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Concept2 Model D - E Specs

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1. CONCEPT2 INDOOR ROWER SPECIFICATIONS - Models D and E with PM5 Description: Institutional grade rowing exercise machine with air-resistance flywheel, sliding seat, and self-calibrating electronic performance monitor. Construction: Frame: extruded aluminum I-beam monorail with stainless steel seat track. Flywheel: Fully-enclosed chain driven flywheel is steel with glass reinforced ABS squirrel cage fan attached. The flywheel enclosure is made of hi-impact, ABS Thermo-plastic. The “Quiet Cog” system significantly softens the sound of rowing by damping the chain noise with a urethane washer on each side of the cog. The idler pulleys and travelling pulley are made of a Thermo-plastic elastomer for increased durability and noise reduction. PM5 Monitor: Backlit liquid crystal display shows time/distance rowed; calories burned; power produced (watts); stroke rate; stroke output (watts, calories, meters); average pace (time per 500 meters); library of preset workouts (timed, distance, timed interval, distance interval); projected finish (time or distance); split memory recall function; Wireless heart rate monitoring using ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart with compatible devices. Choose from a variety of units and graphic displays including All Data, Force Curve, Paceboat/Pace Skier, Bar Chart and Large Print. On board games provide video game-like competition. Manage workout data on a USB flash drive and/or transfer data to your Mac or PC. Supports machine-to-machine racing, plus connectivity to computers and smartphones via the Concept2 ErgData app and compatible third-party apps. Power generation feature extends the life of the batteries by providing operating power to the PM while rowing. Monitor is powered by 2 D-cell batteries and are included. No external power source is needed. Misc: Adjustable air resistance; Flexfoot(TM) adjustable footboard system; impact-resistant, glass-reinforced Nylon, ergonomically-designed handle with overmolded soft rubber grips; molded rubber foot pads; anatomically designed seat top; built in caster wheels; quick discon - nect feature for compact storage. Benefits: The Concept2 Indoor Rower is the rowing machine of choice for all on water rowing programs as well as health clubs, cardiac rehabilitation centers and corporate fitness centers. The smooth, fluid feel of each stroke and the proper balance of momentum and drag are unsurpassed by any other rowing machine in the simulation of the on water rowing stroke. The rugged institutional grade construction assures minimal maintenance. The self-calibrating electronic performance monitor is unique. Its’ accuracy allows for objective comparison between workouts, as well as allowing measured competition between individuals. The Concept2 Indoor Rower measures 8’ long by 24” maximum width. An area of 9’ by 4’ is required for operation of the machine. Storage requirement for two upright pieces is 27” x 47 x 54.5”H (Model E) and 25” x 33” x 53”H (Model D) . Spare parts are available direct from the factory. Machines are user serviceable. Initial assembly takes approximately 30 minutes and subsequent installation of the most common spare parts is not difficult. Technical assistance is available during regular business hours (M-F 7:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. ET) on our toll-free customer service line 800.245.5676. Warranty: Covers defective parts for a 2 - 5 year period from date of shipment. Copy of warranty is available upon request. Concept2, Inc. 105 Industrial Park Drive, Morrisville, VT USA 05661-8532 Toll Free: 800.245.5676 (USA & Canada) Fax: 802.888.4791 [email protected] concept2.com Concept2 is the sole manufacturer and factory direct sales source for the Concept2 Indoor Rower. All prices are factory direct. Prices are subject to change without notice. 0818 Spare Parts and Service: Space Requirements:


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