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9. Group Cycle rides burst with fun, entertainment and motivation. Inspirational videos and music set the mood and the beat, while the trainer and riders come together as a community to push each other in a crescendo of rhythm and emotion until they reach the finish line. u NITED w E RIDE

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13. 13 TRAINER DRIVE s PEAK PER f ORMANCE Monitors overall class performance and makes real-time adjustments to the workout. Provides personalized encouragement based on rider’s bike number and nickname. Sets the mood by using the audio playlist, different video viewing modes and the microphone.

15. 15 TRAINER MEA su REs su CCE ss Evaluates members’ performance on pro.mywellness.com. Reviews key metrics such as class attendance and new member retention on pro.mywellness.com Monitors real-time data on usage and uptime of Group Cycle Connect and UNITY™ SELF.

36. # g RO u PCYCLE technogym.com 0S001374AA-UK

11. USB 11 TRAINER s ETs u P T h E CLA ss Chooses a video from the integrated library of action sports and virtual outdoor courses. Loads personal music playlist and video content. Selects 1 or 2 key workout parameters according to the type of class to be run. Embedded Group Cycle App

12. 2 12 RIDER CRANK s u P TO T h E f INI sh COMPLETE EXPERIENCE Switches between four different viewing modes to get optimized feedback. Adjusts intensity with a click on the resistance knob. Views and compares performance with the rest of the class.

14. 3 14 RIDER REVIE ws RE su LT s COMPLETE EXPERIENCE Accesses performance data from mywellness® account, comparing results on the go. Stretches out in the area at the back of the bike using visual guides. Views results summary on the Console at the end of the ride.

26. 26 F a CILITY DESIGN a ND M a RKETING SUPPORT We help you create the ideal layout with a visually powerful environment that will inspire your riders and promote a vibrant atmosphere. Whatever the size of your space we can customize a Group Cycle layout that suits your needs and that your users will love. From the number and arrangement of the bikes to the placement of the trainer stage to the accompanying visual graphics, we offer advice and assistance every step of the way. INSPIR a TION a L ENVIRONMENT

10. 1 10 COMPLETE EXPERIENCE RIDER PREPARE s f OR T h E RIDE Selects the ideal handlebar and saddle position in one simple touch with the four-way ON-T h E- f LY s ETTIN gs (patent pending). Logs in to mywellness® account to view all personal data in real time and save it for future reference. Pa TENT PENDING

16. w i- f i® LAN h DMI® w i- f i® Bluetooth® Smart 16 D O w NLO a D MY w ELLNESS® a PP LOG IN TO T h E CONSOLE mywellness mywellness® key ( P a TENTED ) Code QR NFC Technogym key Console UNITY ™ SELF a udio / Video 3.5mm JACK

4. MAKE IT A RIDE TO REMEMBER Because users want adventure and excitement. They want a shared experience and connectivity. They want engagement and motivation. Users want to be in the front line for the action. COMPLETE EXPERIENCE Group Cycle has everything users want from start to finish A w E s OME f EELIN g for that real road cycling sensation ACC u RATE TRACKIN g because your users live for the challenge IMMER s IVE CONTENT so users see, hear and feel the ride IN s PIRATIONAL ENVIRONMENT right here, right now is where your users want to be PEACE O f MIND feel confident knowing your users are enjoying a smooth and secure ride

25. 25 E XP a ND YOUR BUSINESS POTENTI a L 8. Train by color : • Color feedback motivates users to keep their threshold power and heart rate at challenging levels during the workout 7. Train by rim fill: • The rim fills according to each user’s level for key data points such as power, cadence, calories, MOVEs, distance, and speed MONITOR EQUIPMENT US a GE The Asset App enables the remote monitoring of Group Cycle Connect and UNITY™ SELF kiosks, with real-time data on usage and uptime. MONITOR GROUP CYCLE CL a SS RESULTS Detailed workout results are available on pro.mywellness.com to evaluate users’ progress. IMPROVE ST a FF EFFICIENCY Automatic training reports are available on pro.mywellness.com and provide key data such as class attendance and member retention. Embedded Group Cycle App

