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1. gym80 International GmbH | Wiesmannstraße 46 | 45881 Gelsenkirchen | Telephone +49 (0)209-970 640 | [email protected] | gym80.de


3. The range for functional and athletic training. At gym80, functional performance means comprehensive, custom concepts that have been designed based on the latest sports science. For Iron Qube, Glute Build - er and their extensive accessories. The Iron Qube is available in four different sizes (M, L, XL, XXL). It offers virtually unlimited training options. As it is galvanised, it is even perfect for outdoor use. With the Glute Builder, we also have a pa - tented, multifunctional training machine for the gluteus maximus. It allows more than 10 exercises to be carried out in 30 variations in an area of 2 m². With the right concept, func tional performance becomes an attractive and intriguing investment. For traditional gyms. For special functional performance gyms. For you. Experience functional performance at our premises in Gelsen - kirchen. We look forward to welcoming you: +49 (0)209-970 640.


13. 1000 150 0 2000 2500







10. 1000 150 0 2000 2500 31093 220 cm, 50 mm support 30 and 40 mm, 10 m each 1 x GYM80 JUMPBOX-SET 2 x TRAINING BAR 1 x GYM80 REVOLVE 2 x BATTLE ROPE

6. Extensive equipment to complement the Iron Qube M and M+. Expands the training opportunities with, on and next to the Iron Qube. BASIC EQUIPMENT PACKAGE 31091 2 of each: 4, 6, 8, 10 kg 2 of each: 2, 4, 6, 8 kg 5, 10, 15, 20 kg 55 and 65 cm 2, 3, 4 kg 6, 8, 10 kg Light, pink, 82“ Medium, cool grey, 82“ Heavy, black, 82“ 30 and 40 mm, 10 m each 220 cm, 50 mm support 8 x VINYL KETTLEBELL 8 x GYM80 GRIP DISC 4 x HEAVY BAG 2 x GYMNASTIC BALL 3 x MEDICINE BALL 3 x WALL BALL 3 x LONG ELASTIC BAND 1 x SUSPENSION TRAINER 2 x BATTLE ROPE 1 x TRAINING BAR

8. Extensive accessories for functional strength training, plyometric training and agility sequences. Expands the training spectru m on and around the Iron Qube L and L+. PRO EQUIPMENT PACKAGE 31092 2 of each: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 kg 2 of each: 2, 4, 6, 8 kg 8, 12, 16, 20 kg 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 kg 55 and 65 cm 3, 4, 5 kg 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 kg Light, pink, 82“ Medium, cool grey, 82“ Heavy, black, 82“ 30 and 40 mm, 10 m each 220 cm, 50 mm support 12 x VINYL KETTLEBELL 8 x GYM80 GRIP DISC 4 x BULGARIAN BAG 5 x HEAVY BAG 2 x GYMNASTIC BALL 3 x MEDICINE BALL 5 x WALL BALL 3 x LONG ELASTIC BAND 1 x GYM80 JUMPBOX³ 2 x BATTLE ROPE 1 x TRAINING BAR 2 x SUSPENSION TRAINER

