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Precor Experience Series Treadmill TRM 885 Brochure

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1. Powerful Touch The 880 Line features a touch screen console and intuitive interface that gets more powerful the longer you own it. 880 Line e x P erience Serie S ™ TRM 885 Treadmill Like every piece of equipment in our Experience Series ™ 880 Line, the TRM 885 treadmill adds value to your facility by combining essential reliability and ease-of-use with a feeling that’s more like running outside. With a touch screen console, and a simple, intuitive interface that draws users deeper into their workout, the P80 console on the TRM ® 885 is a fitness solution that gets more powerful the longer you own it. At Precor, we recognize that a great workout is the sum of many parts. In your hands, the products, services and technologies we offer can be combined in countless ways to complement the programs, and atmosphere you’re creating.

2. 09.08.2011 ©2011 Precor Incorporated For additional information on this product, the full 880 line, and other products offered by Precor, please visit www.precor.com. e x P erience Serie S ™ 880 Line Optional reading rack accessory attaches easily to the P80 console P80 Console TRM 885 Treadmill The TRM 885 is the top-of-the- line treadmill for commercial facilities, renowned for its performance and durability. A 3° decline option and maximum speed of 16 mph are unique to the TRM 885. Equipped with Integrated Footplant Technology ™ (IFT) and Ground Effects ® Impact Control (GFX), the TRM 885 delivers a smooth and natural feel when running or walking. Product Hig HL ig H ts Console With a touch screen console just like a high-end phone, and a simple, intuitive interface that draws users deeper into their workout, the P80 console is a reliable fitness solution that gets more powerful the longer you own it. Heart Rate Monitoring Easy to use handgrip sensors and telemetry monitor heart rate during workouts, helping users stay in an aerobic workout zone so they can optimize fat burn and improve cardio fitness. Integrated Footplant Technology ™ Our patented belt system adjusts belt velocity 100 times per second to match natural changes in foot speed, producing a smooth, rhythmic stride and reducing the jarring impact that can stress joints and cause injuries. Ground Effects ® Impact Control System Reducing fatigue and helping users maintain even speed, our patented system combines ideal cushioning where feet land and vital stability where they push off. Product sP ecifications Dimensions (L x W x H): 88 x 35 x 71 inches / 224 x 89 x 163 centimeters Weight: 466 lbs / 207 kg Power: Powered; 120V/20 amp, dedicated circuit Optional – 240V/20 amp, dedicated circuit Total Workouts: 21 Motor Drive: 4.0 hp AC motor with Power Factor Control Speed Range: 0.5 – 16 mph / 1 – 25.5 km/h Elevation Range: -3% - 15% (0.5% increments) Language Selection: English, French, Dutch, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish Network Capabilities: Optional - Preva™ network capable C-SAFE enabled Entertainment: 15” Personal Viewing System (PVS) iPod / iPhone integrated Accessories: Accessories holder Optional - Reading rack Optional - Cable management Warranty: Frame – 7 years Motor - 5 years Parts (Mechanical & Electronic) – 2 years Wear Items – 1 year Labor – 1 year


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