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Cybex Plate Loaded & Free Weights

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3. that sculpts the

1. countless options with unparalleled performance ercise pla T e loaded & free W e IGHTS

2. CYBEX’s Plate Loaded and Free Weight equipment now offers lines and styling created to complement the entire range of CYBEX strength products. The new sleek design seamlessly integrates the products into your facility’s environment and still provides the CYBEX brand identity your members value in strength equipment. Packed with features and exceptional movements, the Plate Loaded line – like all CYBEX strength products – merges superior technology with a passion for fitness. Backed by exercise science, CYBEX equipment reflects our heritage in sports medicine and design engineering based on the proper mechanics of human movement. Given our decades of dominance in commercial strength equipment, there is probably no true fitness professional who has not used CYBEX strength products. CYBEX’s Plate Loaded and Free Weight lines are the definition of strength training – and equipment no club wants to be without. Sc I ence that sculpts the H uman body 2

10. color & upholstery options dove grey charcoal black burgundy navy hunter green grotto royal blue azure crocus cranberry american beauty red wheat suede black chrome platinum sparkle metaltone gold black texture white texture Two-Tone u pholstery is also available as an option to provide distinctive appearance. e mbroidered Wear c overs are also available to further promote your brand. customization

12. www.cybexintl.com © 2010, C ybex International, All rights reserved. ML-22224, Strength b rochure. Specifications subject to change 02/10. *Actual color may differ from samples shown. countless options with unparalleled performance CYBEX – the brand leader in Plate Loaded and Free Weight equipment – now has an updated look. CYBEX has maintained the rugged durability we are known for and the new products are packed with unique features and uncomplicated movements. But now sleeker and more stylish, the new equipment complements the lines of other CYBEX strength and can be seamlessly integrated as one look in your facility. No matter how many other types of strength training a fitness facility offers, plate loaded and free weights are still training tools no one wants to be without. And CYBEX is the very definition of strength training. WORLD H e ADQUART e R S 10 Trotter Drive • Medway • MA 02053 USA • T +1.508.533.4300 • F +1.508.533.5500 C ybex INT e RNATIONAL UK LTD Oak Tree House • Atherstone Road • Measham • Derbyshire • DE12 7EL UK T +44.845.606.0228 • F +44.845.606.0227 CYBEX Strength products are Made in the USA

11. excellence manufacturing m odern f actory Our Plate Loaded and Free Weight equipment is built in a brand new 340,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Owatonna, MN USA, that came on line in 2007. The plant is vertically integrated and has the latest automation and manufacturing technology available. This is a world class operation without rival among commercial fitness manufacturers. p remium r aw m aterials Starting with the best raw materials is critical to producing the best quality finished product. CYBEX purchases steel direct from the mills to support our own specifications and chemistry. To produce a paint finish that endures, CYBEX and DuPont teamed up to develop proprietary powder paint formulations that repeatedly demonstrate the highest levels of performance in the commercial fitness club environment. e xperienced Work f orce CYBEX has been producing commercial strength products in middle America with our seasoned and dedicated work force for over 25 years. As an example, welding is at the core of our manufacturing at CYBEX. Virtually every manufactured fitness product is made with welding and we use the latest technology, automation, and skilled technicians to ensure our welds are at the forefront of the industry. Our employees’ pride and workmanship is evident in every piece of “furniture grade” exercise equipment that leaves our facility. b uild to o rder At CYBEX, we don’t start to build until 10 working days before the customer wants their products shipped. No old equipment sitting around in inventory. And... build to order means that every product is built to the customer’s color specifications in both frame and upholstery. CYBEX can accommodate special requests that often present themselves when customers are building or renovating their fitness facility... CYBEX is known for our short lead times. e nvironmentally r esponsible CYBEX is a serious manufacturer. We don’t just assemble – we cut, bend, weld and coat steel. In doing our job, we recognize the value our customers place on premium quality, but also their environmental values. Like our customers, CYBEX is committed to protecting our environment and keeping “Mother Nature” fit. cybex uses state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, the finest raw materials, and a skilled workforce to produce the world class fitness equipment that carries the cybex brand. *CYBEX conforms to ISO 9001:2000 standards in its manufacturing, design and business processes.

8. 8 • Offset angle prevents wrist strain while removing and replacing dumbbells • Individual dumbbell cradles improves rack safety profile • Dumbbell saddles made of wear resistant high-density polyethylene plastic • Full shelf prevents dumbbells from falling though • Storage space for 10-pairs of any size dumbbell f ree Weights T WI n-T I er d umbbell r ack 8 We IGHT Tree • Six plate storage pegs • Polymer bumpers on s torage pegs protect frame finish from plates

7. 6 7 • Back angle is 85° for improved comfort and stability without interfering with overhead movements • Footrest provides for improved user stability • Three-point contact provides excellent stability • Strong but lightweight design can be easily moved • Back pad has eight positions from –10° to 80° • Seat pad provides three positions form 0° to 20° • Features include whee ls and a handle for easy moving that doubles as a footrest • Unique pivoting thigh pad provides relief for the knee joint enhancing both comfort and safety • The 45° angle provide s close alignment of strength curve for the low back and hamstrings • Adjustment range of 1 3.5” (34 cm) accommodates users of all sizes uTI l IT y b enc H a dju ST able –10° T o 80° b enc H f la T b enc H 45° b ack e x T en SI on f ree Weights

