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Precor AMT 100i Specs

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1. AMT ® 100i COMMERCIAL/ ADAPTIVE MOTION TRAINER User-defined cardio. The AMT provides workout variety and freedom of movement, making it a cardio floor essential. Users of all ability levels will love the low-impact, functional movement of the AMT. Committed to excellence. For 25 years Precor has been a leader in the fitness industry, delivering breakthrough innovations and premium quality products for the home and club. Easy to use. Precor products are designed for ease-of-use with intuitive displays that help users get on and get going. AS VERSATILE AS THE HUMAN BODY. Every aspect of our fitness equipment is made to mirror human movement — fluid, natural, and familiar. Intuitive engineering and thoughtful design offer an invigorating workout that helps users keep moving. Arising from our heritage of providing quality fitness solutions that work, Precor fitness equipment keeps your users satisfied no matter what their goal. Precor inspires a life in motion.

2. BR100i-202, 0308 ©2008 Precor Incorporated www.precor.com 5 CARDIO THEATER ENTERTAINMENT OPTIONS PVS/Integrated 12-inch personal viewing screen. AUDIO/Integrated wireless (900 MHz, 863 MHz). Personal Entertainment Player (PEP) support. Compatible with video players (e.g., iPod, Zune, and others). 1 2 3 4 PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS 74 in (188 cm) 28 in (71 cm) 69 in (175 cm) 445 lbs (202 kg) 520 lbs (236 kg) 27 in (69 cm) Climber motion 0 in (0 cm) 14.5 x 7.5 in (37 x 19 cm) 18.5 in (47 cm) 5.5 in (14 cm) 350 lbs 1–20 (18–720 watts) 4 52 in long, 32 in wide, 60 in high Powder-coated steel FCE, ETL, CE, EN957 Length Width Height Weight Shipping Weight Maximum Stride Length Maximum Stride Length Footplate Dimensions Highest Position Footplate Lowest Position Footplate Maximum User Weight Resistance Levels Programs Box Dimensions Frame Regulatory Approvals AMT ® 10 0 i COMMERCIAL ADAPTIVE MOTION TRAINER 1/ Contralateral arm movement for natural motion Arm and leg movements are coordinated, reflecting the way you naturally move through life . 2/ Dual-plane resistance refines workload A patented system that applies resistance to both horizontal and vertical planes of motion, adding yet another dimension for you to customize your workout. 3/ 0- to 27-inch stride length provides unlimited variation Choose your movement and change it as often as your heart and mind desire. Adaptive motion helps create new possibilities and rewards. 4/ Users enjoy integrated entertainment. An optional Cardio Theater ® personal viewing screen is ergonomically integrated into the console that provides users with the entertainment options they demand while keeping them moving in the correct biomechanic position. 5/ Stride Dial ™ tracks muscle engagement Monitoring your motion in real-time, you get instant feedback on how your muscles respond to different movements.


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