24. The high-quality and ultra-stable dumbbell rack offers a sophisticated design and secure grip for up to 20 dumbbells with a relatively small footprint. 6401 PU VII 2.0 kg 6402 PU VII 4.0 kg 6403 PU VII 6.0 kg 6404 PU VII 8.0 kg 6405 PU VII 10.0 kg 6406 PU VII 12.0 kg 6407 PU VII 14.0 kg 6408 PU VII 16.0 kg 6409 PU VII 18.0 kg 6410 PU VII 20.0 kg 6411 PU VII 22.0 kg 6412 PU VII 24.0 kg 6413 PU VII 26.0 kg 6414 PU VII 28.0 kg 6415 PU VII 30.0 kg 6416 PU VII 32.0 kg 6417 PU VII 34.0 kg 6418 PU VII 36.0 kg 6419 PU VII 38.0 kg 6420 PU VII 40.0 kg 6421 PU VII 42.0 kg 6422 PU VII 44.0 kg 6423 PU VII 46.0 kg 6424 PU VII 48.0 kg 6425 PU VII 50.0 kg 6426 PU VII 52.0 kg 6427 PU VII 54.0 kg 6428 PU VII 56.0 kg 6429 PU VII 58.0 kg 6430 PU VII 60.0 kg 6431 PU VII 2.0 – 20.0 kg 6432 PU VII 22.0 – 40.0 kg 6433 PU VII 42.0 – 60.0 kg High-quality dumbbell set, consisting of 10 pairs. Each dumbbell has an impact-absorbing and sound-absorbing plastic coating. Whether it be power sports, functional fitness, cross-fit, or individual or group training: dumbbells are indispensable. Their qu ality needs to match the expectations of the user. Hence gym80 dumbbells: by athletes for athletes! gym80 dumbbells are made from a PU-sheathed solid iron core and hard chromium-plated grip bars. The high-quality PU sheath guarantees maximum grip and superb load-bearing capacity. They are available in 2 kg increments from 2 kg to 60 kg, individually or as part of a set, and if required they can also include matching racks. Classic chrome dumbbells for all kinds of functional fitness exercises: high-quality set of 10 pairs of dumbbells in 1 kg increments from 1 to 10 kgs, and, if required, also available with matching chrome- look rack. SYGNUM DUMBBELL RACK 4050 DUMBBELLS 6401 – 6430 DUMBBELL SET 6431 – 6433 DUMBBELLS CHROME DUMBBELLS 4060, 4099 100 kg 120 kg 720 x 440 x 2500 mm 1200 x 600 x 400 mm

5. 1000 150 0 2000 2500 Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional The smallest version of the Iron Qube impresses with it’s compact set-up and extreme versatility. In an area of less than 10 m², this space-saving wonder offers space for up to 8 users, allowing varied functional training. IRON QUBE M+ 4445 from 35 m² 6–8 users 10 m² 2600 x 3600 x 2700 mm IRON QUBE

28. The Eleiko XF Bumper Set is ideal for all functional and athletic train ing areas. The bumpers, made from compact rubber, are robust and the hard chromium-plated bar is of proven Eleiko quality. The Eleiko Training Set is in no way secondary to the Performance set in terms of quality. The slightly more flexible bar and and softer knurling are the key differences. A good choice for all ambitious athletes. Rated good by the IWF and therefore also the standard in weight - lifting. The Performance range from Eleiko is unbeatable in terms of quality and durability and is therefore ideal for every situation. Weightlifting exercises must be carried out with care. A good tech- nique is crucial for this. The weightlifting Technique Set is ideal for this, however it is similar to the format of an Olympic weightlifting bar with low overall weight. The set comprises: ELEIKO XF BUMPER SET 4781 ELEIKO TRAINING SET 4783 ELEIKO PERFORMANCE SET 4782 ELEIKO TECHNIQUE SET 4784 1 ELEIKO XF BAR 1 ELEIKO TRAINING BAR 1 ELEIKO PERFORMANCE BAR 1 ELEIKO TECHNIQUE BAR 12 XF BUMPER WEIGHT PLATES 12 IWF COMPETITION WEIGHT PLATES 12 IWF COMPETITION WEIGHT PLATES 4 TECHNIQUE TRAINING WEIGHT PLATES 1 PAIR OF QUICK-LOCK TIES 8 TRAINING WEIGHT PLATES 1 PAIR OF IWF WEIGHT TIES 8 TRAINING WEIGHT PLATES 1 PAIR OF QUICK-LOCK TIES 1 PAIR OF IWF WEIGHT TIES TOTAL WEIGHT TOTAL WEIGHT TOTAL WEIGHT TOTAL WEIGHT 128 kg 190 kg 190 kg 25 kg

11. IRON QUBE The ultimate functional training station. In an area of 57 m², 19 stations and 24 anchor points offer countless training options for up to 24 users. The monkey bar zone is the most noticeable piece of the equipment, as it seems to go on for ever. But the side stages have plenty to offer too: double cable pulley, squat station, wall ball station and barbell rotation station to name but a few. The Iron Qube XXL is the perfection of the gym80 Qube range. IRON QUBE XXL 4448 from 135 m² 20–24 users 57 m² 2800 x 1140 x 5500 mm Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional

