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StairMaster HIIT Brochure 2017

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2. ©2017 Core Health & Fitness LLC. All rights reserved. Star Trac, the Star Trac logo and StairMaster are registered trademarks of Core Health & Fitness, LLC. Schwinn and Nautilus are registered trademarks of Nautilus Inc. used under license to Core Health & Fitness LLC. DIGITAL LAUNCH PACKAGE THE STAIRMASTER HIIT SOLUTION HIIT PRODUCTS Decades after pioneering the toughest workout in the gym, our machines are still the ones members choose to push themselves to the limit. This training platform is designed for use with BoxMaster, HIITMill, HIITMill X, AirFit Bike and AirFit UB. Our flexible program also works well with freeweights, plyometric devices, rowers, the Gauntlet and a myriad of other cardio and strength products allowing you to tailor it to your equipment and your members’ needs. The final component of the successful launch of StairMaster HIIT programs in your facility is making sure your staff, your clients and your community know you are innovating and growing your program offerings. We have included numerous editable digital tools to empower you to promote your facility internally with posters, client handouts and a variety of content. You also have the ability to promote your programs externally with print, web and social media tools. Start your promotions at least 30 days prior to your program launch to maximize attendance and build excitement. To further drive the StairMaster HIIT program in your facility you will need some basic tools and some time with your Core Health & Fitness representative to establish a space plan and develop a product list that maximizes your space. In addition, we have provided a program planning matrix tool to evaluate revenue generating opportunities with HIIT small group training. A critical component of the StairMaster HIIT programs success within your facility is the training for your staff and coaches. We have included a comprehensive training manual and can upon request supplement the training program with live hands on workshops which are highly recommended to truly empower your training staff and create the best possible outcome for your clients.

1. PROFESSIONALLY DEVELOPED AND SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN HIIT PROGRAMMING SHOWCASE EXCITING AND UNIQUE PRODUCTS AVAILABLE IN THE HIIT CATEGORY GENERATE REVENUE WITH AN INTENSE AND ENGAGING PROGRAM MEMBERS WILL LOVE TO HATE OUR SAMPLE FLOOR PLANS WILL PROVIDE DIRECTION ON HOW TO UTILIZE STAIRMASTER PRODUCTS TO BUILD A HIIT PROGRAM BUILD PROGRAMMING, COMMUNITY & REVENUE WITH STAIRMASTER HIIT SOLUTIONS Integrating innovative programming, products and promotions into your facility is an ongoing challenge for owners and operators. In an ever-changing consumer fitness environment change and innovation are requirements for business success, client engagement and client retention. Core Health & Fitness is excited to offer StairMaster HIIT products, programing and marketing tools to help you drive new opportunities that will assist in your business growth, space utilization, training revenue and client satisfaction. In addition, you will be providing more opportunities to build community within your facility and capitalize on one of the strongest trends in the industry today – High Intensity Interval Training. High Intensity Interval Training has been around for years but with the growth of CrossFit and similar facilities, HIIT programs, HIIT sports events and HIIT media, the benefits of this type of training are more in the consumers’ eyes than ever before. This presents a tremendous opportunity to reinvent part of your floor space and capture a growing market of extremely motivated consumers. OVERVIEW corehealthandfitness.com HIGH INTENSITY


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