27. EXPERIENCE a RIDE TO REMEMBER # g RO u PCYCLE 27 Make the most of your investment and take advantage of our promotional and educational tools available at www.technogym.com/marketingsupport. Download and customize with your logo. LOGO to promote your facility. POSTERS a ND ROLL-UP B a NNERS to engage and educate. PROMO C a RDS to explain features and benefits. REFERR a L C a RDS to attract new visitors and potential users. SOCI a L MEDI a IM a GE LIBR a RY to engage your community. PROMOTION a L DISPL a YS to invite your users to try Group Cycle. GYM LOGO

33. 33 UNITY™ SELF VERSION UNITY™ SELF a RTIS E0204V15-BW UNITY™ SELF EXCITE+ E0202V15-AN Color Carbon grey Dark grey NFC reader & label Ye s Ye s Mifare Technogym key reader Ye s Ye s Bluetooth® Smart Ye s Ye s USB port for personal audio and video contents Yes (1 top, 2 bottom) Yes (1 top, 2 bottom) Wi-Fi® and LAN Ye s Ye s Headphone plug Yes: 1 jack 3.5 mm (top) – works with microphone Yes: 1 jack 3.5 mm (top) Webcam Ye s No Wireless microphone input (add on) Yes: 1 jack mic input 3.5 mm (bottom) Yes: 1 jack mic input 3.5 mm (bottom) HDMI® audio and video contents output Yes: to link to a projector or screen Yes: to link to a projector or screen Screen resolution 1366x768 pixels, HD Ready 1366x768 pixels, HD Ready Audio contents output Yes: jack 3.5 mm line out not amplified (bottom) Yes: jack 3.5 mm line out not amplified (bottom) Accessory holder Ye s No CONSOLE SCREEN Screen type Self-powered cloud connected Console mywellness® platform connectivity Yes, through Key Reader, Bluetooth® Smart, NFC (RFID), QR code Screen size 5" Keyboard Capacitive touch screen with backlight Integrated position in the bike handlebar Yes, with impact-protecting locking system Power supply Self-powered silent generator Power meter tolerance 2%, factory calibrated Power sensor calibration Not needed Protection IP 54 CONTENTS Workout tracking Yes, through mywellness® platform Equipment usage data Yes, on mywellness® platform Power readout Watt, Level Technogym Threshold Power Test (Patent pending) Ye s Telemetric heart rate chest strap compatibility Bluetooth® Smart Automatic fault notification Yes, on mywellness® platform MY w ELLNESS® PL a TFORM CONNECTIVITY OPTIONS Bluetooth® Smart Ye s NFC (RFID) reader Ye s QR code Ye s Technogym key and mywellness® key reader Ye s NET w ORK CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi® Yes: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, security: WPA/ WPA2/WEP/none (open network) G ROUP C YCLE aPP ha RD wa RE UNITY™ SELF Up to 150 bikes per UNITY™ SELF NET w ORK CONNECTIVITY Wi-Fi® Yes: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, security: WPA/WPA2/WEP/ none (open network) Lan - Ethernet Ye s a V a IL a BLE CONTENTS a ND PROFESSION a L a PPS Integrated library of inspirational videos Ye s Customizable facility logo Yes, on mywellness® platform Individual detailed performance analysis Yes, on mywellness® platform Key class success indicators Yes, on mywellness® platform Group Cycle Leaderboards Yes, on mywellness® platform Group Cycle Challenges Yes, on mywellness® platform Asset Management Yes, on mywellness® platform PERSON a L ENTERT a INMENT OPTIONS Bluetooth® Multimedia - Audio Yes (MP3, M4A, WAV) USB Multimedia - Audio Yes (MP3, M4A, WAV) USB Multimedia - Video Yes (MPEG4 H264 AVC main profile, up to 720p) Wireless microphone Ye s PRIV a CY Customizable privacy setting Yes: bike number, nickname