21. Tyres have long since become a common sight in gyms. This very simple yet versatile training tool, in its modern form, allows extremely varied training. The gym80 Revolve has a pleasant outer material and a wide range of grip options. Whether it be a farme’s walk, pulling, pushing or flipping. Alone, in pairs or as a team. With the Functional Revolve, training is always full-body and always to the limit. GYM80 FUNCTIONAL REVOLVE 31051 Approx. 80 kg Approx. 105 cm EQUIPMENT

7. 1000 150 0 2000 2500 The Iron Qube L+ is a fully functional training station. Its 11 stations and 18 anchor points allow an extensive and all-round workout to be put together. Up to 12 users can train simultaneously on the Iron Qube L+. IRON QUBE L+ 4446 from 50 m² 10–12 users 17 m² 2600 x 4600 x 3500 mm IRON QUBE Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional

18. 500 1000 150 0 2000 Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional A classic Half Rack, expanded with a number of additional functions. The rack features a chin-up station, for example, with two different grip options. The pins attached to the side of the rack also allow the use of elastic bands to make each exercise progressively more difficult. Thanks to its compact construction, the Half Rack can be integrated into any functional training area. It offers plenty of scope for b arbell training and, thanks to intelligent restraint and safety solutions, ensures maximum safety throughout. The ultimate Half Rack in characterist ic gym80 quality. Plates and barbell not included in scope of delivery. High-quality elastic training bands for achieving different resistances while performing exercises. Available in three versions and therefore suitable for novices as well as more advanced users and ambitious athletes. HALF RACK 5221 LOOP JUMPSTRETCH LOOP JUMPSTRETCH 7277 LOOP JUMPSTRETCH 7278 LOOP JUMPSTRETCH 7279 280 kg 2307 x 1740 x 1295 mm 82 “ Circle, pink (light) 82 “ Circle, cool grey (medium) 84 “ Circle, black (hard)

16. 100 500 Elastic bands are ideal for allowing regressive and progressive training on the Glute Builder. They are just as suitable for use in combination with a barbell as they are as a stand-alone training tool in combination with the pins on the Glute Builder. The package includes 3 bands in 2 different lengths and levels of resistance. GLUTE BUILDER 4407 " ELASTIC BANDS PACKAGE " Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional The Glute Builder combines 5 training stations in an area of just 2 m². Here, the name says it all: alongside its role as a highly efficient gluteus trainer, the Glute Builder offers more than 30 different exercises ... and is essential for strengthening gluteal, leg and core muscles. This makes the Glute Builder the perfect training station for every situation. Whether it be in the women’s training area, in functional training areas or in the athletic training zone. Plates and barbell not included in scope of delivery. GLUTE BUILDER 4408 100 kg 500 x 1820 x 1160 mm

25. DUMBBELLS Biceps curls, bench presses, squats and most importantly exercises for the shoulder girdle. A must-have for these and a variety of other exercises in functional training: barbells! gym80 barbells are made from high-quality and therefore durable steel and the weights are als o covered with non-toxic plastic to protect users. gym80 barbells are available in both straight and the equally popular SZ version, each in 2 kg increments from 10 to 40 kg in total weight, individually or as a set, and with matching racks for up to 8 barbells if required. SZ BAR 6531 – 6546 BARBELL 6501 – 6516 BARBELLS 6531 Weight PU 10.0 kg 6532 Weight PU 12.0 kg 6533 Weight PU 14.0 kg 6534 Weight PU 16.0 kg 6535 Weight PU 18.0 kg 6536 Weight PU 20.0 kg 6537 Weight PU 22.0 kg 6538 Weight PU 24.0 kg 6539 Weight PU 26.0 kg 6540 Weight PU 28.0 kg 6541 Weight PU 30.0 kg 6542 Weight PU 32.0 kg 6543 Weight PU 34.0 kg 6544 Weight PU 36.0 kg 6545 Weight PU 38.0 kg 6546 Weight PU 40.0 kg 6501 Weight PU 10.0 kg 6502 Weight PU 12.0 kg 6503 Weight PU 14.0 kg 6504 Weight PU 16.0 kg 6505 Weight PU 18.0 kg 6506 Weight PU 20.0 kg 6507 Weight PU 22.0 kg 6508 Weight PU 24.0 kg 6509 Weight PU 26.0 kg 6510 Weight PU 28.0 kg 6511 Weight PU 30.0 kg 6512 Weight PU 32.0 kg 6513 Weight PU 34.0 kg 6514 Weight PU 36.0 kg 6515 Weight PU 38.0 kg 6516 Weight PU 40.0 kg This high-quality and extremely stable barbell rack offers a sophisticated design and secure storage for up to 8 barbells. SYGNUM BARBELL RACK 4053 75 kg 1330 x 910 x 800 mm

