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1. FUNCTIONAL HANDLES WAVE STRETCH AREA INSIDE SYSTEM HANDLEBAR P EDAL A RM BOTTOM FRAME ADJUSTMENTS ENCLOSED CYCLE KEVLAR BRAKE Non-slip comfort rubber handlebar. Aluminium bar ends offering multiple positions Lubrication free BODY BIKE synthetic KEVLAR brake pad The protective service hatches are easy to operate due to the simple click-function Stainless steel bottom frame with flexible and adjustable rubber feet Adjustment handles with stainless steel thread which can be operated even with sweaty palms Reinforced stretch area at the rear end of the cycle Special designed unbreakable BODY BIKE pedalarm in cast iron, 170mm/6,7inch BODY BIKE Classic Supreme the ultimate indoor cycle. All vital parts are in stainless steel completely eliminating problems such as rust and deterioration. The Classic Supreme comes in a wide variety of colours. In black and grey it elegantly and discreetly fits into any environment without disturbing the eye. In one of the many other colours, it becomes an eye-catching sculpture with a strong personality. Impossible to ignore. Vertical and horizontal adjustment of both handlebar and saddle pro - vides an optimal cycling position A smooth and quiet ride is achieved by a poly V-belt, a 20kg/44lbs fly - wheel and high quality bearings The unique bottle holder accom - modates iPod Nano, member card, pulse watch and two water bottles

2. Classic Supreme Grey Classic Supreme Grey Classic Supreme Petrol Classic Supreme Petrol Classic Supreme Yellow Classic Supreme Yellow Classic Supreme Red Classic Supreme Red Classic Supreme Orange Classic Supreme Orange Classic Supreme Green Classic Supreme Green Classic Supreme Light Blue Classic Supreme Light Blue Classic Supreme Black Classic Supreme Black BODY BIKE International A/S, Denmark, www.body-bike.com RECOMMENDED USER SPECIFICATIONS Max. user weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs Please note that the max. pedal load may be lower. MEASUREMENTS Length: 105 cm / 41 inches Width: 60 cm / 23 ½ inches Height: 100 cm / 39 inches Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs WARRANTY 2 years against manufacturing defects. 3 years on crank and pedalarm. 5 years against frame breakage. Consumable items (poly V-belt, brake pad, handlebar rubber, saddle and pedals, etc.) which are subject to continuous wear and tear, are not covered by any warranty. MATERIALS Frame: Powder coated stainless steel front tube + saddle tube, other frame parts in powder coated steel. Crank, flywheel, pedalarm: Powder coated cast iron. Posts, bottom frame, bottom frame fittings, handlebar, fittings for saddle and handlebar: Electro- polished stainless steel. Side and top covers: ABS plastic. Service hatches: PETG plastic. Wave bottle holder: PA6 plastic with glass fibre reinforcement.


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