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Cybex VR1 Series Selectorized Strength

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1. ceptional

3. that sculpts the

15. 15 g L u T e Wide arc curvilinear path encourages gluteal involvement without relying on axial alignment. Adjustable abdominal support aids spinal alignment. Optimized positioning minimizes set up. Remotely located counterbalance provides an exceptionally small footprint. Available with gas spring assisted abdominal support.

2. Science that sculpts the human body 2 In your business, results matter. Members that get great results stay. Members that stay bring in new members. CYBEX has drawn on its expertise in exercise science and sports medicine to develop a line of strength training equipment that delivers those results—the VR1 Strength Training Line. Every piece of VR1 is scientifically engineered to move the way the human body moves, and pro motes correct alignment and proper body mechanics. That’s great news for members, but VR1 was also created with your needs in mind. VR1 is value-engineered to provide a space-saving, elegant design that lets you offer a comprehensive strength conditioning system regardless of the size of your facility. Your members get a more effective workout, and you get a line of strength training machines that fits your facility’s needs.

4. The unique pattern of motion in the VR1 Leg Press ensures that the direction of force is above the hip and below the knee for equal leverage and balanced contribution in producing the motion. This balance of force leads to optimal loading between hip and knee, minimizes joint stress, and maximizes the work done by the muscles. This contrasts most other leg presses which direct the force through the hip, virtually eliminating its contribution to hip extension and requiring high joint loading at the knee. 4 direction of force hip axis knee axis knee movement hip movement

16. 16 Premier Strength e quipment that’s within your reach The VR1 Duals are an extension of the VR1 selectorized line that further capitalizes on the compact footprint by utilizing multi-function mechanisms such as the Ab/Back Extension Dual. Building upon the VR1 platform provides exceptional flexibility for fitting a facility with the most effective and space efficient layout. The VR1 Duals offer the same performance benefits found in all CYBEX equipment. They support correct alignment and proper body mechanics. In addition, their stylish design and affordability make them a great solution for any small footprint area. VR1 dua LS

13. L e g P R e SS c a L f 13 The patented design of the articulating seat and back pad provides for more complete hip extension and gluteal involvement. Seat bottom and back adjust for range of motion and to accommodate users of varied height. Large curved foot platform allows for varied foot placement while the non-slip surface provides grip and support during the motion. The shoulder pads are angled to match natural angle of shoulder. Input arm adjusts for height.

6. 2 h a SSL e f R ee i n T ui T i V e adju ST men TS P e R fec TL y ma T ch u S e R wi T h machine The innovative design of the leg pad is just one example of VR1’s intuitive adjustments. This leg pad adjustment allows positioning of the input pad that is virtually effortless. 6 S L immed d own c a P abi L i T ie S T ha T make a big im PR e SS ion, bu T L ea V e a S ma LL foo TPR in T 1 If you’re concerned about space but still want to offer your clients superior total body strength conditioning, you need VR1 from CYBEX. Each VR1 machine combines all the capabilities users want with a smaller footprint to help maximize your space. With VR1, all the best quality strength training equipment finally fits comfortably on your facility’s floor.

7. h a SSL e f R ee i n T ui T i V e adju ST men TS P e R fec TL y ma T ch u S e R wi T h machine 3 m ode R n a RT You’ve worked hard to build your facility’s look and brand image, and we’ve designed VR1 with the same attention to detail. Every piece of VR1 is smooth and sleek, and has a subtle beauty that blends seamlessly with your interior design. This simple elegance, matched with an array of capabilities, makes VR1 the perfect combination of form and function in a strength training line. 7 c a P abi L i T ie S T ha T make a big im PR e SS ion, bu T L ea V e a S ma LL foo TPR in T VR1’ S S im PL e e L egance com PL emen TS and enhance S you R faci L i T y’ S in T e R io R de S ign

11. a R m ex T en S ion Intuitive pushdown positioning eliminates the need for adjustments or aligning with axis of rotation. Back pad provides position reference and support. a R m cu RL 11 Intuitive design eliminates the need for aligning with axis of rotation. Angled pad fully supports the upper arm to eliminate unwanted shoulder movement. Seat height adjusts to accommodate user height. Rotating cambered handle provides multiple grip positions. Available with gas spring assisted seat.

