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Cybex Bikes 750R & 750C - A

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1. 750R & 750C BIKES Serious about fitness.

2. *Shown with optional Personal Entertainment Monitors (PEMs) The CYBEX 750 series bikes provide distinct and compelling ways to improve your member’s fitness experience whether they chose the 750C to train for the triathlon, or the 750R as they begin their journey to better fitness. The CYBEX 750C and 750R Bikes deliver more of what your users demand – from exceptionally low workloads for the beginner to the versatility available in the programming variety and three resistance modes. Superior DESIGN Outstanding QUALITY

3. Three modes of operation include: – “Bike Mode” which recreates the real world outdoor riding experience in Quick Start and Manual programs. – The control of Constant Power in its nine programs including Heart Rate Control with user selectable heart rate target. – The accommodating resistance of the isokinetic mode that CYBEX pioneered. Added programming includes nine custom programs, manual constant power mode, manual isokinetic mode, and a fitness test. The self-tensioning single-stage drive and hybrid eddy-current self-generating brake provide high torque capabilities with exceptionally low drag to provide an exceptionally broad resistance range of 20 to 900 watts with superbly smooth operation. The 750C features a one-hand seat adjustment accessible from the user position as well as contour molded handle bars that provide a variety of riding positions from upright to aero, and include dual heart rate monitoring contacts. The 750R features a supportive seat back with back venting for added comfort while the seat base is optimized to conform to a wide range of users. The frame is designed to provide the most demanding user with the experience of a full and intense workout without the twisting found on lesser machines. The crank set is three-piece mountain bike type made of forged steel for extreme durability. The pedals feature an exceptionally large foot space and are double-sided to provide the member the option of pedaling with or without the adjustable strap. For added user comfort, these bikes are equipped with two-speed fans. Optional CYBEX PEMs* let your members enjoy their workout while watching TV or their favorite videos, and even turn off automatically to prolong life and save energy. Full iPod support so users can charge their iPod while listening to music or watching video from their iPod. Nike+iPod enabled so users can track their workouts and upload them to nikeplus.com. 750R & 750C BIKES The 750 Bikes feature the CYBEX hallmark split level design and “Three View” philosophy to simplify setup and provide the user essential information and controls they desire. The “First View” focuses on the Quick Start button highlighted in green for those who want to just get on and go with a minimum of fuss. The “Second View” focuses on the controls needed for program setup. Finally, the “Third View” focuses on the session information and user motivation through the use of “High Light Play” in the 10 by 15 graphic profiling. Each member of the 750 product family follows the same theme to allow members to move between machines effortlessly.

4. www.cybexintl.com © 2011, C ybex International, All rights reserved. ML-21832, 750R & 750C b rochure. Specifications subject to change 02/11. *Actual color may differ from samples shown. b IOSIG INSTRUM e NTS, INC. e MG/ e CG heart rate technology. US Patent No. 5,337,753 and Canadian Patent No. 2,033,014. iPod is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. ”Made for iPod” means that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards. Apple is not responsible for the operation of this device or its compliance with safety and regulatory standards. one bike DOES IT ALL For those who demand uncompromising performance and results, only the C ybex 750 Series b ikes will satisfy the need. With three modes of resistance and a power range of 20 to 900 watts, these bikes are ideal for new users and high performance training for experienced athletes alike. The bikes are also part of the 750 Family, which has a completely fresh, stylish, and modern appearance to complement your facility. The bikes share the same 750 Family display, in addition to the state-of-the-art entertainment options. specifications Product Number Dimensions Machine Weight Modes of Operation Programs Display Heart Rate Monitoring Resistance Range Power Resistance Type Crank type Maximum User Weight Connectivity Compliance Optional Personal Entertainment Monitor Color 750C Upright b ike, 750R Recumbent b ike 750C: 48” L × 23” W × 61” H (122 cm × 58 cm × 155 cm) 750R: 63.5” L × 25” W × 49.5 H” (161 cm × 64 cm × 126 cm) 750C: 141 lb. (64 kg); 750R: 178 lb. (81 kg) b ike Mode, Constant Power, Isokinetic b ike Mode: Quick Start & Manual; Constant Power: Nine programs (21 levels each & Heart Rate Control). Advanced Function: Manual Isokinetic Mode, Manual Constant Power Mode, y MCA Fitness Test & Nine custom programs Graphic display of profile via 10 × 15 L e D. Upper display may scan or select between distance, calories, calories/hour, M e Ts, watts, rpm and heart rate including multi-color indication of heart rate range. Lower display shows time, speed and level Contact and Polar ® Wireless Minimum – 20 Watts for self powered; Maximum – 900 Watts Self-powered, optional AC adapter for full time display Single-stage drive of hybrid eddy-current brake with brushless internal generator for low drag and high power capability 165 mm, three-piece heavy-duty mountain bike type 400 lbs. (181 kg) Dual CSAF e RJ-45 Connector (Fitlinxx Level 3 Pending) e TL Listed to UL1647, ASTM, e N 957, C e Low Voltage Directive, FCC Class b Digital TV with integrated mount and centrally integrated controls; including direct channel access Available in five standard or a virtually unlimited variety of custom frame colors with gray enclosures WORLD H e ADQUART e R S 10 Trotter Drive • Medway • MA 02053 USA • T +1.508.533.4300 • F +1.508.533.5500 C ybex INT e RNATIONAL UK LTD Oak Tree House • Atherstone Road • Measham • Derbyshire • DE12 7EL UK T +44.845.606.0228 • F +44.845.606.0227


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