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Life Fitness Elevation Series Discover SE Elliptical Crosstrainer

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2. Featuring an innovative design and a revolutionary Quiet Drive™ system, the Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer combines form and function for an engaging workout. Utilizing superior biomechanics and a natural fluid motion, the cross-trainer offers a total-body workout while delivering an exceptional exercise experience to users at any fitness level. elli P tical cr O ss - trai N er D etails 20" (50.8 cm) stride length Narrow 2.8" (7.1 cm) pedal spacing At-your-fingertips resistance controls Oversized non-slip pedals Ergonomically correct moving arm handles provide total-body workout Patented Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring DISCOVER ™ SE e LLI pt I ca L cro SS- tra I ner PERFORMANCE FEATURES > advanced con S o L e techno L ogy Engage the senses with Internet connectivity, product personalization through LFconnect, Lifescape Interactive Courses, video-watching capabilities and iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® and Android® Smartphone integration. > o ver SI zed peda LS Pedal design allows users to adjust foot position comfortably. Narrow pedal spacing ( 2.8 " or 7.1 cm) minimizes lateral hip shifting, which reduces lower back stress. > at - your - f I ngert I p S re SIS tance contro LS Located on the bullhorns to easily adjust workout intensity. > h eart r ate m on I tor I ng Lifepulse™ digital heart-rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the easy-to-grip Ergo™ bar to provide walkers with precise heart-rate monitoring. Polar® telemetry* provides runners with accurate, hands-free heart-rate monitoring, too. > m ot I vat I ng w orkout v ar I ety Heart Rate+™ Workouts automatically adjust the resistance level to keep users in their target heart-rate zone. Goal-based workouts allow users to set personal goals, while Cross-Train Reverse and Cross-Train Aerobic modes utilize machine-generated prompts to keep users motivated. > pL ug-In o pt I on Provides a lower operating resistance for novice and deconditioned users. > Speed and dIS tance f eedback For easy comparisons to daily activities, such as walking and running. * Requires optional chest strap. highlighte D F eature peda L S pac I ng The new design and larger pedals offer easy use and reduce lower back stress.

1. *LFconnect on-console features are compatible with the Elevation Series Discover SE and SI when connected to the Internet. Internet connectivity is recommended for optimal facility owner and exerciser experience. Discover SE Elliptical Cross-Trainer The New Elevation Series Elliptical Cross-Trainer with Discover™ SE Tablet Console is where your digital life meets your workout experience. The third generation of touch screen consoles redefines the workout experience with the most advanced technology. The 16" integrated LCD touch screen features an abundance of entertainment options, enhanced interaction, Internet connectivity and much more. DISCOVER ™ SE ELLIPTICAL CROSS-TRAINER Facility Features* Asset Management: Product usage statistics Software updates Equipment Customization: Custom workouts by facility and trainer Attract screen, logo and message customization Entertainment Customization: Internet presets TV channel editing e xerciser Features* Product Personalization: Display and workout settings Internet favorites Workout Creation: Workout calendar Workout customization Workout Library Workout Tracking: Track and share progress Social Interaction: Create workouts and track progress with peers and personal trainers All features are Apple and Android compatible. FEATURES > 16" Integrated Surface c apac I t I ve L cd t ouch Screen w I th Integrated tv With a swipe of a finger, navigate seamlessly between crisp, clear screens to choose the entertainment and workouts you want. > a pp L e® and a ndro I d™ c ompat I b L e Connect, manage playlists, watch videos and power your Android and Apple device, including your iPod®, iPhone® or iPad® > L fc onnect™ / L fc onnect a pp Complementary solution that allows exercisers to choose equipment settings and track workout results to meet their goals, while also providing facility owners easy asset management and product customization capabilities. LFconnect is accessible via its website or app. To create an account, go to LFconnect.com . > I nternet connect I v I ty Visit a website or play a game. Easily choose your favorite websites through your LFconnect account, and they will be instantly available when you log in. Available with Ethernet or Wireless connectivity. > L I fe S cape Interact I ve c our S e S Take high-definition hikes and runs through famous locations around the world. The integrated machine controls speed as the exerciser runs faster and matches the resistance to the varying terrains.

