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1. SIGNATURE SERIES Signature Series \ 47 LIFEFITNESS.COM 46 \ Signature Series SIGNATURE SERIES SIGNATURE SERIES STRENGTH Irresistible resistance training The Signature Series defies traditional selectorized equipment and gives new meaning to the word approachability. We packed more than 20 years of industry insight, biomechanical expertise, and customer feedback into this powerful line of resistance training equipment. The result is an uncommon blend of aesthetic sensibility with uncompromising craft smanship, specifically designed to bridge the gap between intimidation and confidence. In your facility , the Signature Series will do as much for your business as it will for your users. A low and consistent profile, contoured cushions, and full shrouds and pulley covers are all beautifully integrated throughout the elegant Signature Series line. A unique increment weight system, which is integrated into the weight stack, allows users to simply turn a dial for gradual increases in their resistance training program. Converging and diverging axes that correctly align with the user’s joint movement, provide a natural, comfortable feel throughout the range of motion. Visually enhanced instructional placards are clearly marked, located in the most visible position, and provide simple instructions for correctly performing each exercise. Full shrouds and pulley covers make the equipment more approachable, less intimidating, and visually appealing to all users. Stainless steel fasteners, precision welds, and internally lubricated cables give Signature Series its uncompromised durability. Integration. Consistency. Confidence. FUNDAMENTAL DEVELOPMENTAL SPECIALIZED STRENGTH IQ EQUIPMENT CLASSIFICATION KEY: FUNDAMENTAL: Equipment specifically designed for all types of users. SIGNATURE SERIES Signature Series Chest Press GM-001-06.qxd 5/1/06 2:38 PM Page 46

2. SIGNATURE SERIES • Converging press arms create a natural overhead pressing movement for superior feel • Neutral and pronated hand grips for exercise variety Shoulder Press FZSP • Upper arm pads are configured to align elbow with the axis of rotation • Independent arms allow for exercise variety • Handles pivot automatically to fit all forearm lengths Biceps Curl FZBC • Diverging pattern follows the natural path of movement for a superior feel • Multiple grips for exercise variety on lats and rear deltoids • Adjustable chest pad to accommodate users of all sizes Row/Rear Delt FZRW • Angled back pad provides stabilization without need for seat belt • Easy access allows users to comfortably perform exercise • Oversized pressing handles and traditional dip-style handles rotate in two positions, to provide exercise variety and adapt to different size users Triceps Press FZTP Signature Series \ 49 LIFEFITNESS.COM 48 \ Signature Series SIGNATURE SERIES • Range of motion adjusts in 10-degree increments • Handles automatically adjust to fit all users’ arm lengths • Dependent arm movement for ease of use Fly FZFLY • Pad positions are optimized for middle deltoid muscle stimulation • Pivoting handles accommodate users of all sizes Lat Raise FZLR • Overhead pivot creates natural arc of movement • Adjustable start lever located on press arm allows user to control range of motion from a seated position • Converging press arms produce a natural forward pressing movement for a superior feel Chest Press FZCP • Easy-to-use defined path of motion • Diverging movement creates a natural downward pulling exercise pattern for a superior feel • Angled thigh pad is fixed for simple operation and thigh stabilization Pulldown FZPD GM-001-06.qxd 5/1/06 2:39 PM Page 48

3. SIGNATURE SERIES • Back pad, tibia pad, and range-of-motion adjustments are easily accessible from a seated position • Handles are positioned on top of the adjustable thigh pad to provide stabilization during exercise Seated Leg Curl FZSLC • Upright body position is comfortable and nonintimidating • Adjustable torso pad accommodates users of all sizes • Linear design maximizes full range of motion for muscle stimulation Glute FZGL • Footplate rotates through a natural arc of motion • Convenient seat height aids in easy entry and exit from machine • Molded rubber footplate ensures balanced foot position without foot slippage Calf Extension FZCE • Combination of elbow and back pads with hand grips provide upper body stabilization • Unique AbCam ™ System allows natural crunch-style movement for maximum abdominal contraction Abdominal FZAB Signature Series \ 51 LIFEFITNESS.COM 50 \ Signature Series SIGNATURE SERIES • 100-degree angle between seat and back pad increases comfort and encourages full quadricep contraction without hamstring flexibility limitations • Handles positioned at side to provide stability • Back pad, tibia pad, and range-of-motion adjustments are easily accessible from a seated position Leg Extension FZLE • Ratchet mechanism allows users to adjust start position in 10-degree increments • Knee pads and dual foot positions provide leg support and reduce torque around the knees • Elevated weight stack is easily accessible from seated position Hip Adduction FZHAD • Upright exercise position is especially applicable for novice or deconditioned users • Adjustable seat carriage and large foot plate accommodates a variety of user sizes and desired range of motion • Force is transmitted through hips, minimizing spinal compression Seated Leg Press FZSLP • Adjustable start position facilitates easy entry and exit • Knee pads and dual foot positions provide leg support and reduce torque around the knees • Elevated weight stack is easily accessible from seated position Hip Abduction FZHAB GM-001-06.qxd 5/1/06 2:40 PM Page 50