30. 30 PE a CE OF MIND FIN a NCI a L SERVICES Our extensive knowledge of the needs of the fitness sector enables us to develop solutions to suit all of your specific requirements, guaranteeing complete peace of mind: • Certainty of financing costs, with no surprises • Payment schedules designed to meet your cash flow needs • Access to the best international credit partnership network thanks to the reliability of Technogym brand • Knowledge of the best ways to preserve capital and keep funds in your business • One-stop partner providing you with all the services you need to grow your business www.technogym.com/financialservices PROGR a MS & EDUC a TION Equip your staff with the skills needed to deliver a premium level service that creates the very best user experience with Technogym Group Cycle. • Technogym Group Cycle method will support your staff on-site to optimize your investment, customizing a solution for your facility • Our Certified Master Trainers will illustrate Technogym training programs, offering tips on how to help users achieve their best results For information about official local educational partners, please visit www.technogym.com/groupcycle aFTER S a LES Just as the best products work to attract new users, After Sales Service works to keep the best products up and running to preserve their value over time. Extend the benefits of your factory warranty by choosing our Global Plus Service Contract. With g lobal Plus coverage you can forget about purchase orders for repairs, budget approvals and invoice management: your fee is fixed for the duration of the contract. www.technogym.com/aftersales

17. 17 In order to offer your users a unique training experience, Technogym has developed a fully connected turnkey solution. h O w IT w ORKS • Rider uses the mywellness® app or the Technogym key to log in • During the class, trainer uses the UNITY™ SELF kiosk to manage the audio/video engagement content and select which data to display • At the end, all the data is transferred seamlessly to the mywellness® cloud-based platform where riders can check their performance on mywellness® app and trainer can review the class performance on pro.mywellness.com wha T YOU NEED • Group Cycle Connect with Consoles • Wi-Fi® to connect Consoles and UNITY™ SELF kiosk • Video projector or large screen connected to kiosk via HDMI® • Amplifiers and loudspeakers connected to the UNITY™ SELF kiosk with stereo input and 3.5 mm jack • UNITY™ SELF kiosk optionally connected to the internet to send data tracking to mywellness® cloud-based platform • Note: for use without data tracking, no internet connection is required GROUP CYCLE SOLUTION wE a R h E a RT R a TE C h EST STR a P D a T a S a VED TO MY w ELLNESS® CLOUD-B a SED PL a TFORM U SER a CCOUNT Detailed performance charts are accessible from the mywellness® mobile app, UNITY™ SELF kiosk and mywellness.com account. PRO a CCOUNT Detailed analytics tools for asset and class management are accessible with a pro.mywellness.com account. Asset management Key performance indicators

20. 20 aw ESOME FEELING sEL f- PO w ERIN g CON s OLE • No batteries required • LCD display is LED-backlit to create high-contrast visibility, even in dark environments • mywellness® platform connectivity PO w ER METER ACC u RACY • Measures power output in watts and is accurate to +/- 2% • Power sensor calibration not needed fu LLY ENCLO s ED ELECTRONIC s Y s TEM • Splash-proof design keeps moisture out for extra safety and durability MA g NETIC RE s I s TANCE KNOB • Intuitive graphics and tactile clicks every 45° make precise adjustments between the 20 resistance levels incredibly easy D u AL-LOCK® s A f ETY s Y s TEM • Fastens the Console in place and prevents it falling if it is bumped Q f ACTOR • The 170 mm (6.7 in.) space between the pedals is the same as outdoor road bikes, ensuring the ideal fit, proper posture, and uncompromising performance Pa TENT PENDING DESIGN

28. GR O UP CY CLE GR O UP CY CLE GR O UP CY CLE 28 G ROUP CYCL E a PP a REL We created technical cycling wear that looks as good as it feels. Our apparel provides comfort and freedom of movement to enhance performance. M EN ’ S j ERSEY 0S001363AA-S/M/L/XL/XXL wOMEN ’ S j ERSEY 0S001364AA-S/M/L/XL/XS wOMEN ’ S T a NK 0S001367AA -S/M/L/XL/XS M EN ’ S BIB S h ORTS 0S001365AA-S/M/L/XL/XXL wOMEN ’ S S h ORTS 0S001366AA-S/M/L/XL/XS wOMEN ’ S ¾ TIG h TS 0S001368AA-S/M/L/XL/XS wa TER BOTTLE 0S001371AA B a G 0S001370AA TO w EL 0S001372AA L a NY a RD 0S001369AA

24. 24 UNITY ™ SELF Thanks to the integrated Group Cycle App, trainers can set up, manage and motivate classes from the UNITY™ SELF. IMMERSIVE CONTENT 5. View video and class performance: • Monitor the overall class performance while also watching the video 6. View class performance: • Emphasize the “group effect”, by focusing on class statistics (average and total data) 1. Build the class: • Choose 1 or 2 key parameters 4. u se the touchscreen remote control to: • Adjust music, video, and microphone audio • Manage music and video tracks 2. Play a video from the integrated library: • Action Sports • Virtual Outdoor Courses 3. Load your own content via us B or Bluetooth®: • Link your music playlist • Connect your microphone