20. 500 1000 150 0 100 500 High-quality 3-in-1 Jumpbox made from high-quality eco-leather. The compact yet versatile gym80 Jumpbox³ is designed espacially for newcomers to plyometric training, but also ideally suitable for small spaces. Easy to turn, it allows training to be carried out at heigh ts of 50, 60 or 75 cm. The highlights: Safe: ultra-dense, yet at the same time adequately soft foam with anti-slip landing surfaces offers superlative safety during p lyometric training. Easy to care for: cover made from high-quality, easy-clean eco-leather. Easy to handle. GYM80 JUMPBOX ³ 31042 500 x 750 x 600 mm, therefore versatile for use at 3 heights Perfect for increasing speed development and performance. The set comprises 4 Jumpboxes in various heights (15, 30, 45 and 60 cm), producing 10 different combinations and training heights. As a result, the gym80 Jumpbox set provides the ideal training solution for every level of performance. The uniform colouring produces a harmonious overall appearance, regardless of whether the boxes are used on their own or in combination. The highlights: Safe: each box can be used on its own or, securely connected with Velcro fasteners, in combination with one or more other boxes. The anti-slip coating also ensures that exercises are carried out safely. Robust: strong Velcro fasteners and an ultra- dense yet at the same time adequately soft foam ensure a long service life. GYM80 JUMPBOX SET 31041 Step 1: 150 x 900 x 750 mm Set comprises the following 4 elements: Step 2: 300 x 900 x 750 mm Step 3: 450 x 900 x 750 mm Step 4: 600 x 900 x 750 mm Jump heights supported: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135 and 150 cm

22. Various grips and different weight variants make the Power Bag ex - tremely versatile. Whether it be individual or group training, targeted training of individual muscles or entire muscle groups, the Power Bag is the ideal training equipment. The structured surface ensures better handling even with fast move - ments and heavy ball weights. The ball also has excellent throwing properties. The Shoulder Bag is a dynamic training tool. Its pleasant outer ma - terial and mobile mass inside the bag adapt perfectly to the shoulder. With the Shoulder Bag, dynamic swing exercises can be carried out just as effectively as shoulder pushes or squat workouts. Grip strength is the magic word for all power athletes. It is an under - estimated element in every form of strength training – whether it be on the machine or with dumbbells. The gym80 Grip Disc was de - veloped to specifically increase grip strength. The mobile mass inside the disc spurs the lower arms to peak performance. GYM80 POWER BAG 31011 – 31014 GYM80 DYNABALL 31001 – 31005 GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 31021 – 31024 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31031 – 31035 GYM80 POWER BAG 31011 GYM80 DYNABALL 31001 GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 31021 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31031 7 kg Ø 18.5 cm (2 kg) 5 kg 4 kg GYM80 POWER BAG 31012 GYM80 DYNABALL 31002 GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 31022 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31032 12 kg Ø 22.0 cm (4 kg) 10 kg 6 kg GYM80 POWER BAG 31013 GYM80 DYNABALL 31003 GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 31023 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31033 GYM80 POWER BAG 31014 GYM80 DYNABALL 31004 GYM80 DYNABALL 31005 GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 31024 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31034 GYM80 GRIP DISC 31035 17 kg Ø 26.0 cm (6 kg) 15 kg 8 kg 22 kg Ø 30.0 cm (8 kg) Ø 34.0 cm (10 kg) 20 kg 10 kg 12 kg

