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Cybex Arc Trainer 750A & 750AT - 01

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1. 750A & 750AT ARC TRAINERS


6. 5 PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD 6 TOUGH AS NAILS In order to get an effective workout on a total body cross-trainer, it must have the abilit y to transfer the workload from lower body to upper body and back again. Most other cross-trainers have the hands and feet moving in opposite directions. This means that in order to push harder with your right hand, you must push harder with your right foot, driving the overall intensity of the exercise up beyond the desired threshold. The 750 Total Body Arc Trainer features Same Side Forward (SSF) technology which offers users the ability to vary the workout intensity between upper and lower body. Specifically as the right arm moves forward, the right footplate follows in the same direction. Conversely, when the right leg moves rearward into the power stroke, the right arm also moves rearward in an assistive manner, similar to a natural climbing motion. The Total Body Arc Trainer remains the only cross-trainer on the market that can effectively work the upper body. Every piece of equipment is an investment. And your cross-trainers shouldn’t be any different. Like any good investment it should be durable enough to deliver years of trouble-free service. Durability means more than simply not breaking down, it means having a design that virtually eliminates maintenance. Many cross-trainers use bushings and exposed mechanisms consisting of wheels and ramps but not the Arc Trainer. Instead of exposed mechanisms that can collect debris and become worn and rough running, the Arc Trainer uses sealed bearings throughout to ensure quiet maintenance-free operation for the life of the product.

7. 7 take your Mind off it The 750 Arc Trainers feature the CYBEX hallmark split level design and “Three View” philosophy to simplify setup and provide the user essential information and controls they desire. The “First View” focuses on the Quick Start button highlighted in green for those who want to just get on and go with a minimum of fuss. The “Second View” focuses on the controls needed for program setup. Finally, the “Third View” focuses on the session information and user motivation through the use of “High Light Play” in the 10 by 15 graphic profiling. Each member of the 750 product family follows the same theme to allow members to move between machines effortlessly. Optional CYBEX PEMs* let your members enjoy their workout while watching TV or their favorite videos, and even turn off automatically to prolong life and save energy. Full iPod support so users can charge their iPod while listening to music or watching video from their iPod. Nike+iPod enabled so users can track their workouts and upload them to nikeplus.com. *Shown with optional Personal Entertainment Monitors (PEMs)

2. Having the Arc Training Advantage means having the only true cross-trainer on the market today. Cross-training in sports and fitness refers to working various parts of the body by combining different exercises in a variety of ways. Typically one particular activity or sport trains certain parts of the body, but not others. Cross-training aims to eliminate this. It is a concept sorely lacking in today’s fitness world, with machines masquerading as cross-trainers but only reaching certain aspects of your fitness needs. With the Arc Trainer’s broad incline and resistance range, consistency in proper positioning, and superior biomechanics you have greater versatility than any other cross-trainer available. This means you have the opportunity to meet strength, power, endurance, cardiovascular and weight loss goals more effectively in less time. That is the CYBEX Arc Training Advantage.

5. 3 HAVE IT YOUR WAY 4 MAXIMUM RESULTS MINIMUM TIME To be considered a true cross-trainer it must do more than change resistance; the CYBEX Arc Trainer provides another dimension with its 21 incline levels, which allows knee and hip angle to change as dramatically or as little as the user desires. Now your members can choose elements of a climber, hiker, and skier to focus on their own specific needs, targeting the same areas in different ways to build muscle, burn calories or both. Whether you are stepping onto a cross-trainer for the very first time, or you are a professional athlete who demands a high intensity workout — doing the same old thing the same old way time and again gets boring. The variety provided by the Arc Trainer’s adjustable incline means less boredom, which means greater effective use, which delivers results. Training can’t just end with variety; the ideal cross-trainer must take variety and expand upon it to allow every user from beginner to Olympian to achieve their goals. While the Arc Trainer provides up to 900 Watts and advanced programming like Adaptive Power Training for performance users, it also provides exceptionally low minimum resistance for deconditioned users. With the ability to vary the resistance and incline independently, the user can effectively target different muscle groups as shown in the diagram. The Arc Trainer provides an unmatched number of workout combinations, which allows the user to get a progressive workout designed to achieve their personalized fitness goals, whatever they may be. INTENSITY – + LOW RESISTANCE HIGH INCLINE LOW INCLINE HIGH RESISTANCE TARGETED MUSCLES ACROSS RESISTANCE AND INCLINE

