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Matrix MyRide v3.0

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18. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage18 18 30/9/10 16:25:10

2. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage2 2 30/9/10 16:24:14

4. Key features overview. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage4 4 30/9/10 16:24:21

11. Coaching overview. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage11 11 30/9/10 16:24:47

17. The return on investment. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage17 17 30/9/10 16:25:07

1. M Y R I D E v 3 . 0 R i d e o n i n . ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage1 1 30/9/10 16:24:10

3. For sports and fitness, thousands of personal rides are being created and experienced everyday by athletes, avid cyclists and beginners worldwide. Ride on in - where will your imagination take you? The most powerful, personalized way to experience Indoor Cycling. Ever. Best for business. With coaching programs and multimedia options that traditional cardio bikes could only dream of, it’s no wonder why MYRIDE v3.0 is set to replace them in health clubs, hotels, homes and more. Consumer confidence. Real-time workout tutorials. Over 1 million studio and real footage workouts. Thousands of preset challenges. Tv. Ipod. Web. And a bike endorsed by Lance Armstrong, need we say more! ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage3 3 30/9/10 16:24:16

5. Build your own workout with over 1 million variations or choose from thousands of preset challenges designed to meet every fitness and sporting level. The MYRIDE v3.0 is powerful, fast and intuitive. Unlimited selection. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage5 5 30/9/10 16:24:24

6. Dual coaching. Ride the world’s terrain or recreate the studio experience at the touch of a button. The enhanced MyRide and new MySportif programs deliver an inspired dual coaching experience. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage6 6 30/9/10 16:24:27

7. English. Spanish. German. MYRIDE v3.0 delivers a comprehensive multilingual service across all its coaching and entertainment programs. Multilingual. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage7 7 30/9/10 16:24:31

8. High definition display. The highest resolution screen ever on an Indoor Cycle. Displayed on a true 16:9 ratio and 17.3” touch screen, you’ll be captivated by the brilliance of outdoor footage and in-studio graphics. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage8 8 30/9/10 16:24:34

9. Entertainment. Watch, listen and ride to your favorite TV shows, films and music or catch up on world news and gossip via the worldwide web. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage9 9 30/9/10 16:24:39

10. Internet ready. Featuring Internet access (WLAN/LAN) the MYRIDE v3.0 keeps you connected and ready for the latest workout releases, upgrades and more. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage10 10 30/9/10 16:24:42

12. From the first ride we are here to help you get the most from your workouts. Our ‘Learn The Moves’ program will instruct you on choosing the right challenges, building your own great workouts and being confident throughout our coached riding positions and training zones. Learn the moves. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage12 12 30/9/10 16:24:49

13. The ‘Choose Your Challenge’ program is there for when you’re in a hurry or need a push in the right direction. In 3 clicks simply choose your workout category followed by the time you wish to ride and press start. It’s that quick. Choose your challenge. 1 . 0 C l i c k 2 . 0 C l i c k 3 . 0 C l i c k ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage13 13 30/9/10 16:24:52

14. Building a personal workout has never been so easy, yet so powerful. Using the 4 colored ‘Training Zones’ for varying intensity, build your ride by selecting from the 4 minute ‘Stages’ in the middle layer based on preferred ride positions, music genre, song, destination or instructor. Alternatively flip over the ‘Stages’ to see its energy level graph. Build your ride as tough, easy, long, or short as you like. Build them to match your sporting or fitness needs. It’s all about you. Build your own workout. 1 . 0 E x a m p l e 2 . 0 E x a m p l e 3 . 0 E x a m p l e ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage14 14 30/9/10 16:24:55

16. Full high definition (HD) ready Industrial Grade Computer with 500 GB HDD Live MYRIDE OS 3.0 operating system for superior application Intuitive User Interface (UI) and 17.3” touch screen performance iPOD ready Internet ready ( WLAN/LAN) Bluetooth ready TV tuner ready (DVB-T and analog) Web browser ready (Pre-selected sites only) Free-standing or Wall-mounting ready ( Via ‘Wave Stand’) Headphone port ready (3.5mm. Incl. extension lead) Remote on-line servicing ready Remote on-line upgrade ready Multilingual ready (English.Spanish.German) Technical overview. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage16 16 30/9/10 16:25:02

19. Encourage members to use MYRIDE v3.0 as an introduction to Indoor Cycling classes to increase your clubs ‘Group Fitness’ attendance and strengthen club attrition. Make MYRIDE v3.0 a strong focal point on your club’s gym floor to attract prospective and existing members with innovative products and socially engaging zones. Use MYRIDE v3.0 in your group Indoor Cycling environment (via wall installation) to maximize existing space and bike usage at non-class times by turning the outside row of bikes to face consoles. Replace your traditional cardio bikes on the gym floor to offer increased coaching and entertainment variety appealing to a wider membership group for the same or less capital expenditure. Be Profitable. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage19 19 30/9/10 16:25:12

20. EMAIL: [email protected] WEBSITE: WWW.INDOORCYCLING.COM ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage20 20 30/9/10 16:25:17

15. Your workout screen is full of vibrant color and information all aimed at bringing your ride to life. MyRide studio workouts display alternating background color and speed to enhance your ‘Training Zone’ intensity level. Combined with 3 edited camera angles and onscreen coaching guides (rpm, heart rate, energy level, ride position, section time) your workout will be packed with direction and motivation. MySportif outdoor coaching is the first of its kind. It’s the collaboration of second by second vocal coaching and the highest quality mixed terrain footage ever seen in fitness. The program is further enhanced by the ability to listen to your own music (via iPod) and the animated onscreen coaching guides (ride position, hand position, rpm, heart rate, energy level and section time). MyScape. Escape from everything and just ride through inspired scenic landscapes from around the world. No set music. No coaching. Just you, your iPod and the path ahead. Seeing is believing. ESC1168_MyrideV3 Marketing Stage15 15 30/9/10 16:24:58


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