7. %HR 85% %HR 75% RPM 90 RPM 90 250 123 With Group Cycle your users can measure their power, track their performance data in real time, and analyze their results to date as they pedal their way to greater heights. u NLEA sh T h E PO w ER w ATT w ATT

21. 21 Tw O LAR g E w ATER BOTTLE h OLDER s • Can also serve as accessory holders • Impact-resistant rubber coating safeguards the water bottle holders when the bike is overturned for storage E A s Y TO MOVE wh EEL s • Conveniently placed to move the bike with minimal incline LEVELLIN g f EET • Enable precise height adjustment so Group Cycle remains stable on uneven surfaces f LY wh EEL RE s I s TANCE s Y s TEM • Uses the strongest type of permanent magnets, constructed of rare earth neodymium • POLY V®-BELT DRIVE s Y s TEM • Designed for a smooth, quiet ride with a realistic road feel PEDAL s • Riders of all heights can deliver optimal power thanks to the 170 mm (6.7 in.) crank arms • Dual-sided design accommodates SPD® and toe cage s TRETC h IN g s Y s TEM • Durable, scratch-resistant stretching area in the front and rear of the bike offers visual guidance Pa TENT PENDING DESIGN

19. 19 Combining innovative functionality and design, Group Cycle provides unmatched levels of comfort and performance. h ANDLEBAR AND s ADDLE • ON-THE-FLY SETTINGS enable four-way adjustments with one simple touch to provide an optimal cycling position for all users Pa TENT PENDING • High visibility permanent laser markings on adjustment notches • Yellow visual set up h ANDLEBAR • All-in-one rubber-covered handlebar accommodates multiple riding positions and offers a secure grip • Easy-to-clean design s ADDLE • Longer seat post for taller users • Numerical sticker placed on the seat post for easy bike identification • Comfortable and hygienic gel-padded saddle f RAME • Sturdy steel construction • Scratch-resistant coating protects against damage from shoe spikes and rust • Easy-to-clean design • Splash-proof frame casing protects against moisture damage aw ESOME FEELING T h E NE w GROUP CYCLE

32. 32 TR a INING a ND COMFORT FE a TURES Power measurement Fully calibrated wired position sensor, direct on the brake system Resistance control 360° knob with 45° tactile feedback Adjustment type O N THE FLY four-way from workout position - PATENT PENDING Adjustment notches Permanent laser engraving markings Assisted access Yes: through rear stabilizer Q factor 170 mm (6.7”) Cranks 170 mm (6.7”) Pedals Dual-sided SPD® in coated silver aluminum Easily accessible pedals 330 mm (13”) from the ground Handlebar Ergonomic multi-position, in PVC Handlebar adjustment Horizontal and vertical Saddle Velo unisex padded sport saddle, with extra strong steel frame Saddle adjustment Horizontal and vertical Saddle and handlebar safety system Ye s Water bottle holder / Accessories holder Double and integrated in the handlebar Stretching area Frontal and rear, fully covered by sealed polypropylene guards Assembled dimensions L1171 x W589 x H1047 mm (L46” x W23” x H41”) Assembled weight 67 kg (147.7 lbs.) Transport wheels 2 Leveling feet 2 Product overturning for storage Yes; shock absorbers on the bottle holders Min – max user height 140 – 210 cm (4.7” - 6.11”) Max user weight 160 kg (352.7 lbs.) TEC h NIC a L SPECIFIC a TIONS a CCESSORIES a 0000846 Numbering sticker kit (1-50) Waterproof sticker to number the bike a 0000850 Numbering sticker kit (51-100) a 0000864 Numbering sticker kit (101-150) E0000221 Polar H7 heart rate chest strap Heart rate chest strap supporting 5kHz and Bluetooth® Smart (2.4 GHz) transmission frequencies GROUP CYCLE SPECIFIC a TIONS a ND PERFORM a NCE Drive system 6 ribs Poly-V® Belt with Kevlar® cords Resistance system Magnetic: 6 permanent magnets in neodymium Emergency stop Push: rubber brake pad system Flywheel position Anterior Flywheel material External disc: aluminum with ED process paint and powder coating; internal disc: cast iron Flywheel weight 17.4 kg (38.3 lbs.) Frame material Steel with sandblasting and ED process paint with two layers of powder coating Frame color options Light grey or Yellow Guards material ABS plastics Guards color Black Guards design Splash-proof with bi-injected gaskets Posts and sliders Black anodized aluminum Stabilizers Steel with ED process, fully covered by sealed polypropylene guards Bottom bracket ISIS drive GU a RDS Black GU a RDS Black FR a ME Light grey FR a ME Ye l l o w PRODUCT VERSIONS Group Cycle Ride With convenient and hygienic accessory holder, featuring QR code and NFC technologies integrated in the placard for workout tracking. With cloud connected self- powered Console, 5’’ LCD backlit display, featuring Wi-Fi®, QR code and NFC technologies for workout tracking. Group Cycle Connect CODE Na ME COLOR VERSION D92CBNEO - DL02NR Group Cycle Connect with Console – Yellow Ye l l o w Connected D92CBNEO - DM02NR Group Cycle Connect with Console – Light Grey Light Grey Connected D92BBNEO - DL02NR Group Cycle Ride – Ye l l o w Ye l l o w Not Connected D92BBNEO - DM02NR Group Cycle Ride – Light Grey Light Grey Not Connected