6. 6 7 • Elbow pad is angled 55° to vary resistance and improve comfort • Seat is angled 10° for comfort • Frame is contoured for easy spotter access • Six seat-height positio ns allow for fine-tuning of user position • Two-position plated bar catches protect frame from contact with bar • Frame is contoured for easy spotter access • Two-position plated bar catches protect frame from contact with bar • Frame is contoured for easy spotter access • Two-position plated bar catches protect frame from contact with bar • The adjustable six-pos ition leg support provides stabilization and user fit Sco TT curl o lymp I c Incl I ne p re SS o lymp I c d ecl I ne p re SS o lymp I c b enc H p re SS f ree Weights o lymp I c benc H ST ora G e a TT ac H men T • Four weight storage pegs per side. • b olt-on design for installation at any time.

4. 4 p late l oaded l e G pre SS Sm ITH p re SS Squa T p re SS Sea T ed c alf • Open, walk-though design for easy roll through access for benches • Fifteen-pound take-off weight allows users of all levels the ability to exercise • The 90° path of motion for adaptability to all exercises • 18 bar and catch hooks in four-inch increments • Direct linkage system provides a variable resistance profile to ensure proper strength curve throughout the range of motion • Four-bar linkage mechanism maintains the correct ankle position throughout the motion • Seat moves with input arm for maintenance of alignment • Kneepads adjust for tibia length and range of motion • Three position adjustable backrest • Linear bearings allow a smooth, quiet motion and are fully enclosed for safety • Optional 10” (25 CM) Weight Post Kit available for added resistance 5

9. 8 9 a djustable Start p osition Select CYBEX Plate Loaded models allow adjustable start positions for perfect alignment and improved safety. A rare feature in Plate Loaded equipment. Intuitive a djustment m arkers Intuitive markers, placed within easy view, make adjustments fast and simple. Instructional p lacards Because not everyone knows how to use every machine, CYBEX Plate Loaded line provides detailed instructional placards. m olded f eet Custom molded feet protect your flooring and help keep the machines where you want them. l ow p rofile d esigns You want people to see your facility. We’ve paid particular attention to minimizing the visual clutter at eye level to help you provide an open, airy environment for your members. f eatures & b enefits free W e IGHT ST a TI on S Upper Body 16010 16050 16061 16220 16130 body W e IGHT ST a TI on S 16021 benc H e S and rack S 16250 16040 16000 16030 16140 pla T e loaded ST a TI on S Lower Body 16150 16110 16210 Upper Body 16090 16070 16080 16101 Multi Exercise 16120 Olympic Bench Press Olympic Incline Press Olympic Decline Press Olympic Bench Storage Attachment Scott Curl 45 ̊ Back Extension Twin-Tier Dumbbell Rack (holds 10 pairs) Flat Bench Adjustable –10 to 80 Bench Utility Bench Weight Tree (holds plates only) Squat Press Leg Press Seated Calf Row Pulldown Chest Press Overhead Press Smith Press I n 60 63 73 18 39 58 90 48 56 43 35 82 83 58 82 87 50 53 54 cm 152 160 185 46 99 147 229 122 142 109 89 208 211 147 208 221 127 135 137 I n 53 53 53 17 29 30 22 24 25 24 25 69 64 30 34 49 59 54 84 cm 135 135 135 43 74 76 56 61 64 61 64 175 163 76 86 124 150 137 213 I n 51 57 47 30 37 32 31 17 46 38 54 53 54 39 48 72 52 49 84 cm 130 145 119 76 94 81 79 43 117 97 137 135 137 99 122 183 132 124 213 lb 121 133 133 45 96 106 181 43 74 50 63 342 443 147 159 207 192 180 380 k G 55 60 60 20 44 48 82 20 34 23 29 155 201 67 72 94 87 82 173 p roduct n umber d escription l ength Width Height Weight specifications

5. 4 5 p late l oaded • The 25° converging pattern provides an exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint • Independent arm motion for balanced strength development • Two-position selectable starting position for a broad range of user size and flexibility • Overhead pivot provides a natural path of motion • “Extra-sized” grips reduce pressure on the hands for greater comfort when pressing cH e ST p re SS • The 20° converging pa ttern provides an exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint • Independent arm motion for balanced strength development • b arbell and neutral grips • “Extra-sized” grips reduce pressure on the hands for greater comfort when pressing o ver H ead p re SS • The 10° diverging pattern allows the arms to comfortably pass to the sides of the torso • The descending pattern of motion and flexible trailing link handles provide a consistent torque at the joint for highly effective training • Independent arm motion for balanced strength development • Dual foot braces for added stabilization ro W p ull d o W n • The 15° diverging pattern provides an exceptional range of motion with consistent torque at the joint • b arbell and neutral grips provide multiple grip choices • Independent arm motion for balanced strength development


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