12. 12 ab domina L Adjustment-free design fits all users with excellent positioning. Contoured lumbar pad promotes training through a full range of motion. Padded harness disperses input forces for comfort while aiding in isolating the abdominals. Available with optional increment weight. Patent pending pelvic stabilization system utilizes adjustable foot brace allowing the user to “lock into” the hip pad causing hip extensor engagement for optimal pelvic stabilization. Contoured lumbar pad encourages comfortable spinal extension into hyperextension while isolating the spinal erectors from hip extensors. back e x T en S ion

17. mu LT i PR e SS Provides a Chest Press, Incline Press, and Overhead Press in a single package. Seat assembly adjusts by a single knob to provide the three movements. Pressing arm includes five start positions to accommodate movement and individual differences. Grips are angled to ensure a comfortable neutral wrist position for each movement. 17 f L y /R ea R de LT Floating inputs adjust for varied arm lengths. Grips are optimized to provide hand placement variety without the need to adjust the seat. Linked inputs allow for a single synchronized start position adjustment. Available with gas spring assisted seat.

18. 18 abdomina L/ back ex T en S ion bice P S /TR ice P S Patent pending pelvic stabilization with adjustable foot brace allows user to “lock into” the hip pad for optimal stabilization. Isolates abdominal muscles and trains a more complete range of correct spinal flexion. Hip pad includes a curved lumbar section to promote a full range of motion. The complimentary motion is used in back extension. By pulling with the handles, the musculature of the upper back is also engaged promoting more complete involvement of the back extensors. Adjustable start provides six starting positions. Intuitive positioning eliminates the need for adjustments or aligning with axis of rotation. Back pad provides positioning and stabilization when performing arm extensions. The 2:1 reduction system provides for reduced weight stack inertia and natural feel without a floating feeling.

5. direction of force nothing less than 5 At other fitness companies, a lower price can mean an inferior product. That’s not true at CYBEX. When we decided to build an introductory line of strength equipment, we were committed to making it better than our competitors’ highest priced lines— and we did. We built VR1. VR1 is nothing less than 100% CYBEX. This strength line is sized and priced to fit your facility’s needs, and has all of the superior engineering, biomechanics, and perform ance characteristics you’ve come to expect from CYBEX. 100 % cybex

9. che ST PR e SS The overhead pivot provides a natural path of motion. Dual grips provide a barbell grip to emphasize the chest, or a vertical grip to emphasize the anterior deltoid. The barbell grips are angled to provide a neutral wrist position. Seat adjusts to accommodate user height. Pressing arm adjusts for range of motion and user limb length. Available with gas spring assisted seat. o V e R head PR e SS 9 Counterbalanced input provides reduced takeoff weight for deconditioned users. Dual grips provide a barbell grip as well as neutral grip favorable for individuals with compromised shoulders. The grips are angled to provide a neutral wrist position. Seat adjusts to accommodate user height and range of motion. Available with gas spring assisted seat.

10. L a T P u LL Forward aligned pulley encourages correct form. Adjustable thigh pads accommodate users of all sizes. R ow/ R ea R de LT oid 10 Overhead pivot closely matches path of motion for row and rear delt movements. Dual hand grips provide vertical grips for rowing motion and horizontal hand grips for the rear delt motion. Seat and chest pad adjust to accommodate users of varied height and limb length. Forward foot brace aids user stabilization. Available with gas spring assisted seat.

14. 14 L eg ex T en S ion Floating leg pad positioning is instinctive for user and virtually effortless. Offset input arm provides for leg pad positioning without affecting the starting angle of the knee. Back pad is angled 100 ̊ from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension. Available with or without adjustable start position device. Sea T ed Leg c u RL Leg pad positioning is instinctive for user and virtually effortless. Leg pad adjusts with minimal effect on the starting angle of the knee. Back pad is angled 100 ̊ from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension. Thigh stabilization pad provides significantly reduced shear at the knee as compared to other methods, resulting in less stress on the posterior cruciate ligament for a safer, more effective movement.

