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Star Trac Strength Upholstery Color Codes & Configurations

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2. Customer Services Bulletin STAR TRAC FITNESS 2 of 2 637-1548 Rev: A Important Notes: 1. Dual color configurations are only available for the following (Fig. 1 & 2) pad part numbers with n o deviation to expand. PN: 731-0551-00XX Dual Color Option Only Available as: BV, BW, & BY Fig. 1 PN: 731-0266-00XX Dual Color Option Only Available as: BV, BW, & BY Fig. 2 2. Not all the referenced color codes are available for ordering. In the event that activation of a ce rtain color code is required – contact the service engineering group fo r validation of a request. 3. This document excludes upholstery for old STS IM PACT models for which part numbering schemes reflec t a 4x4 character nomenclature such “3500-0109-UP” along wi th all INSTINCT and HUMAN SPORT strength products.

1. Customer Services Bulletin STAR TRAC FITNESS 1 of 2 637-1548 Rev: A Strength Upholstery Color Codes & Configurations IMPACT, INSPIRATION, & LEVERAGE Memo: The purpose of this document is to reference th e established upholstery color codes and configurat ions per Star Trac’s manufacturing standards. Use the chart (Tbl. 1) as a quick color code reference to replace the “XX” co de holder that is found at the end of all upholstery pad part numbers . When referencing an upholstery pad from an exp loded view product diagram; the part number will lo ok like “731-0173- 00XX”. To place a formal order; the “XX” code holde r must be supplemented with the required color code such as “BZ”. The ordered pad part number will look like: “731-01 73-00BZ”. COLOR CODE COLOR NOTES COLOR CODE COLOR NOTES AB BLUE JAY (BF 363735) BQ TERRA COTTA (US 376) AC AMERICAN BEAUTY RED (US 360) BR TOPS AND BOTTOMS: SKY BLUE (US-316) / SIDES: SU N YELLOW (US 322) AD CROCUS PURPLE (US 433) BS STAR TRAC GREY (MATCH STAR TRAC CARDIO SHROUDS) AE ROYAL BLUE (US 354) BT DARK BROWN AF GROTTO GREEN (US 426) BU DARK BROWN OSTRICH SKIN (S 1562) AG BLACK (US 393) SEMI-SMOOTH TEXTURE BV TWO TONE; BASE: BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA BLACK - GS 36349200 HIGHLIGHT (STRIPE): BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA CHARCOA L - GS 36348700 HARD TEXTURE TWO COLOR AH REGIMENTAL BLUE (US 345) BW TWO TONE; BASE: BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA CHOCOLATE - GS 36350100 HIGHLIGHT (STRIPE): BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA WHEAT - GS 36349900 HARD TEXTURE TWO COLOR AJ CARMEL (US 387) BY TWO TONE; BASE: BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA OXBLOOD - G S 36349100 HIGHLIGHT (STRIPE): BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA CRANBER RY - GS 36350000 HARD TEXTURE TWO COLOR AK SPACE BLUE (US 353) BZ BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA BLACK - GS 36349200 HARD TEXTURE AL TURQUOISE (US 419) CA BOLTAFLEX GRAND SIERRA CHOCOLATE - GS 36350100 AM SANGRIA (US 506) CB IMPERIAL BLUE (US-432) AN SAND (US 384) CC PLATINUM (EX-240) AP CHINA GREEN (US 434) CD BOLTAFLEX WHEAT (GS 363499) AQ BURGUNDY (US 364) CE ALL SPICE (BF36374) AR DOVE (US 413) CF BLUE RIDGE (US427) AS NEW PURPLE (BF 439163) CG GUN METAL (US392) AT SUN YELLOW (US 322) CH BOLTAFLEX PORT (BF363791) AU GRAPHITE (US 429) CI BOLTAFLEX COAL (BF363770) AV MEDIUM GREY (MATCH BUTTERFLY SAMPLES) CJ BOLTAFLEX EMERALD (BF363756) AW CRANBERRY (363500) CK UNIROYAL EMPEROR ER1 PLATINUM AY JADE (3635522) CL BOLTAFLEX ALMOND,36349800 AZ FOREST (US 344) CM MINDNIGHT BLUE, BOLTASPORT PERFORMER 444328 BA RASBERRY (US 362) CN SKY BLUE, US-516 BB NAVY (363488) CO BRISTOL BLUE, US-515 BC AZURE (415522) CP CLARET, US-357 BD CONCORD (US 510) CQ BOLTAFLEX TURQUOISE 443837 BE MOUNTAIN VIOLET (NEO-60) CR CANDY APPLE 363752 BF PLUM (US 351) CS BLACK AND RED BG DEEP VIOLET (US 511) CT NAUGAHYDE, FJORD BLUE, US 517 BH TOMATO (US 358) CU MANDARIN ORANGE, US-372 BJ SLATE (BF 363771) CV NAUGAHYDE, ESPRESSO, US 383 BK PAPRIKA (US 370) CW GOLDEN CORN, US-524 BL BRITISH TAN (US 65) CX BOLTAFLEX CADET GREY - 363769 BM SUEDE (468483) CY RETROFITNESS RED, SAME AS AC ALTERNATE TO "AC" BN BLACK (363557) CZ NUAGAHYDE CINNAMON US-377 BP GINGER SNAP (US 369) DA NUAGAHYDE SAGE US-526 Tbl. 1


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