3. key optional * — unavailable ● standard heart rate mon I tor I ng opt I on S p olar® t elemetry (optional chest strap required) ● Lifepulse™ d igital h eart r ate m onitoring with d S p (Digital Signal Processing) ● workout S Quick Start, c ustomized c ool d own ● c lassic w orkouts Manual Goals, Random, Hill, Rolling Hills ● h ealthy h eart Moderate Burn, Vigorous Burn ● Fixed Time Interval, Variable Time Interval ● p erformance 2-Speed Interval, Starter Interval ● e valuate Fit Test, U.S. Navy PRT ● g oal w orkouts Time, Distance, Calories, Distance Climbed, Time in Zone, Pace ● c ross- t rain a erobics and c ross- t rain r everse w orkout m odes ● product feature S 20" (50.8 cm) Stride Length ● Integrated r eading r ack ● Integrated Smartphone a ccessory t ray ● o versized n on-Slip p edals ● o n-the-fly p rogramming ● r esistance Levels 26 a t- y our- f ingertips r esistance c ontrols: Located on moving handlebars ● r emovable c up h older ● f ront w heels for e asy m obility ● n etworking c apabilities: CSAFE-Ready, FitLinxx™ Certified ● S erv I ce enhancement S m anager’s m enu o ptions ● f lash p rogrammable via u S b Stick ● techn I ca L S pec I f I cat I on S m aximum u ser w eight 400 lbs (181 kg) p ower r equirements: AC power line 115 volt, 15 amp (voltage may vary outside U.S.) ● Internet Via CAT6 or CAT5e (Shielded Recommended) ● Wireless Connectivity: IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n* h ybrid Reduce power to the console ● Length 88.1" (224 cm) w idth 30.7" (78 cm) h eight 65" (165 cm) u nit w eight 452 lbs (195 kg) w arranty † 2-year limited warranty on all mechanical and electrical components ● 1-year labor ● * Optional features are available at an additional charge. ** LFconnect on-console features are compatible with the Elevation Series Discover SE and SI when connected to the Internet. Internet connectivity is recommended for optimal facility owner and exerciser experience. † Features not available in all regions. Check with your sales rep for availability and details. Warranties outside the U.S. may vary. Specifications subject to change. © 2013 Life Fitness, a division of Brunswick Corporation. All rights reserved. Life Fitness is a registered trademark of Brunswick Corporation. ABTS, Achieve, DX3, Elevation, Engage, Ergo, Flexdeck, Inspire, Lifepulse, Lifespring, Magna Drive, Workout Landscape, and Zone Training+ are trademarks of Brunswick Corporation. FitLinxx is a trademark of Integrated Fitness Corp. Polar is a registered trademark of Polar Electro, Inc. iPod is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. USV-043-12 (03-13) SPECIFICATIONS DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY t ab L et c on S o L e o pt I on S 16" Integrated Surface c apacitive L cd t ouch Screen ● Swipe™ t echnology ● Screen p rotection Protective top layer, internal shock mounts, gasket ● tv vI ew I ng o pt I on S Integrated tv Analog and Digital NTSC/ATSC/QAM, PAL/SECAM/ DVB-T2, NTSC/ISDB-T with BCAS ● IPTV* e nglish/ m etric Selection mph/kph/rpm or lbs/kg ● dIS p L ay r eadout p rofile d isplay ● Lanuage c hoices English, English UK, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch, Turkish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Catalan, Finnish, Hungarian, Euskara 19 Spec I a L f eature S i p od ® , i p hone ® , i p ad® and a ndroid® Smartphone c ompatibility Video capability on LCD Touch Screen ● Playlist management on LCD Touch Screen ● Charging ● iPad ® Holder ● Internet Via CAT6 or CAT5e (shielded recommended) ● Wireless Connectivity: IEEE802.11a/b/g/n* o n- d emand c ontent ( m usic v ideos, tv shows) Available with purchase of Lifescape Gateway † Lifescape Interactive c ourses Video speed and level/incline controlled ● b luetooth Compatible with Bluetooth devices ● w orkout Landscape™ v iews 400M Track, 5K Nature Trail, Mountain, Zoom ● p romo c hannel Default channel to display facility specific content ● Secure c hannel Monitor child day care center with password protection ● Solitaire Play Solitaire on the LCD Touch Screen ● Secondary a udio p rograms (S ap ) SAP TV broadcast required ● p revious c hannel ● c losed c aptioning ● Life f itness r eader Read ePub files on the LCD Touch Screen ● m ute f eature ● m anager d efined m arathon m ode (unlimited workout time) ● f acility c ustomization through L f connect.com** Attract screen background image and logo, and scrolling message; custom Internet settings and TV channels; custom workouts ● e nd-user p ersonalization through L f connect. com and L f open** Personalized content, workouts creation and tracking, entertainment ● a sset m anagement through L f connect.com Software Updates and Statistics ● techn I ca L S pec I f I cat I on S h eadphone Jack 3.5 mm Stereo ● e asy-to- r emove h eadphone Jack ● 95X DISCOVER ™ SE e LLI pt I ca L cro SS- tra I ner


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