIG

17. 17 Our Curl Bar will perform very well both in your home workout space and in a profes - sional gym. The Curl Bar has a knurled sur - face that provides a secure and firm grip. The revolving sleeve, made of hardened steel, makes the bar extermely resistant to cracking. Apus Sports Olympic Super Curl Bar is made of chromed steel and you can perform multiple exercises of the upper body. Our bar is certainly one of the primary compo - nents of the free weight area. CURL BAR OLYMPIC SUPER CURL BAR This Apus Sports product is made of dura - ble plywood (the middle section) and rubber materials surrounding it. The construction has a sturdy steel frame. WEIGHT LIFTING PLATFORM 9 kg L: 120 cm Dimensions: 9 kg L: 120 cm Dimensions: Dimensions: 3 m x 3 m x 3 cm

13. 13 CHROME-COATED DUMBBELLS Our Chrome-coated Dumbbells are among the most important pieces of equipment in your gym and in your free weight area. The finish of our Chrome-coated Dumbbells prevents chip - ping and gives them a great aesthetic look. The ergonomic design and the knurled grip ensure comfort while you have your workout. The handles provide a non-slip grip. You can use these dumbbells in weight training in the free weight area. 1 - 10 kg Apus Sports Chrome-coated Dumbbell Rack holds up to 10 pairs of dumbbells. It has a durable and stable construction which ensures safety and comfort in the free weight zone and expands the work-out area. CHROME-COATED DUMBBELLS RACK Fits 10 pairs

6. 6 Our Dumbbell Rack has a very modern look and is stylishly finished. Its ergonomic shape and stable base ensure safety and comfort in use. Made from steel and powder coated. DUMBBELL RACK FREE WEIGHTS Dimensions: L: 250 cm H: 82,5 cm W: 68 cm Fits 10 pairs

37. 37 Apus Sports ergonomically designed Space Bar, made of polyurethane, is a “must have” in gyms for group and individual exercises. They are easy to store thanks to the pur - posefully designed shape. Our Space Bars have a colorful, easy to clean surface. SPACE BAR 1,25 kg, 2,5 kg, 5 kg Our ergonomically shaped Helium Vinyl Dumb - bells feature handles designed especially for women’s hands. Made of cast iron, they are covered with a vinyl coating. These dumbbells are a fantastic, colorful addi - tion in all gyms, expanding the variety of equip - ment available. They improve the women’s zone, the free weight area and are excellent products for warm-up routines. Please note: dumbbells are sold in pairs. HELIUM VINYL DUMBBELLS 0,5 kg, 1 kg, 1,5 kg, 2 kg, 2,5 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg

40. 40 light strong medium Apus Sports Tubing Step Straps are an excel - lent accessory when exercising, because it has a tape designed to secure under our step. The tubing is made out of rubber and our straps have ergonomic handles ensuring comfort in use. TUBING STEP STRAPS FITNESS ZONE Dimension: L: 160 cm

31. 31 Our Wooden Gymnastic Rings will work well for all types of suspension trainings. Their durability and slip resistance ensures precise movements. They are a universal piece of equipment that every gym should have. Using one’s own body weight this product may be used in: gymnas - tics, isometric exercises and in functional train - ing. Our Plyobox is made of premium quality plywood that is durable and has a non-slip surface. It is relatively light and easy to carry. The surface of our Plyobox provides a stable landing area. You can flip your Plyobox onto any side, adjusting the height according to the level of difficulty needed in training. WOODEN GYMNASTIC RINGS PLYOBOX Apus Sports 10 kg Weighted Vest is a high quality and durable product designed to pro - vide the ultimate training experience. Our Weighted Vest is universal in size and has Vel - cro straps that adjust to fit any torso. Thanks to the weights distributed across the chest and the back our vest offers free range of motion for dynamic resistance training. 10 KG WEIGHTED VEST Dimensions: 50 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm

