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Cybex Arc Trainer 425A

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1. 425A ARC TRAINER The CYBEX Arc Trainer is the most versatile cross-trainer in health clubs today. The 425A design makes it ideally suited for hotels, corporate fitness, fire and police stations, and residential housing. When the environment is less demanding than a commercial gym setting, and space is at a premium, the 425A Arc Trainer is the solution. ceed *Available with optional Personal Entertainment Monitor

2. © 2009, CYBEX International, all rights reserved. ML– 20223 . Specifications subject to change 01/09. *Actual color may differ from samples shown. BIOSIG INSTRUMENTS, INC. EMG/ECG heart ra te technology. US Patent No. 5,337,753 and Canadian Patent No. 2,033,014 Product Number Dimensions Machine Weight Incline Levels Stride Length Resistance Range Brake Programs Display Heart Rate Monitoring Maximum User Weight Power Compliance Color 425A 29” W × 69” L × 62” H (73 cm × 175 cm× 157 cm) 380 lbs (172 kg) 11 23” (58 cm) up to 600 Watts Eddy Current Brake Quick Start, Manual, plus 10 pre-set programs; each program has 10 levels and controls both Incline and Resistance Graphic Display of Program, Distance, Calories, Calories/hr, METs, Watts, Strides/min, Heart Rate, Time, Incline and Resistance Level Contact and Polar ® Wireless (chest strap not included); HR light indicator is multi-colored with different color light for specific target heart rate zones 300 lbs. (136 kg) 115V, 60Hz; 230V, 50Hz CE, ETL listed to UL 1647, ASTM, CSA, FCC Available in five standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors with gray enclosures specifications CYBEX INTERNATIONAL UK LTD Oak Tree House • Atherstone Road Measham • Derbyshire • DE12 7EL UK T +44.845.606.0228 • F +44.845.606.0227 GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS 10 Trotter Drive • Medway • MA 02053 USA T +1.508.533.4300 • F +1.508.533.5500 www.cybexintl.com 425A Arc Trainer BIG o N W o R ko UT SMALL in footprint Features www.cybexintl.com Ultimate Versatility By varying resistance and incline, the Arc Trainer is a true cross-trainer providing an unmatched number of workout combinations. Combining elements of a climber, hiker and skier allows users to focus on their own specific needs, targeting the same areas in different ways to build muscle, burn calories or both. Burn Without Burnout The Arc Trainer allows users to burn more calories and train muscles with more intensity, while feeling less exertion. The unique pattern of motion ensures that the direction of force is forward of the hip and behind the knee for equal leverage and balanced contribution in producing the motion. This balance of force leads to optimal loading between hip and knee, minimizing joint stress, and maximizing the work done by the muscles. Total Body Training Same Side Forward (SSF) technology allows the arm and leg to move together in an assisted manner. This offers unparalleled workout versatility by providing the ability to vary the workout intensity between upper and lower body. This balances the total workload and makes it the only cross-trainer on the market that allows a true upper body workout.


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