4. SIGNATURE SERIES Signature Series \ 53 LIFEFITNESS.COM 52 \ Signature Series SIGNATURE SERIES Torso Rotation FZTR • Adjustable footplate accommodates users of all sizes and is adjustable from a seated position • Lumbar pad helps users easily find correct position relative to the axis of rotation • 5-position adjustable start mechanism for individual range of motion Back Extension FZBE • Adjustable chest pad accommodates users of all sizes • Handles and knee supports provide stabilization • Kneeling position minimizes low back stress STATION PRODUCT CODE TOTAL WEIGHT WEIGHT STACK DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) Chest Press FZCP 600 lbs (273 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 57" x 52" x 71" (145 cm x 132 cm x 180 cm) Fly FZFLY 645 lbs (293 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 52" x 46" x 64" (132 cm x 117 cm x 163 cm) Row/Rear Delt FZRW 580 lbs (264 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 58" x 43" x 64" (146 cm x 109 cm x 163 cm) Shoulder Press FZSP 500 lbs (227 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 60" x 52" x 64" (152 cm x 132 cm x 163 cm) Lat Raise FZLR 525 lbs (239 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 48" x 43" x 64" (122 cm x 109 cm x 163 cm) Pulldown FZPD 570 lbs (259 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 54" x 52" x 78" (137 cm x 132 cm x 198 cm) Biceps Curl FZBC 545 lbs (248 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 36" x 60" x 64" (92 cm x 152 cm x 163 cm) Triceps Press FZTP 640 lbs (291 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 64" x 43" x 64" (163 cm x 109 cm x 163 cm) Seated Leg Press FZSLP 810 lbs (368 kg) 390 lbs (195 kg) 79" x 43" x 70" (201 cm x 109 cm x 178 cm) Leg Extension FZLE 640 lbs (291 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 57" x 42" x 64" (145 cm x 107 cm x 163 cm) Calf Extension FZCE 700 lbs (318 kg) 390 lbs (195 kg) 62" x 40" x 64" (157 cm x 102 cm x 163 cm) Seated Leg Curl FZSLC 665 lbs (302 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 62" x 42" x 64" (157 cm x 107 cm x 163 cm) Hip Adduction FZHAD 555 lbs (252 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 63" x 29" x 64" (160 cm x 74 cm x 163 cm) Hip Abduction FZHAB 555 lbs (252 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 63" x 29" x 64" (160 cm x 74 cm x 163 cm) Glute FZGL 490 lbs (223 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 72" x 36" x 64" (183 cm x 91 cm x 163 cm) Abdominal FZAB 475 lbs (216 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 52" x 47" x 64" (132 cm x 119 cm x 163 cm) Back Extension FZBE 595 lbs (270 kg) 290 lbs (145 kg) 53" x 44" x 64" (135 cm x 112 cm x 163 cm) Torso Rotation FZTR 520 lbs (236 kg) 190 lbs (95 kg) 48" x 36" x 64" (122 cm x 91 cm x 163 cm) Specifications subject to change. WARRANTY 10-year limited warranty on the structural frame (coatings excluded); five years on the pulleys, weight plates, and guide rods; one year on the linear bearings, cables, and grips; and 90 days on the upholstery, springs and any items not specified. Warranties outside the U.S. may vary. Contact Life Fitness for details. BLACK PLATINUM WHITE ICE BLUE METALLIC MIDNIGHT METALLIC NICKEL STANDARD PREMIUM FRAME COLORS* UPHOLSTERY COLORS* AMERICAN BEAUTY RED AZURE NORTHWOODS GREEN BLACK CRANBERRY HUNTER GREEN REGIMENTAL BLUE ROYAL BLUE SLATE SUEDE * Black, Platinum, and White frame and all upholstery colors shown above are standard. Premium frame colors shown above and custom frame and upholstery colors are available for an additional charge. A second, clear-coat top layer is standard on machines with Ice Blue Metallic, Midnight Metallic, Nickel, and Platinum frames. Actual frame and upholstery colors may differ from printed color samples shown. Product Specs FRAME • 11-gauge steel frame ensures maximum structural integrity • Each frame receives an electrostatic powder coat finish which ensures maximum adhesion and durability CUSHIONING • Contoured cushions utilize a molded frame for superior comfort and durability ADJUSTMENTS • Gas-assisted springs (where applicable) make seat adjustments quick and easy INSTRUCTIONAL PLACARDS • Easy-to-follow instructions illustrate proper use and muscles trained SHROUD • Full front and back shrouds and pulley covers WEIGHT PLATES AND GUIDE RODS • Solid-steel weight plates • Top weight plate is fitted with self-lubricating bushings • 7/16" (1 cm) diameter weight selector pin magnetically locks in place and is connected to stack to prevent loss • Incremental weight system is integrated on top plate. Simple turn of dial allows users to select 5 lbs (2.5 kg), 10 lbs (5 kg), or 15 lbs (7.5 kg) weight increments for gradual increase in resistance CABLES AND PULLEYS • 7 x 19 strand construction, lubricated, nylon-coated cable meets U.S. military specifications • 4-1/2" (11 cm) and 6" (15 cm) diameter fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys feature sealed bearings HAND GRIPS • Hand grips are an extruded thermo rubber compound that is non- absorbing and wear-and-tear resistant • Grips retained with aluminum collars preventing them from slipping during use FOOT PLATFORMS • All foot platforms are molded rubber with a slip-resistant texture GM-001-06.qxd 5/1/06 2:40 PM Page 52


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