34. Technogym in the World Technogym, The Wellness Company, mywellness, Technogym key (3D), UNITY, Visual Feedback, Group Cycle (figurative), Group Cycling (figurative) are trademarks of Technogym® S.p.a. ON-THE-FLY SETTINGS, Group Cycle, Technogym Threshold Power Test and mywellness key are protected by patents/patents pending/design patents owned by Technogym S.p.A. in European countries and in the world. US patents No. US8512209 and US7717866 are patents owned by or licensed to Technogym S.p.A. Technogym reserves the right to modify its products and documentation at any time and without notice. © 2015-2016 Technogym. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Wi-Fi® is a registered trademark of the Wi-Fi Alliance. SPD®, Kevlar®, Dual-Lock and Poly-V® are trademarks are property of their respective owners. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Technogym® is under license. The terms HDMI® and HDMI High-Definition Multimedia Interface, and the HDMI Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries. All other third parties trademarks and logos contained within this catalogue are property of their respective owners. ITALY TECHNOGYM SpA OFFICES & SHOWROOM Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC) Ph. +39 0547 56047 Fax +39 0547 650505 [email protected] u NITED KIN g DOM TECHNOGYM UK Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Two The Boulevard Cain Road – Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1WP Ph. +44 1344 300236 Fax +44 1344 300238 [email protected] g ERMANY TECHNOGYM GERMANY GmbH OFFICES & SHOWROOM Frankfurter Str. 211 (Eingang Du-Pont-Straße) 63263 Neu-Isenburg Ph. +49 (0) 6102 - 822380 Fax +49 (0) 6102 - 8223810 [email protected] NET h ERLAND s TECHNOGYM BENELUX B.V. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Essebaan 63 2908 LJ Capelle aan den IJssel Ph. +31 (0) 10 422 32 22 Fax +31 (0) 10 422 25 68 [email protected] BEL g I u M AND L u XEMBO u R g TECHNOGYM BELGIUM OFFICES & SHOWROOM Ikaros Business Park, gebouw 2A Ikaroslaan 3 1930 Zaventem Ph. +32 (0) 2 709 05 50 Fax +32 (0) 2 721 36 99 [email protected]chnogym.com PORT ug AL TECHNOGYM PORTUGAL, U. L.D.A. Tagus Park – Nucleo Central, 284 2740 – 122 Oeiras (Portugal) Ph. +351 21 893 40 30 Fax +351 21 893 40 39 [email protected] s PAIN TECHNOGYM TRADING S.A. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Parc De Negocios Mas Blau Ed. Avant 1 c/Selva, 12 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona Freephone: 900 89 88 99 Ph. +34 902 101 093 Fax +34 933 704 736 [email protected] f RANCE TECHNOGYM FRANCE SAS OFFICES & SHOWROOM 20, rue Rouget de Lisle 92130 Issy les Moulineaux Ph. +33 (0)1 45 29 90 00 Fax +33 (0)1 45 29 90 05 [email protected] R uss IA TECHNOGYM ZAO BC ‘Vereyskaya Plaza 1’ Vereyskaya Street, 29, Build.154, Office 42 121357 Moscow Ph./Fax +7 495 933 38 34 [email protected] NORT h AMERICA TECHNOGYM USA Corp. OFFICES & SHOWROOM 700 US Highway 46 East, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 Ph. +1 206 6231488 Toll free: 800 8040952 Fax +1 206 6231898 [email protected] BRAZIL TECHNOGYM EQUIPAMENTOS DE GINÁSTICA E SOLUÇÃO PARA BEM-ESTAR LTDA. Rua Jardim Botânico, 205, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro RJ, CEP 22.470-050 Ph. 0800 600 6070 / +55 21-3176-6070 [email protected] u NITED ARAB EMIRATE s TECHNOGYM EMIRATES LLC OFFICES & SHOWROOM Sheik Zayed Road - Exit 42 Palladium Building Dubai, United Arab Emirates ABU DHABI SHOWROOM Al Maqta Building - Sultan Bin Zayed The First St. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Ph. +971 4 3375337 (centralized) Fax +971 4 3372660 (centralized) [email protected] JAPAN TECHNOGYM JAPAN, Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Seafort Square Center Bldg. 18F 2-3-12 Higashi-shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002 Ph. +81 3 5495 7783 Fax +81 3 5495 7789 [email protected] C h INA TECHNOGYM (Shanghai) INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co., Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM 4th Floor, No.1 Building No.881 Wuding Road Jing An District, Shanghai 200040, China Ph. +86 21 5888 6355 Fax +86 21 5888 6950 [email protected] h ON g KON g TECHNOGYM ASIA Ltd. 30/F, Unit 3008 25 Canton Road, The Gateway Tower 2 Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong Ph. +852 31162622 Fax +852 31162625 [email protected] A us TRALIA TECHNOGYM AUSTRALIA PTY Ltd. OFFICES & SHOWROOM Building E, Suite E204 24-32 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153 Ph. +61 (02) 8883 0172 Toll free: 1800 615 440 Fax +61 (02) 9672 6410 [email protected] OT h ER CO u NTRIE s TECHNOGYM SpA Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC), Italy Ph. +39 0547 650111 Fax +39 0547 650591 [email protected] website www.technogym.com