26. You have the functional area, we have the training accessories to match. Whether it be a 50 mm barbell plate, steel power chain, barbell rotation station, Olympic or training bars, locking rings or other accessories: At gym80, we have everything you need to equip your functional area. And if you need anything you can’t find here, give us a call: +49 (0)209-970 640 – your hotline for all matters relating to functional training equipment. BARBELL PL ATE 4221 – 50 MM 4227 OLYMPIC BAR 2100 SZ BAR 2105 SQUAT SPONGE 2156 STEEL POWER 4470 CHAINS, 1 PAIR BARBELL 3081 ROTATION STATION TRAINING BAR 2101 LOCKING RING 2106 50 MM PLATE RACK 4052 SYGNUM DUMBBELL ACCESSORIES 4221 1.25 kg 4222 2.50 kg 4223 5.00 kg 4224 10.00 kg 4225 15.00 kg 4226 20.00 kg 4227 25.00 kg 50 mm weight support, length: 2200 mm, weight: 21.5 kg 50 mm weight support, length: 1600 mm, weight: 15 kg Ergonomic padding to protect the neck an the hips, even with heavy training weights. Colour: choice of pink or black, length: 450 mm Allows variable loads during barbell training. Optional. Maximum power development over the entire movement with high contraction speed. Collar support 50 mm, length: 1650 mm, weight: 2 x 12 kg Ideal for execution of the de - manding as well as effective “barbell rotation” exercise i. a. Height: 340 mm, width: 440 mm, length: 460 mm, weight: 17 kg 50 mm weight support, length: 2200 mm, weight: 19 kg For securing weights on 50 mm bars, weight: 1 kg High-quality and extremely stable stands for weight plates with 30 and 50 mm holders, offering se - cure storage for up to 30 weight plates. Height: 1190 mm, width: 580 mm, length: 800 mm, weight: 35 kg PLATE RACK 45° 4169 SYGNUM High-quality and extremely stable stands for weight plates, with 7 holders, each storing 5 plates of 25 kg or 6 plates of 2.5 kg. Height: 1182 mm, width: 580 mm, length: 1056 mm, weight: 37 kg

14. For punch and step exercises that are as varied as they are challenging. PUNCHMASTER 4906 200 kg 1865 x 900 x 850 mm Virtually unbeatable in terms of design and quality. The gym80 Premium Equipment Package is hand-crafted in Italy for our clients in accordance with our designs. Every detail and every shape has been carefully thought out by our experts. The unique upper material of high-quality synthetic leather makes this range the Ferrari of the equipment market. PREMIUM EQUIPMENT PACKAGE – MADE IN EUROPE! 31094 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kg 7, 12, 17, 22 kg 5, 10, 15, 20 kg 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 kg 5 x GYM80 GRIP DISC 4 x GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 4 x GYM80 POWER BAG 5 x GYM80 DYNABALL 1 x GYM80 JUMPBOX ³ 30 and 40 mm, 10 m each 1 x GYM80 JUMPBOX SET 1 x GYM80 REVOLVE 3 x TRX PROFESSIONAL 2 x BATTLE ROPE

9. IRON QUBE For larger areas upwards of 80 m², the Iron Qube XL is the ideal training station. The octagonal add-on for the Iron Qube L offers not only additional training stations, but also extensive docking facilities for equipment and accessories. At the heart of this add-on are the multi-barbell and wall ball station, as well as the long monkey bar zone with rising and falling segments. IRON QUBE XL 4447 from 80 m² 40 m² 2800 x 7300 x 5400 mm Complete accessories package for functional and athletic training in a large area. The selection ranges from the suspension tra iner and Jumpboxes to tyres, offering numerous training options. EXPERT EQUIPMENT PACKAGE 2 of each: 4, 6, 8, 12, 16, 18 kg 5, 10, 15, 20 kg 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 kg 2 of each: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 kg 55 and 65 cm Different strengths 7, 12, 17, 22 kg 3, 4, 5 kg 12 x VINYL KETTLEBELL 4 x GYM80 POWER BAG 5 x GYM80 DYNABALL 10 x GYM80 GRIP DISC 2 x GYMNASTIC BALL 3 x LONG ELASTIC BAND 4 x GYM80 SHOULDER BAG 3 x MEDICINE BALL 3 x SUSPENSION TRAINER Electronic training planning, management and documentation: optional 12–16 users

