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Schwinn AC Pro Bike

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5. SCHWINN ® A.C. ™ SPORT SCHWINN ® A.C. ™ CLASSIC SCHWINN ® IC PRO • Color: Deep Silver • Zinc-plated Steel Frame Construction – corrosion resistance, proven durability • Solid Stainless Steel Slider and Posts – not plated, rust-proof • Dimensions: 48” H x 43” L x 20” W 122cm H x 109cm L x 51cm W • Weight: 126 lbs, 57 kg • Color: Gloss Black • Dual frame-mounted water bottle holders • Zinc-plated Steel Frame Construction – corrosion resistance, proven durability • Solid Stainless Steel Slider and Posts – not plated, rust-proof • Dimensions: 48” H x 43” L x 20” W 122cm H x 109cm L x 51cm W • Weight: 117 lbs, 53 kg Classic performance and styling • Color: Standard Silver • Frame: zinc-plated steel • Dimensions: 39” H x 50” L x 22.5” W 99cm H x 127cm L x 57cm W • Weight: 130 lbs, 59 kg

8. NLS-IC 0309 © 2009 Nautilus, Inc., All rights reserved. ™ and ® indicates a trademark or registered trademark. Nautilus, Inc. trademarks include NAUTILUS ® , BOWFLEX ® , STAIRMASTER ® , SCHWINN ® and UNIVERSAL ® and respective logos. 1-800-NAUTILUS www.nautilus.com. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Nautilus International GmbH, Albin-Köbis-Straße 4, 51147 Köln (Cologne)/Germany, Tel: +49(0)2203-2020-0, Fax: +49(0)2203-2020-4 545, [email protected] www.nautilus.com

2. NAUTILUS SCHWINN NAUTILUS IS A COMPANY FOCUSED ON ONE THING: OPTIMAL TRAINING Every product in our portfolio is designed first for user fit and per- formance. Whether it is a strength machine, a bike or a treadmill, we analyze the ideal user biomechanics and build our products to replicate and enable them. As a result, sometimes our products take a little longer to design, or are a little more expensive to build, but our unwavering commitment to those who use our equipment is that we will always provide the highest training performance possible. We believe that if you take the time to train, you should train right. Nautilus | Train Right Schwinn has been building bikes for over 100 years. 15 years ago we in- troduced the first production bike designed specifically for Indoor Cycling, and we have been at the forefront of the IC phenomenon ever since. Our legacy as a bike company has positioned us as the leader in innovation and design for IC bikes. Features such as Smart Release™ hubs, oversized bottom brackets and ISIS bearings were all pioneered by Schwinn and followed by the rest. We have also introduced the Schwinn ® Indoor Cycling Program and train thousands of instructors around the world every year. Like every other Nautilus, Inc product, Schwinn ® IC bikes have always been – and will always be – about performance first. This means our bikes provide optimal user mechanics, true bike feel and performance, and product durability. And with the newest generation of Schwinn ® IC bikes, we have raised the bar again on what you should expect from your IC bike experience. Schwinn | Ride Right

7. SCHWINN ® MPower ™ SCHWINN AUTHENTIC CYCLING THE SCHWINN ® MPower ™ CONSOLE IS AVAILABLE IN TWO OPTIONS 1. SPORT The Schwinn ® MPower ™ Sport utilizes the console and wireless speed sensor to provide the following user metrics: • Cadence • Time • Telemetry HR • Kcal (if HR is detected) 2. PERFORMANCE The Schwinn ® MPower ™ Performance adds user work (power) measurement device to the basic configuration, allowing us to provide the Sport metrics plus: • Watts • Speed, Distance, Kcal (based on watts measurement and user-entered weight) INSTRUCTOR TRAINING PROGRAMMING In conjunction with the new Schwinn ® A.C. ™ series bikes and the Schwinn ® MPower ™ computer, we are excited to introduce the Schwinn ® Authentic Cycling Training programs. While bikes and computers have been available for several years, current training programs do not do a worthy job of helping instructors turn the measures into motivation. The new Schwinn ® programs are designed to fully leverage the MPower ™ console metrics, using those measurements as the basis for in-class engagement, challenge and motivation. There is a program for both the Sport and Performance computer options, as well as the Classic program for bikes without consoles. The methods taught in these programs will provide every instructor with new tools, enabling them to provide richer and more captivating classes every time they coach. The Nautilus Institute is a leading provider of Indoor Cycling instructor training, providing training to thousands of instructors around the world every year. Our IC programs utilize a deep understanding of coaching principles and exercise physiology to provide instruction that is engaging and functionally ideal. For more information, contact your sales rep.

