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3. CLIMB will forever change the nature of stair climbing, making it so easy that first- timers will love it and so challenging that advanced users will face their toughest test ever. And being the most space- efficient stair climber in the market, it will create room for more equipment and happy users. 3

20. technogym.com 0S001444AA-UK 41/16



7. HASSLE-FREE UPKEEP SMALLEST FOOTPRINT IN THE MARKET LOWEST HEIGHT IN THE MARKET The best ratio in the market between climbing space and footprint. 77 cm / 30 in 130 cm / 51 in CLIMB has been designed to provide the widest climbing space within the smallest footprint — only 1 sqm/10 sq ft — enabling you to fit more equipment and users in the same space. Thanks to its reduced height, it is not only less intimidating, but it also overcomes ceiling restraints and harmonizes with lower height equipment. Range of height of existing stair simulators The rustproof stainless steel hinges, self-lubricating chain, sweatproof design and titanium alloy guides (a material so strong it is used to build bulldozers) prevent corrosion and the need for maintenance. The special design facilitates easy inspection and cleaning of both floor and equipment. CLIMB adds more value to your space, making it an excellent investment. The reduced height and footprint enable an efficient use of space on your gym floor, freeing up room for more equipment and users. 210 cm / 82.5 in 189 cm / 74 in 230 cm / 90.5 in 7


16. CONNECT AND GO New Bluetooth® technology connects seamlessly with smart devices, making it easy to log into the equipment and perform a personalized workout. PATENT PENDING PATENT PENDING mywellness® band Smartphone – Bluetooth® Smartphone – QR code Technog ym® key 16

17. TRACK PROGRESS All training data is automatically saved to your account in the mywellness® cloud and can be viewed from the UNITY™ 3.0 console or from your personal devices via the mywellness® app. 17

15. IMMERSIVE WORKOUTS*: Ever-changing landscapes inspire you and help you get the most out of your training. Join your friends and workout together. VIRTUAL OUTDOOR COURSES: From fjords in Norway to the ridges of Iceland, from Italy’s rugged Mount Etna to the vastness of America’s Grand Tetons and the majesty of Mont Blanc, the world is at your feet. 15

14. VERSUS*: Up, up and away! Create your own stair climbing race in your choice of locations and compete against your friends and fellow members to the top, or join someone else’s race. From the world’s highest mountains to the tallest buildings, the new UNITY™ 3.0 console takes climbing to new heights with entertainment options that will inspire you and drive you forward. IMMERSE YOURSELF IN ENTERTAINMENT * Only by Technogym® 14

9. STEP ON EASILY An innovative breakthrough in the market, the low Courtesy Step™ (26.5 cm / 10 in)* automatically repositions itself at the lowest height at the end of the workout to simplify getting on. The Multi-purpose Handlebars facilitate training the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves from different angles, all while maintaining proper posture. MAINTAIN THE RIGHT POSTURE 9

8. STEP ASIDE COMFORTABLY TRAIN WITH CONFIDENCE CLIMB is 40 cm / 16 in shorter than the tallest product on the market. CLIMB is 20 cm / 8 in less than the shortest product on the market. PERFORMANCE MADE EASY CLIMB sets a new standard in usability, making stair climbing an inviting experience that beginners can enjoy with immediate results. The ToeSmart Design™ enables use of the entire step surface without fear of pinching your toes between steps, regardless of shoe size.* Smart Lateral Footrests * provide a convenient foothold for stepping aside to take a break or to interact with the console. Traditional stair climbers scare off less confident members. CLIMB’s lower profile makes it less intimidating and more inviting to all users. FORGET TOE PINCHING * Only by Technogym® 8

10. CHALLENGE YOURSELF STEP UP YOUR WORKOUT MORE SPACE FOR PERFORMANCE AT LEAST 3 STEPS ALWAYS AVAILABLE CLIMB helps users perform beyond their expectations. More demanding users can utilize engaging new UNITY™ 3.0 high intensity workout routines that make use of the wide surfaces and extra footholds and steps. Boost your muscle activation, for maximum calorie burn and muscle tone, with unique exercises that utilize Technogym’s proprietary Smart Lateral Footrests*. Push Lateral skip Two steps alternated. The innovative design maximizes available space, offering the deepest step surface* on the market (28 cm/11 in) for performing more intense workouts with total confidence. Complex footwork and routines are easily performed because for the first time in the market, there are up to 3 and a half treadable steps available* . * Only by Technogym® 10

