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6. OCTANEFITNESS.COM 888-OCTANE4 ©2008 Octane Fitness, LLC. In a continual effort to improve our products, specifi cations are subject to change. Octane Fitness, xRide, Active Seat Position, Body-Mapping Ergonomics, Converging Path, Fuel Your Life, Sit or Stand, GluteKicker, HeartLogic, QuadLink, SmartStride and X-Mode are registered trademarks of Octane Fitness. Any use of these trademarks, without the express written consent of Octane Fitness, is forbidden. *Study conducted by the St. Cloud State University Human Performance Lab versus a recumbent bike at the same perceived exertion.

2. Being the best in the industry doesn’t happen by chance. It takes hard work, commitment and focus. And from the very beginning, Octane Fitness has focused only on designing and building the best elliptical cross trainers in the world. Clubs, their members, and the press agree: Octane indeed offers the very best in the elliptical class. As the only fitness company focused exclusively on ellipticals, all of Octane’s energy, creativity and innovation is focused on ever-improving products with functions and features that exercisers demand. Octane’s signature standing ellipticals are rock-solid and virtually maintenance-free, with maximum availability and appeal to clubs and their members. But these premier Octane products do not have to ‘stand’ alone as Octane brings to life a whole new kind of elliptical, the xRide seated elliptical. Packed with challenging new programs and enticing features, the xRide demands attention with its inspiring look and feel. And like its standing counterparts, the xRide is precision-engineered to give clubs and exercisers another premium workout choice...a great ride. HOW DID WE BUILD THE BEST ELLIPTICAL CROSS TRAINERS? STAND SIT OR Only Octane gives you the choice PRO SERIES

3. STAND SIT OR Only Octane gives you the choice PROVEN CLUB FAVORITES Surveys of health club members show that Octane Fitness is clearly preferred, with more than 75% of elliptical exercisers rating Octane workouts as superior. Respondents consistently cited an overall better feel with natural motion; upper-body comfort and variety; and intuitive, customizable movement. In fact, more than 95% of health club members want Octane ellipticals at their facility. Satisfy your members – and keep them coming back – with Octane Fitness. more than % 1020304050607080 more than Overall Octane Workout

4. Floor the most progressive fitness equipment available—the new xRide seated ellipticals—and enjoy increased business, more members and higher retention. The unparalleled xRide delivers the cardiovascular, low-impact, total-body benefits of traditional standing ellipticals—all while comfortably seated. And, exercisers can use leverage from the ergonomically designed seat to gain upper- and lower-body strength-training benefits. Plus, the xRide uniquely accommodates every member and optimizes efficiency with a wide range of resistance levels, innovative workouts and the ability to work the upper and lower body alone or simultaneously. Out-performing any other seated product, the xRide requires exercisers to use 343% more glutes and benefit from burning 23% more calories compared to a recumbent bike at the same perceived exertion level.* THE FUTURE OF FITNESS: THE xRIDE Oversized pedals fit every size foot, and soft rubber provides a safe grip surface while enabling exercisers to maximize their efforts. PEDALS Distinct from recumbent bikes, the longer ellipse motion challenges muscles differently with forward and backward directions and greater glute involvement. MOTION Exercisers combine cardio and strength training efficiently with vigorous intervals of 10-15 repetitions at high resistance levels. CHEST PRESS/LEG PRESS The Active Seat Position ™ accommodates any size exerciser, comfortably opens the torso and maximizes the use of the hip muscles. SEAT ERGONOMICS Members will see results from the rigorous intervals of commands to push and pull the arms, pedal fast, go in reverse and more. MUSCLE ENDURANCE

5. EVERY BODY’S FAVORITE STANDING ELLIPTICAL One-of-a-kind handlebars converge on the forward swing and diverge on the backswing to minimize joint stress, expand range of motion and mimic the upper body’s natural path. CONVERGING PATH Octane Fitness cross trainers are everybody’s—and every body’s—favorite standing ellipticals. From Body-Mapping Ergonomics ™ , SmartStride ® automatically adjustable stride and the patented QuadLink ™ drive for the lower body, to the signature MultiGrip and patent-pending Converging Path ™ handlebars for the upper body, Octane’s exclusive features set them apart from all others. In fact, an independent review validated that Octane machines alone position exercisers correctly and comfortably for maximum results. The great feel of Octane’s standing elliptical are complemented by innovative programs such as the 30:30 interval challenge and customizable heart rate-controlled workouts, as well as Octane’s trademark workout boosters X-Mode ™ , GluteKicker ™ and ArmBlaster. Octane Fitness workouts offer the ultimate cross-training experience plus flexibility and variety to keep your members motivated, challenged and coming back to your club. Only on Octane ellipticals, these patented handlebars fit every exerciser, better engage the upper body and facilitate various paces, stride lengths and directions. MULTIGRIP For an unrivaled total-body experience, this trademark workout combines cardio with intense upper-body strength intervals. ARMBLASTER Unmatched in the industry, interactive ergonomics monitor an exerciser's pace and direction and automatically adjust stride length to replicate jogging, walking, running and moving backward. SMARTSTRIDE Exclusive to Octane, this virtual personal trainer maximizes efficiency by prompting exercisers to go in reverse, pedal fast or slow, push or pull, squat and more. X-MODE


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