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TechnoGym Excite Crossover

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2. 2 3 1 Crossover d imensions W x L x H* m ax. energy consumption Power requirement Weight m ax. user weight d ifficulty levels Led d isplay V i S i O d isplay f ast Track Control HR m onitoring Certifications 700 V i S i O 700 SP 700 100 VA 100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz yes no 752x1625x1692 mm (30”x64”x67”) Cordless Self-powered 155 kg (340 lbs) 180 kg (400 lbs) 1-25 yes no yes d ouble HS, Telemetry CE, E n 957, UL 100 VA 100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz no yes * = d imensions WxLxH =Width x Length x Height in TU i T i VE A nd n ATURAL TOTAL BO d Y WORKOUT diff ERE n T m OVE m E n T Full body workout Core balance workout Upper convergent movement Lower lateral movement 3 MOVEMENTS IN 1 Crossover’s uniqueness lies in the teaming up of two winning concepts, lateral movement and total body training. The combined effect is a product that addresses the conditioning needs of a greater diversity and higher number of users. This innovation will enable you to satisfy the widest range of training aspirations and to offer a stimulating experience that is ideal for any level of conditioning. Engaging multiple muscle groups while simultaneously gaining a cardiovascular benefit will give your clients a completely different type of workout experience. Crossover Crossover is the latest innovation in total body cardio training. It takes full body workouts to new heights of effectiveness and enjoyment, for a peak performance at every user level. E n GAGES m ORE A nd diff ERE n T m USCLES With lateral movement training, users combine extension, abduction and external rotation to engage and challenge more muscles than traditional lower body movement. The result is maximum effectiveness. Crossover combines lower body lateral movement with an upper body convergent movement that involves the arms, torso and core to provide a balanced full body cardio workout. Crossover challenges the core by intuitively requiring the center of mass to move, rotate and adapt continuously on three different planes. Throughout the movement the direction of lower body force shifts as the moving surface changes position. The result is a core intensive workout that also offers stabilization and coordination benefits. CORE, STAB i L i TY, COOR din AT i O n The more you let yourself go, the easier and more fun the exercise gets. Give in to the rhythm and enjoy the guided movement. The contact between feet and pedals remains constant throughout the whole range of movement, ensuring a non-impact and joint-safe workout. With its easy rear access, f ast Track Control and intuitive movement, Crossover is an ideal training solution for all users at all levels of conditioning. RHYTH mi C A nd E n GAG in G m OVE m E n T GREAT CORE TRA inin G

1. www.technogym.com/crossover CROSSOVER Technogym and The Wellness Company are trademarks of Technogym® S.p.A. registered in countries of the European Union and in the world. Technogym reserves the right to modify its products and documentation without notice. © 2010 Technogym 0S000884AA-UK 37/10 diff ERE n T m OT i O n, U niq UE E m OT i O n f OR A U niq UE E m OT i O n m OVES EVERY PART O f YOU... www.technogym.com Technogym in the World. ITALY TECH n OGY m SpA Via G. Perticari, 20 47035 Gambettola ( f C) Ph. +39 0547 56047 f ax +39 0547 650505 [email protected] UNITED KINGDOM TECH n OGY m UK Ltd. d oncastle House d oncastle Road – Bracknell Berkshire RG12 8PE Ph. +44 1344 300236 f ax +44 1344 300238 [email protected] GERMANY TECH n OGY m Wellness & Biomedical GmbH i m Geisbaum 10 63329 Egelsbach Ph. +49 6103 201240 f ax +49 6103 2012410 [email protected] NETHERLANDS TECH n OGY m BE n ELUX B.V. Rhijnspoor 259 2901 LB Capelle aan den i Jssel Ph. +31 (0) 10 422 32 22 f ax +31 (0) 10 422 25 68 [email protected] BELGIUM AND LUXEMBOURG TECH n OGY m BELG i U m Leuvensesteenweg 555/2 1930 Zaventem Ph. +32 (0) 2 709 05 50 f ax +32 (0) 2 721 36 99 [email protected] FRANCE TECH n OGY m f RA n CE SAS 4, Rue n ieuport B.P. n .109 78143 Velizy CE d EX Ph. +33 1 34582585 f ax +33 1 34582588 [email protected] SPAIN TECH n OGY m TRA din G S.A. Parc d e n egocios m as Blau Ed. Avant 1 c/Selva, 12 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona f ree call: 900 89 88 99 Ph. +34 902 101 093 f ax +34 933 704 736 [email protected] PORTUGAL TECH n OGY m PORTUGAL U.L. d .A. Lagoas Park – Edif. 8 – Piso 1 2740-244 Porto Salvo Lisboa Ph. +351 70 778 50 56 f ax +351 21 893 40 39 [email protected] RUSSIA TECH n OGY m Z.A.O. BC ‘Vereyskaya Plaza’ Vereyskaya Street, 29, Office 42 121357 m oscow Ph. +7 495 933 38 36 f ax +7 495 933 38 34 [email protected] U.S.A. TECH n OGY m USA Corp. 830, f ourth Avenue South – Suite 300 Seattle WA 98134 Ph. +1 206 6231488 Toll free 800 8040952 f ax +1 206 6231898 [email protected] UNITED ARAB EMIRATES TECH n OGY m E mi RATES LLC Umm Harair building, shop 9 Za’ Abeel Road d ubai, United Arab Emirates Ph. +971 4 3375337 f ax +971 4 3372660 [email protected] JAPAN TECH n OGY m JAPA n Ltd. Shibakoen Bldg. 3 f 3-5-5 Shiba, m inato-ku Tokyo, 105-0014 Japan Ph. + 81 3 5765 7788 f ax + 81 3 5765 7789 [email protected] CHINA TECH n OGY m (Shanghai) in TER n AT i O n AL TRA din G Co., Ltd. Room 101, n o.98-4 Yanping Road, Jing An d istrict, Shanghai. Zip Code: 200042 Ph. +86 21 5888 6355 f ax +86 21 5888 6950 [email protected] HONG KONG TECH n OGY m AS i A Ltd. 30/ f , Unit 3008 25 Canton Road, The Gateway Tower 2 Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Ph. +852 31162622 f ax +852 31162625 [email protected] ASIA PACIFIC TECH n OGY m in TER n AT i O n AL B.V - S in GAPORE REPRESE n TAT i VE O ffi CE 1 Raffles Place #18-01 OUB Centre 048616 Singapore Ph. +65 63272022 f ax +65 63272033 [email protected] AUSTRALIA TECH n OGY m AUSTRAL i A PTY Ltd. Building E, Suite E204 24-32 Lexington d rive Bella Vista n SW 2153 Ph. +61 (02) 8883 0172 Toll free 1800 615 440 f ax +61 (02) 9672 6410 [email protected] OTHER COUNTRIES TECH n OGY m SpA Via G. Perticari, 20 47035 Gambettola ( f C), i taly Ph. +39 0547 650101 f ax +39 0547 650591 [email protected]


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