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StairMaster StepMill3 Brochure 2012

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1. ©2012 Core Fitness, LLC, dba StairMaster . All rights reserved. 1-888-678-2476 www.stairmaster.com StairMaster ® StepMill ® 3 Designed with the StairMaster StepMill 5 in mind, the SM3 provides users with the same exceptional experience but in a more compact unit. The SM3 is the perfect “high reward” machine for light commercial and home use. Automatic safety stop sensor located at the base of the steps will stop the stairs immediately when triggered Console features motivating programs with a large backlit LCD display Heart Rate contact sensors conveniently provide feedback throughout workout 6” step height for a smooth and easy stepping motion Convenient water bottle holder to stay hydrated during workouts Large padded handrails provide comfortable grip and support Injection-molded plastic shrouding with modern color scheme Front transport wheels make moving unit easy Built-in reading rack keeps reading material at the perfect viewing angle

2. If you’re looking to burn calories, lose weight and strengthen and tone major muscle groups, stair climbing provides astounding results. In fact, climbing stairs is widely recognized as one of the most efficient and effective cardio and strength building workouts you can do. If you’re willing to put in the work, it provides the results! With the NEW StepMill 3... • Maximize Your Cardio Efforts Stair climbing raises your heart rate immediately. By lifting your body weight with every step, strength training is naturally built in. • Low Impact → High Calorie Burn Moving your body weight uphill burns calories faster than just about any other cardio activity. High work levels are attained at very low speeds – for example, climbing at 1mph is similar to running at 4mph on flat ground. • Increase Core Muscle Strength Maintaining balance engages core muscles with every step. • Tone and Sculpt Your Entire Lower Body High repetitions are famous for building lean muscle and burning fat. StepMill 3 Specifications Drive System Electronically controlled alternator, brake, and drive chain precisely controls the stair speed. Programs Goal-based programs for Time, Calories and Floors. Several profile options, including Heart Rate control programs and intervals. Heart Rate Monitoring Built in pulse grip sensors on the handlebars. Telemetry heart rate receiver built into console (chest strap transmitter not included). Display Large Backlit LCD Console Step Range Revolving staircase with 6” fixed step height Product Dimensions 46” L x 29” W x 73” H (117cm x 74cm x 185cm) Machine Weight 227 lbs (103 kg) Weight Limit 275 lbs (125 kg) Height Requirement 8’ ceiling height for safety clearance Power Requirements Input Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 VA


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