6. SCHWINN ® MPower ™ CONSOLE MEASUREMENT = MOTIVATION The Schwinn ® MPower ™ bike computer represents a new way of thinking about Indoor Cycling. Current computers offer measurements, but the Schwinn ® MPower ™ Console utilizes advanced thinking, making measurement = motivation. CONSOLE ATTRIBUTES • Wireless – utilizing coded wireless technology, data is transmitted reliably, with no interference • Telemetry Heart Rate – console is compatible with all standard 5kHz HR straps, as well coded Ant+ HR straps • 1.7" x 3.7" (4.5cm x 9.4cm) LCD with button- activated backlight • 2 C-batteries DATA CAPTURE CAPABILITY The Schwinn ® MPower ™ offers a first for IC computers: the ability to take your workout data with you. There are two ways to save data: • USB MEMORY STICK – upon workout completion, console will download workout summary data to USB device in basic file format for use with spreadsheet programs or third-party training and coaching programs • ANT+ WIRELESS DEVICES – the Schwinn ® MPower ™ console can be wirelessly connected and synched to download workout data to any Ant+ enabled device. This technology is being utilized by cycling enthusiasts around the world, and being integrated into products by companies such as Garmin ® and Timex ® STAGE RESET We all know that IC classes are not experienced as one long continuous ride; they are a series of segments/stages: 5 minute hill, 7 minute flat, etc. The Schwinn ® MPower™ console is the first computer to support this with user feedback. We track time and distance in two side by side sections: "Stage" and "Totals", and provide the user the ability to easily reset the Stage numbers at any time with the touch of a button. This makes it easier for instructors to set goals and milestones, and for users to follow along.

4. SCHWINN ® A.C. ™ PERFORMANCE THE FLAGSHIP OF THE SCHWINN IC LINE-UP, THE A.C. ™ PERFORMANCE INCLUDES: • Color: Pearl White • Aluminum Frame Construction – rust-proof, light weight, manufactured by Giant, the largest bike frame manufacturer in the world • Dimensions: 48” H x 43” L x 20” W 122cm H x 109cm L x 51cm W • Weight: 106 lbs, 48 kg IC PRO A.C. ™ CLASSIC A.C. ™ SPORT A.C. ™ PERFORMANCE Frame Steel Steel Steel Aluminum Color Standard Silver Gloss Black Deep Silver Pearl White Virtual Contact ™ Resistance Technology Yes Yes Yes Schwinn ® MPower ™ Console Option Yes Yes Yes Smart Release ™ Yes Yes SPD / Toe Clip Pedals Optional Optional Standard Standard Bottle Holders & Fore-Aft Adjustment On Handlebars Yes Yes

3. A uthentic C ycling SCHWINN ® A.C. ™ SERIES FEATURES: VIRTUAL CONTACT ™ RESISTANCE TECHNOLOGY Our innovative system utilizes magnets and an aluminum disk to generate resistance – nothing is in contact with the wheel, which provides several benefits: • No friction, no wear, no change in performance over time, no pads to maintain or replace. • In our system, resistance changes in predictable, manageable amounts – a small turn will never take you from easy to hard – and the adjustment is consistent from bike to bike. AUTHENTIC BIKE PERFORMANCE We utilize chain drive and an oversized, perimeter-weighted flywheel to create a rider experience that is smooth, high-performance, and authentic. DUAL-DENSITY SADDLE New saddle is firm in some areas and more forgiving in others, creating the ideal blend of comfort and performance. SchwinnFit SYSTEM • Bikes are designed to enable a simple, correct set-up for every rider. • During Quick Fit, the rider adjusts seat height, puts the slider in neutral ("0") position, and is ready to ride. The neutral position will be ideal for large majority of riders. • During Performance Fit, there is one position forward & one in back of neutral for fine-tuning. HANDLEBARS New Schwinn ® performance bars offer several user benefits: • ErgoLoop™ to accommodate additional hand positions. • Aero bar position. • 12 deg. Incline of bars towards user for more comfortable lean. NON-SLIP STRETCHING PADS • Pads accommodate user stretching and protect frame from scratches at key contact points. EXCLUSIVE A.C. ™ SPORT AND A.C. ™ PERFORMANCE FEATURES: Handlebars – integrated dual over-sized water bottle holders and 3 position fore-aft adjustment Smart Release ™ – safety feature that allows fly wheel to disengage when user stops pedaling Pedals – SPD toe-clip pedal included standard


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