23. +/- 2% 23 GROUP CYCLE CONSOLE The Console displays all the data users need to know during their workout, including watt power output with +/- 2% accuracy . It also provides a continuous heart rate reading from a Bluetooth® Smart heart rate chest strap. The integration with the mywellness® cloud-based platform enables real-time data updates and workout setup. a CCUR a TE TR a CKING TEC h NOGYM T h RES h OLD PO w ER TEST (P a TENT PENDING) Based on a scientifically-validated method in collaboration with the “Foro Italico” University of Rome, the innovative Technogym test allows users to assess their threshold power and heart rate threshold and store the results in the mywellness® cloud-based platform. The test is designed in two steps: 1) Submaximal effort 2) Maximal effort SELF - PO w ERING SYSTEM The Console is powered by the user’s motion using an innovative batteryless system. The LCD display is LED-backlit for high- contrast visibility even in low-light environments. a LL T h E D a T a YOU NEED, w IT h +/- 2% wa TT PO w ER METER a CCUR a CY Use the touchscreen keyboard to find the data you need: • Real time cadence (rpm) • Power output (watts) with +/- 2% accuracy • Heart rate (bpm) • Resistance level (1-20) • Percentage of threshold power • Percentage of maximum heart rate • Elapsed time (mm.ss) • Average cadence (rpm) • Current speed (km/h or mph) • Kilocalories consumption • Distance covered (km or mi) • Maximum cadence reached (rpm) • Maximum power reached (watts) • Maximum heart rate reached (bpm) • Total MOVEs TR a CK YOUR w ORKOUT Users can sign in to the Wi-Fi® connected Console via QR code, NFC technology, Bluetooth® Smart, mywellness® key or Technogym key, to setup their training parameters. Signing in allows users to track and save workout data. mywellness® key Technogym key NFC Bluetooth® Smart Code QR


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