35. 35 Apus Sports Gymastic Balls, made of anti- burst, foamed PVC, are resistant to defor - mation and their profiled, non-slip surface ensures a stable position during exercise. ROLLER Apus Sports sturdy Roller Grids, made of foamed PVC, are hard and stable and do not absorb moisture or sweat. They do not deform from extended use. They are light, take up little space and are suitable as a self-massaging tool, both for professional and amateur athletes. Our Roller Grids help your muscles regenerate quicker and relax your body after exercising. They can also be used in training for increased flexibility. ROLLER GRID GYMNASTIC BALLS Our Roller is perfect for exercises increas - ing your muscle flexibility. The foam coating does not absorb moisture and is resistant to deformation. The optimal length of the roller ensures that all your muscle groups are well exercised. Dimensions: L: 45 cm, 90 cm Dimensions: L: 33 cm Dimensions: 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm

36. 36 FITNESS ZONE Our Space Bar Set Rack allows you to keep your accessories tidy and organized in your gym or fitness club. Its ergonomic design makes it easy to replace and lift the weights. The rack features a collar box and a separate area for bars. We offer two rack versions for multiple-piece sets. SPACE BAR SET RACK Dimensions: L: 72 cm H: 176 cm W: 84 cm L: 73 cm H:180 cm W: 135 cm 10 and 20 piece sets

29. 29 Our Battle Rope exercises all your muscles, it is a great way to burn calories and increase your endurance. Our ropes are made of 100% high quality nylon, the ends are protected against fraying. The length of the rope can easily be adjusted to suit your needs and the amount of training space available to you. Apus Sports Training Belts are used to reduce the risk of injury during training with a heavy load. Double stitching and high quality leather guarantee longer life; the belt can be adjusted to custo mize it to the user’s needs. BATTLE ROPE Our Jump Rope features an adjustment option, allowing you to adjust the length to your height. With its ample functionality this jump rope will work great in every gym. The built-in bearings connected to the upper- part of the handles prevent the rope from twisting. Apus Sports Fit Bags come equipped with additional ergonomic handles, allowing you to perform a significantly wider range of exer - cises. Noteworthy advantages include a rein - forced construction and sturdy straps. Weight markings are consistent with other Apus Sports products. 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, 25 kg FIT BAG FUNCTIONAL TRAINING JUMP ROPE TRAINING BELT Sizes : M L XL 0,15 kg L: 3 m Dimensions: 10 kg L: 10 m Dimensions:

11. 11 This type of Pre-loaded Barbell is great for using in a dynamic exercise series, which requires constant changing of weights. With our product you do not need to take the weights off, all you need to do is to change the barbell. They are made entirely of carbon steel and feature a one-piece construction. The weighted ends covered with polyurethane are permanently attached to the bars which makes our Palladium Barbells sturdy, durable and safe. Their ergonomic design, in respect of construction and surface, contributes to your training comfort. 10 pieces per set PRE-LOADED BARBELLS 10-40 kg HEXAGONAL DUMBBELLS Our Hexagonal Dumbbells are made of high quality and durable materials. Rubber coating increase their durability and protect flooring, reducing noise and wear during the train - ing. The ergonomically designed handles are knurled and chrome covered. 2,5 - 50 kg 5- 40 kg 2,5- 25 kg

41. 41 Apus Sports Balance Step is a piece of equip - ment suitable for various types of enhancing, agility and balance training. It features a non- slip rubber-coated, flat surface on one side and a balloon made of anti-burst, foamed PVC on the other side. Our Balance Steps are solid, each set comes with two tubing straps. BALANCE STEP Tubing Basic exercises are perfect when you want to work with small weights. Our Tubing is made out of rubber and our straps have ergo - nomic handles ensuring comfort in use. TUBING BASIC light medium strong Dimension: L: 122 cm