12. BOOST WORKOUT EFFECTIVENESS As we know, stair climbing is one of the best cardio exercises around, but it is also highly demanding. That is why we developed Goal-Oriented Routines that make it easy for both beginners and advanced users to enjoy CLIMB’s benefits: CALORIE BURN. A variety of exercises are combined into specially-designed high intensity workout routines to burn the most calories (more than an average cardiovascular training session; due to an increased average workout intensity). AEROBIC CONDITIONING. Using CLIMB on a regular basis strengthens the cardiovascular system*. On CLIMB improvements in VO 2 scores can be tested with the Technogym® Fitness Te s t . TONING AND SCULPTING. CLIMB workouts feature comprehensive glute activation, also aiding in the development of strength and definition in your hamstrings, quadriceps, abs and calves*. PROPRIOCEPTION. The recruitment of hip and core muscles to maintain stability during exercises, especially during lateral movements, improves coordination and balance. * Tests performed by Technogym Scientific Research Department. 12

5. What makes CLIMB so unique is the SPLIT STEP TECHNOLOGY (patent pending). Developed by Technogym’s R&D Department, this breakthrough transforms this stair climber into one of the most sought-after pieces of cardio equipment on the gym floor, thanks to its welcoming design, ease of use and effectiveness. ACCESS EASILY MOVE FREELY ENJOY MORE VARIETY FEEL CONFIDENT The equipment’s non- intimidating LowRise Design removes the feeling of performing on stage. The low Courtesy Step™ makes climbing on simple and comfortable for users of all heights (patent pending). The ToeSmart Design™ prevents toe pinching, allowing users to utilize the entire step surface during their workouts. With at least 3 steps always available , it enables users to perform a wider range of exercises. PATENT PENDING 5

13. GOAL-ORIENTED ROUTINES. ONLY BY TECHNOGYM. 1. B-SIDE: Shape and sculpt your lower body while improving your stamina. 2. SWEAT IT OUT: Maximize fat burning by increasing your energy expenditure. 3. BODY BUSTER: Step up your skills and increase muscle performance with this challenging routine. TESTING: Measure your fitness level with some of the hardest and most challenging tests around: FITNESS, CPAT and WFI TESTS. WORKOUT GUIDANCE: In addition to targeting specific needs, GOAL- ORIENTED ROUTINES take you through each step of the exercise, helping you achieve your results more easily and efficiently. 13

19. ITALY TECHNOGYM SpA OFFICES & SHOWROOM Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC) Ph. +39 0547 56047 Fax +39 0547 650505 [email protected] UNITED KINGDOM TECHNOGYM UK Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Two The Boulevard Cain Road – Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1WP Ph. +44 1344 300236 Fax +44 1344 300238 [email protected] GERMANY TECHNOGYM GERMANY GmbH OFFICES & SHOWROOM Frankfurter Str. 211 (Eingang Du-Pont-Straße) 63263 Neu-Isenburg Ph. +49 (0) 6102 - 822380 Fax +49 (0) 6102 - 8223810 [email protected] NETHERLANDS TECHNOGYM BENELUX B.V. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Essebaan 63 2908 LJ Capelle aan den IJssel Ph. +31 (0) 10 422 32 22 Fax +31 (0) 10 422 25 68 [email protected] BELGIUM AND LUXEMBOURG TECHNOGYM BELGIUM OFFICES & SHOWROOM Ikaros Business Park, gebouw 2A Ikaroslaan 3 1930 Zaventem Ph. +32 (0) 2 709 05 50 Fax +32 (0) 2 721 36 99 [email protected] PORTUGAL TECHNOGYM PORTUGAL, U. L.D.A. Tagus Park – Nucleo Central, 284 2740 – 122 Oeiras (Portugal) Freephone: 800784592 Ph. +351 21 893 40 30 Fax +351 21 893 40 39 [email protected] SPAIN TECHNOGYM TRADING S.A. OFFICES AND SHOWROOM Parc De Negocios Mas Blau Ed. Avant 1 c/Selva, 12 08820 El Prat De Llobregat, Barcelona Freephone: 900 89 88 99 Fax +34 933 704 736 [email protected] FRANCE TECHNOGYM FRANCE SAS OFFICES & SHOWROOM 20, rue Rouget de Lisle 92130 Issy les Moulineaux Ph. +33 (0)1 45 29 90 00 Fax +33 (0)1 45 29 90 05 [email protected] RUSSIA TECHNOGYM ZAO BC ‘Vereyskaya Plaza 1’ Vereyskaya Street, 29, Build.154, Office 42 121357 Moscow Ph./Fax +7 495 933 38 34 [email protected] NORTH AMERICA TECHNOGYM USA Corp. OFFICES & SHOWROOM 700 US Highway 46 East, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 Ph. +1 206 6231488 Toll free: 800 8040952 Fax +1 206 6231898 [email protected] BRAZIL TECHNOGYM EQUIPAMENTOS DE GINÁSTICA E SOLUÇÃO PARA BEM-ESTAR LTDA. Rua Jardim Botânico, 205, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro RJ, CEP 22.470-050 Ph. 0800 600 6070 / +55 21-3176-6070 [email protected] UNITED ARAB EMIRATES TECHNOGYM EMIRATES LLC OFFICES & SHOWROOM Sheik Zayed Road - Exit 42 Palladium Building Dubai, United Arab Emirates ABU DHABI SHOWROOM Al Maqta Building - Sultan Bin Zayed The First St. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Ph. +971 4 3375337 (centralized) Fax +971 4 3372660 (centralized) [email protected] JAPAN TECHNOGYM JAPAN, Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Seafort Square Center Bldg. 18F 2-3-12 Higashi-shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002 Ph. +81 3 5495 7783 Fax +81 3 5495 7789 [email protected] CHINA TECHNOGYM (Shanghai) INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co., Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM 4th Floor, No.1 Building No.881 Wuding Road Jing An District, Shanghai 200040, China Ph. +86 21 5888 6355 Fax +86 21 5888 6950 [email protected] HONG KONG TECHNOGYM ASIA Ltd. 35/F, Suite 3509-11 25 Canton Road, The Gateway Tower 2 Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Ph. +852 31162622 Fax +852 31162625 [email protected] AUSTRALIA TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Building E, Suite E204 24-32 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153 Ph. +61 (02) 8883 0172 Toll free: 1800 615 440 Fax +61 (02) 9672 6410 [email protected] OTHER COUNTRIES TECHNOGYM SpA Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC), Italy Ph. +39 0547 650111 Fax +39 0547 650591 [email protected] website www.technogym.com Technogym, The Wellness Company, Excite, Technogym key (3D), UNITY, mywellness, Courtesy Step and ToeSmart Design are trademark s of Technogym® S.p.A. Climb Excite, Split Step Technology, Courtesy Step, Bluetooth® and QR Code login are protected by patents/patents pending/desig n patents owned by Technogym S.p.A. in European countries and in the world. Technogym reserves the right to modify its products and documentation at any time without notice © 2016 Technogym®. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Technogy m® is under license. Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc. All other trademarks and logos contained in this catalogue are property of their respective owners.