20. 20 L eg ex T/L eg cu RL hi P ab / ad Provides the feel and positioning of the single station units in the duals format. Adjustable start positioning accommodates for individual differences in extension and flexion for full range of motion. Back pad is angled 100 ̊ from seat bottom to relieve hamstring tension. Thigh stabilization pad for leg curl movement provides significantly reduced shear at the knee as compared to other methods resulting in less stress on the posterior cruciate ligament for a safer, more effective movement. Adjustable tibia and back pad adjust to accommodate individual height differences. Both abduction and adduction in one machine — saves valuable floor space. Patent pending “Slack Free Drive System” provides immediate engagement. Adjustable start position accommodates individual range of motion preference. Forward weight stack serves as a privacy shield. Knee pads as inputs minimize knee stress and keep knees centered in the pad. 21

19. L a T/R ow The unique rotating arm allows the handles to be positioned in any one of seven positions providing everything from a traditional Lat Pull to a Low Row. The dual grips allow for independent exercise. The foot support and adjustable thigh pad provide for stabilization during movements. 19 Low Row The Low Row position provides for this traditional movement with the added benefit of independent motions for each arm. The foot bar and thigh pad provide for excellent stabilization. Lat Pull The Lat Pull provides the traditional movement with the ability to perform independent motions for each arm. With seven positions from Low Row to Lat Pull virtually any pulling movement is possible. i ncline Pull The Incline Pull is an excellent overall back movement. Since the user is not required to reach overhead it is an excellent substitute for the traditional Lat Pull for those with compromised shoulders. The inclined plane of motion also brings the rear deltoids into the movement.

24. GLOBAL HEADQUARTER S 10 Trotter Drive • Medway • MA 02053 USA • T 1.508.533.4300 • F 1.508.533.5500 CYBEX INTERNATIONAL UK LTD Oak Tree House • Atherstone Road • Measham • Derbyshire • DE12 7EL UK T 44.845.606.0228 • F 44.845.606.0227 www.cybexintl.com © 2008, C YBEX International, All rights reserved. ML–20663, VR1 Brochure. Specifications subject to change 07/08. *Actual color may differ from samples shown. start at the top wi T h VR1 f R om c ybex If everything you’ve read about VR1 leaves you thinking, “That doesn’t sound like an introductory line”—you’re right. Every piece of the VR1 line is 100% CYBEX, value-engineered with a space-saving, elegant design to be just the right fit for your fitness facility—and your budget. Finally, you can offer your clients complete, total body strength training with an equipment line that outperforms many of the competition’s premiere products—VR1 from CYBEX.