4. 1 ALL THE GAIN WITHOUT THE PAIN CYBEX sees beyond today’s trends to deliver a new and honest approach to cross-training — the “right way to work out.” The Arc Trainer was developed with the “correct arc of motion,” a user-friendly path that reaches new heights in biomechanics. It delivers a safe, effective workout based on body basics, not fitness fads. The Arc Trainer allows users to burn more calories and train muscles with more intensity, while feeling less exertion. The unique pattern of motion balances the work done by the hip and knee by ensuring that the direction of force is forward of the hip and behind the knee for equal leverage. Balancing the work between muscle groups ensures that each contributes to the movement and that none are over taxed. The end result is a lower perceived exertion that allows your members to get more done without feeling overworked. The same balancing of forces that reduces perceived exertion also means less stress on the joints. With correct load application, a greater training is achieved on muscles with less discomfort. This means less perceived exertion and the least stressful workout of any cardio trainer on the market. 2 DON’T TAKE OUR WORD FOR IT Two independent studies have proven that an elliptical cannot match the Arc Trainer for delivering what your users want. A study using ground reaction force sensors to analyze hip and knee joint mechanics explain why higher and more beneficial work rates are so achievable on the Arc Trainer — because of its low shearing forces at the knee and synchronous movement of the hip and knee. To learn more about the Arc Trainer research, go to www.cybexinstitute.com. B C The Arc Trainer allows users to burn more calories and train muscles with more intensity, while feeling less exertion. The unique pattern of motion ensures that the direction of force is forward of the hip and behind the knee for equal leverage and balanced contribution in producing the motion. This balance of force leads to optimal loading between hip and knee, minimizes joint stress, and maximizes the work done by the muscles. BALANCED FORCES AT JOINTS A = Direction of ground reaction force B = Hip axis C = Knee axis D = Knee moment arm (leverage on knee) E = Hip moment arm (leverage on hip) A D E

8. © 201 1 , CYBEX International, All rights reserved. ML-21833, 750A & 750AT Brochure. Specifications subject to change 02 /1 1 . *Actual color may differ from samples shown. BIOSIG INSTRUMENTS, INC. EMG/ECG heart rate technology. US Patent No. 5,337,753 and Canadian Patent No. 2,033,014. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ”Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. specifications Power Stride Length Portability Color Available in five standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors with gray enclosures Incline Levels 21 levels Resistance Range Up to 900 Watts Programs Basic Programs: Quick Start, Manual, Hills, Hill Interval, Interval 1:1, Interval 1:2, Pike’s Peak, Weight Loss, Cardio and Strength and Heart Rate Control. Programs have 10 levels and control both incline and resistance; Advanced Programs: Manual Constant Power, Adaptive Power Training. Nine custom programs available Display Graphic display of profile via 10 × 15 LED. Additional message bar display of messages and data; may scan or select between distance, calories, calories/hour, METs, watts, strides per minute and heart rate including multi-color indication of heart rate range; Lower display shows time, incline and resistance level Heart Rate Monitoring Contact and Polar ® Wireless Dimensions 750AT: 77” L × 62.5” H × 36.75” W at upper hand grips; 28.5” at base (196 cm × 159 cm × 93 cm, 72 cm at base) 750A: 77” L × 62.5” H × 28.5” W (196 cm × 159 cm × 72 cm) Max User Weight 400 lbs (181 kg) Self-powered, optional AC adapter for full time display 24” (61cm) Other Features Magazine rack, dual water bottle holders, utility tray, dual speed fan Wheels on front for easy rolling Connectivity Dual CSAFE RJ-45 Connector (Fitlinxx ® Level 3 Pending) Optional Personal Entertainment Monitor Digital TV with integrated mount and centrally integrated controls; including direct channel access Facility Features Facility preference setup parameters and diagnostics Resistance Type Dual-stage drive of hybrid eddy-current brake with brushless internal generator for low drag and high power capability Product Number 750A Lower Body Arc Trainer, 750AT Total Body Arc Trainer we see science To us, exercise is science. The Arc Trainer ® represents our dedication to creating the most superior biomechanic and ergonomic solution in the cross-trainer category. Efficiency and effectiveness, with lower perceived effort and less joint discomfort — that’s the Arc Trainer Difference. YOU SEE RESULTS www.cybexintl.com WORLD HEADQUARTER S 10 Trotter Drive • Medway • MA 02053 USA • T +1.508.533.4300 • F +1.508.533.5500 CYBEX INTERNATIONAL UK LTD Oak Tree House • Atherstone Road • Measham • Derbyshire • DE12 7EL UK T +44.845.606.0228 • F +44.845.606.0227


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