27. 27 OVERSIZED MEDICINE BALLS Oversized Medicine Balls are essential prod - ucts for rehabilitation programs. They are also used in body conditioning and functional train - ings. These balls are made of exceptionally strong leather and sewn with a durable thread which makes the ball resistant to deformation. The clear weight markings on the balls are consist - ent with the color codes used for free weights, allowing you to quickly identify the correct Medicine Balls. 4 kg, 6 kg, 8 kg, 1 0 kg Our Medicine Balls feature a varied surface and a special concave texture. This resembles a ho neycomb for improved gripping action when throwing and catching the ball during dyna mic training. The clear weight markings are consistent with the color codes used for free weights, allowing you to quickly identify the proper medicine ball. Our products are made of premium quality rubber ensuring longevity and resistance to damage. MEDICINE BALLS 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, 7 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg Our re-launched Slam Balls feature clear weight markings, consistent with the weight labelling on our other products. Their textured surface, with a pattern resem - bling a honeycomb, as well as an optimum diameter ensures a firm grip during exercis - es. Slam Balls are made of a premium quali - ty rubber, featuring outstanding resistance to any damage. 3 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg, 9 kg, 12 kg, 15 kg, 1 8 kg, 20 kg SLAM BALLS

7. 7 Our one-piece Palladium Polyurethane Dumbbells combine excellent ease of use and a modern design. Constructed ergonomically, they feature a large knurled area which makes them fit comfortably in every hand. The poly - urethane construction contributes to the long service life and high quality of our dumbbells. 40 - 50 kg 27,5 - 37,5 kg 2,5 - 25 kg Palladium Polyurethane Dumbbells feature a permanent one-piece design and are used for strength training in the free weights zone. They can also be used in general development trainings. The Palladium Dumbbells from Apus Sports combine great functionality and modern design, achieved by the one-piece design and aesthetic solutions. They are ergono mic and have a wide knurling surface, which fits perfectly in every hand. Polyurethane material ensures lasting durability and high product quality. PALLADIUM DUMBBELLS PALLADIUM DUMBBELLS 1 - 10 kg Our Palladium Dumbbell Rack will do a great job of optimizing space usage in your fitness club. On the one hand, it keeps your accessories tidy and organized, on the other hand, it takes up very little space. Made of high quality powder coated steel, the Palladium Dumbbell Rack is stylishly finished, sturdy and stable. The Dumbbell Rack is made from powder coat - ed steel. It has a stable base for safety when in use. This Dumbbell Rack from Apus Sports has an ergonomic and modern shape. DUMBBELL RACK DUMBBELL RACK Dimensions: L: 140 cm H: 78 cm W: 66 cm Dimensions: L: 73 cm H: 160 cm W: 50 cm Fits 5 pairs Fits 10 pairs

15. 15 The Olympic Bar is one of the most important accessories in the free weight zone. This type of equipment is designed for more demanding strength training, and its sturdiness and aes - thetics will satisfy even the most demanding users. The professional Olympic Bar from Apus Sports is made of tempered and chromed steel. The grip covered with a knurling surface guarantees a solid grip during exercise. The product is very strong and made of the highest quality materials. This piece of equipment should be in every professional gym and fitness club. Apus Sports Olympic Bar is approved for 450 kg. OLYMPIC BAR Our Aluminum Bars are enhancing a gym’s design in zones for women. They are lighter and slightly shorter, with different colors - a pink and blue fret. ALUMINIUM BAR This professional Chromed and Oxidized Spring Bar is an important part of the free weight zone. Designed for more demanding workouts due to its moving parts and high load capacity. This product of Apus Sports is made of hard, spring steel. The grip has a knurled surface that guarantees firm contact while training due to the high quality of the needle bearings used. Our bars are extremely durable. This Apus Sports product is an investment in the highest quality products for the most demanding clients. Our Spring Bar Chromed and Oxidized is approved for 650 kg. SPRING BAR CHROMED AND OXIDIZED Apus Sports Olympic Bar Racks are an impor - tant element in free weight zones. They are made entirely of steel, that is why they are sta - ble and durable. Our Bar Racks will hold 8 bars. They are available in black and silver. BAR RACK 13 kg L: 150 cm 15 kg L: 180 cm 20 kg L: 220 cm Dimensions: 10 kg L: 180 cm Dimensions: 20 kg L: 220 cm Dimensions: 20 kg H: 13 cm D: 40 cm Dimensions:


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