21. 21 Lower Body 13040 13050 13051 13060 13061 13180 13170 13120 13260 Upper Body 13000 13010 13130 13030 13070 13080 13110 13240 13250 13230 Trunk and Torso 13090 13100 13101 13200 Product No. Description Length Width Height Light Stack Standard Stack Light Standard Leg Press Leg Extension Leg Extension w/ Start Adj Seated Leg Curl Seated Leg Curl w/ Start Adj Hip Ab/ Ad Glute Standing Calf Leg Extension / Leg Curl Chest Press Overhead Press Lat Pull Row Arm Curl Arm Extension Fly / Rear Delt Multi-Press Lat / Row Biceps / Triceps Abdominal Back Extension Back Extension w/Start Adj Ab / Back Extension Machine Weight specifications cybex uses unique state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing methods along with the highest quality raw materials to deliver products that exceed industry standards. exce LL ence manufacturing Vertical i ntegration: CYBEX controls the manufacturing process of our products from raw materials to shipment, allowing us greater control over the process. We are a multi-level vertically integrated manufacturer that utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies: h ighest Quality Raw m aterials: CYBEX purchases steel and raw materials directly from the mills to support our own specifications and chemistry. This encourages the best grade and quality of materials to work with our internal manufacturing processes. The result is the highest levels of quality. Progressive b uild to o rder m anufacturing Philosophy: CYBEX’s highly automated manufacturing techniques allow for the greatest control of quality, inventory and flow. This progressive philosophy gives CYBEX industry-leading flexibility and the ability to exceed the quality, customization and lead-time demands of our customers. c ommitment to Quality: As evidence of its commitment to produce high quality products and to continually improve the customer experience, CYBEX conforms to ISO 9001:2000 standards in its manufacturing, design and business processes. • Laser Cutting • Pulse Robotic Welding • CNC Custom Upholstery • CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine) • Mandrel Bending • Powder Coating • Tube Laser Technology CM 95 105 105 100 100 62 101 84 104 132 129 110 119 100 110 127 130 127 109 73 104 104 118 IN 38 41 41 40 40 24 40 33 41 52 51 43 47 39 43 50 51 50 43 29 41 41 47 CM 158 138 138 169 169 157 127 115 168 89 146 153 116 138 114 141 198 185 132 136 151 151 123 IN 62 54 54 67 67 62 50 45 66 35 57 60 46 54 45 55 78 73 52 54 59 59 49 IN 77 62 62 62 62 62 62 63 62 68 62 89 76 62 89 74 62 83 89 62 62 62 62 CM 195 157 157 157 157 157 157 159 157 174 157 226 193 157 226 188 157 211 226 157 157 157 157 LBS 200 150 150 100 100 100 150 200 100 150 130 150 150 100 100 150 150 150 100 130 130 130 130 KG 91 68 68 45 45 45 68 91 45 68 59 68 68 45 45 68 68 68 45 59 59 59 59 LBS 295 220 220 145 145 145 220 295 145 220 190 220 220 145 145 220 220 220 145 190 190 190 190 KG 134 100 100 66 66 66 100 134 66 100 86 100 100 66 66 100 100 100 66 86 86 86 86 LBS 510 459 459 434 434 415 438 390 392 384 406 427 423 299 331 426 412 426 320 338 415 415 410 KG 232 209 209 197 197 189 199 177 178 175 185 194 192 136 150 194 187 194 145 154 189 189 186 LBS 605 529 529 479 479 460 508 490 437 454 466 497 493 344 376 496 482 496 365 398 475 475 470 KG 275 240 240 218 218 209 231 223 199 206 212 226 224 156 171 225 219 225 166 181 216 216 214 * Specification subject to change without notice.

22. g as Spring a ssist can be added to select machines for added ease of use. These machines include: Chest Press Overhead Press Row / Rear Deltoid Arm Curl Fly / Rear Delt Glute w eight Stacks are available in standard or light configurations. e nclosed i ncrement w eight System provides pull button oper ation of a fully enclosed half weight. f rame and w eight g uard c olors can be chosen separately to allow the facility a distinctive appear ance with contrasting colors. Two-Tone u pholstery is also available as an option to provide distinctive appearance. e mbroidered w ear c overs are also available to further promote your brand. VR1 customization Shown with Black Chrome Frame and Platinum Sparkle Weight Guards, and optional two tone upholstery with Dove Gray Tops and Charcoal Sides. color & upholstery options * dove grey charcoal black burgundy navy hunter green grotto royal blue azure crocus cranberry american beauty red wheat suede black chrome platinum sparkle metaltone gold black texture white texture * Upholstery color representation may vary in the printing process.

8. f ully e nclosed w eight Stacks (A) Enclosed weight stacks help shield bystanders and users from inadvertent contact with the moving weight stack, creating a safer workout environment. The fully enclosed stacks give a sleek appearance and comply with ASTM and EN standards. c ontoured m olded Pads (B) Ergonomically contoured molded pads provide better support for a variety of movements, as well as a more contemporary overall look. i nstructional g uide (C) High contrast three-color placards use straightforward language and pictures for easy-to-read instructions. Variable Resistance The resistance profile of each movement has been designed into the machine, assuring that the resistance provided mirrors the body’s capability throughout the range of motion. Striking a ppearance (D) Graceful curves and innovative use of materials combine for a heightened aesthetic in architecture and a dramatic presentation in your facility. i ntegrated g uide Rod Lubrication The Integrated Guide Rod Lubrication capabilities help reduce machine upkeep and keep weight stack operation smooth and quiet. e ngineered for Safety The safety of every user is essential to our success and yours. The entire VR1 line was designed to comply with ASTM and EN standards. w ater b ottle and Towel h older VR1 has all the features your users need, plus two features they’ll find especially convenient – an integrated water bottle and towel holder. features & benefits A B C D 8


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