29. GYM 80 ACADEMY Since 1980, we have been working hard to make training better, more professional and more efficient. Our focus has always been on helping you in your work. We see you not just as a customer, but as a partner. And this is precisely where the gym80 Academy comes in. With concepts, training courses and coaching sessions relating to equipment ranges and the gym80 software. To enable you to work professionally and profitably with our equipment from day one, we offer in-house training courses for all of your trainers. These courses are custom-coordinated with the needs and target groups of your gym, your equipment or your practice. Well-trained and qualified trainers can address clients’ wishes and goals. Member loyalty is higher. It’s a win- win situation for everyone. We maintain an active presence at high-profile conferences, with workshops and presentations. At these events, we engage in intensive dialogue with owners, gym managers, therapists, trainers and other interested professionals. The gym80 Academy supplies the profession - al, conceptual background knowledge to complement the unassailable quality of our equipment in order to improve your return on investment. Regular training for your trainers. The curricula at the gym80 Academy have a modular structure. Participation in an event is generally the start of a long-term working relationship. For example: after basic training with the Iron Qube, the Academy can, if desired, provide further special training courses for individual train - ing equipment or types of training, such as kettlebell or elastic band training. This gives your trainers the opportunity to make the best use of their existing facilities. Always on the ball. We remain in constant dialogue with our clients and their employees. With trainers and users. As a result, we are able to find out about trends, experiences and chal - lenges first-hand. And that enables us to respond. To develop suitable products and services that you can use in your facility. Our services to you. (Trainer) training: we arrange in-house coaching sessions and training courses in Gelsenkirchen as well as further training courses in cooperation with our training partners on specific areas of interest. Con - cept development and training: we pro - vide the training concept to match our training equipment for successful imple - mentation in the gym. Events. Annual events: "Blickpunkt Training Trends","Functional & Athletic Experience". Educational Events: Product training courses, day-long advanced training for specific areas for interest. Our cooperation partners. We work with acknowledged, high-profile experts from the fields of fitness, strength and endurance training as well as therapy, rehabilitation and prevention, including: PTA (Personal Trainer Academy) Perform Better Eleiko aktiv KONZEPTE SMC (Sports Medical Consult) gym80 Academy – progress through knowledge.

30. GYM AND FLOOR DESIGN Functional training areas are places of emotional experience. First impressions count. Members need to feel supported. The arrangement of the equipment, the design of the area and the stylish equipment form the basis of a unique training experience. One that creates a desire to come back. Gym and floor design. Vision and concepts. gym80 helps you turn your idea into real - ity. The starting point is your vision and the space available. During a consultation, we develop a master plan. Together, we define the equipment, floor solution, wall design and sectioning. We determine the details of the training content that you want to offer your clients. To produce a comprehensive plan. The concept. Planning and visualisation. Our planning team develops a space con - cept from the information gathered. This plan is visualised in 2D or, if you wish, in 3D. We provide you with a glimpse of your new training area. Wall design and floor solution. The design of the walls and equipment with professional sports flooring solu - tions are of major importance, especially in functional training areas. The wall design provides the emotion. The floor solution guarantees the best possible training base. It ensures safety during exercise. Personalisation. We adapt the equipment to your colour concept and club design. This makes your equipment unique and gives you a unique selling point. Implementation: all from a single source. We implement the equipment without any impact on your ongoing training services. Our service team plans and discusses the installation with you in advance. The work takes place on time and efficiently. After installation, we will be delighted to hand the area over to you fully tested. Our sup - port will continue.

32. Printed: August 2016. All information and illustrations contained in this brochure are non-binding and offer an approximate des cription. gym80 International GmbH reserves the right to make modifications. Any colour differences are caused by printing techniques. Misprints and errors excepted. Subject to change. The equipment with stackable weight plates. Plate Loaded. Plate Loaded is the logical extension to your functional performance area. The range is the perfect reproduction of train- ing with free weights. Safe and efficient. Exercises are carried out in a controlled, correct manner. The equipment is loaded manually with weight plates. Some have two independently pivoting load arms. These enable separate, compensatory training of both halves of the body. With Plate Loaded, training can be performed without limiting the range of motion. With the High Row shown, it is also pos - sible to perform circular pull movements backwards. With nine new editions, the range currently comprises 24 models. Dis - cover this pure strength for your gym. Diameter Users Number of people who can train at the stations simultaneously Stations Positions at which users can train directly on the Iron Qube, individually or in combination KEY Footprint The area used by the Iron Qube with its add-on elements Dimensions Height x length x width Usable area The area required with the accessories attached to the Iron Qube Weight Total weight of the machine (deviation of ± 10 kg possible)


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