18. CLIMB TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Specifications & performance Dimensions (LxWxH)* 1300 x 770 x 1890 mm (51’’x 30’’x 74”) Footprint 1 sqm (10.7 sq ft) Weight 190 kg (419 lbs) Max user weight 180 kg (400 lbs) First step height from the ground 265 mm (10.4”) Step height 206 mm (8”) Step depth 281 mm (11”) Step width 470 mm (19”) Number of steps always available 3 One floor climbed 16 steps, 3.5 m (11 ft) Difficulty levels 1-3 0 Speed 24 -165 spm Power requirement 100 - 240 Vac 50/60 Hz Drive system Electromagnetic brake with combined chain-belt synchro trasmission drive for a precise stair s peed control Training & comfort features Goal-Oriented Display YES Total number of programs 20 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Goal-Oriented Routines (3), Profiles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Hi-Low Blocks, Hills, Cross Training 17 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Profiles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Hi-Low Blocks, Hills, Cross Training 13 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Profiles (6), Training Zone, Weight Loss Goal-Oriented Routines B-Side, Sweat it out, Body Buster NO Sub maximal tests Fitness Test, CPAT, WFI Languages available 23 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Chinese simplified, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabic, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Israeli, Catalan, Polish, Thai 13 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Polish HR monitoring Double Hand Sensors, Telemetry** Fast Track Controls YES Calorie Coach YES Multi-purpose Handlebars YES Split Step Technology (patent pending) YES Courtesy Step™ (patent pending) for easy access YES; height: 265 mm (10”) ToeSmart Design™ for anti toe pinching YES Smart Lateral Footrests YES Emergency stop button on handlebar YES User detection system YES Bottle holder YES Integrated reading rack YES Exergaming Immersive Workouts on infinite stairs YES NO Virtual Outdoor Courses YES NO Supplementary features & utilities mywellness® platform connectivity YES through Key Reader, Bluetooth®, QR code and RFID YES through Key Reader, Bluetooth®, QR code and RFID optional YES through optional Key Reader Certifications Certifications UL, CE, EAC, SII, Giteki, Anatel, KC, MD Service features Wheels 4 (2 engageable) for easy mobility and positioning Sweatproof design YES Rustproof stainless steel hinges YES Self-lubricating chain YES Titanium alloy guides YES Easy inspection design YES Easy cleaning YES Display options Display available UNITY™ 3.0 TV Advanced LED LED UNITY™ TV *Length x Width x Height while working on the equipment ** Compatible with analog 5kHz transmission. On UNITY™ 3.0 and TV versions only, also compatible with Bluetooth® transmission. Band and transmitter not included. 18


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