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2. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y 207

4. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y 209

6. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y 21 1

1. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis / Kinesis One The Kinesis innovation & technology is also available in one single station. Developed as a free standing unit with a reduced footprint, KINESIS ONE provides a complete training solution for the facility floor. Ideal for personal trainers, physical therapists, coaches or for independent use by all members. Kinesis One T h E O RI GINAL F UN CTIONAL M OVEMENT Discover more about Kinesis One www.technogym.com/kinesisone 206

11. Space design, modules & colors KINESIS makes it possible to convert existing and inefficiently used spaces, which currently have a low return of investment, into prestigious and profitable areas. KINESIS equips the facility with a differentiating tool as well as a practical solution to improve the profitability of the facility. Squash and racquetball courts and other under utilized areas are ideal for introducing a K I NESIS program. KINESIS modules can be configured to help provide a space which enhances inner balance and movement harmony. K I NESIS creates an intimate and natural place where one can feel at ease. The design follows a modular concept by which it is possible to choose between different types of solutions, colors and finishings, suited to different spaces and experiences. The freestanding module can be easily placed in a personal trainer area or next to other strength equipment, adding a touch of class and novelty to every area. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis Cod. A0000468 ACCESSORIES CA b I NET FOR KINESIS CLASS A0000420 SET LATERAL PANEL FOR OMEGA 216

13. S ELECT y O UR ST y LE In addition to the unique KINESIS ONE version, KINESIS CLASS is available in four different color combinations and finishes to help you create a welcoming and personalized environment where your members are made to feel at ease. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis Kinesis Class WENGE Cod. -1 Kinesis Class OAK Cod. -2 Kinesis Class BL ACK Cod. -17 21 8

5. The KINESIS CLASS allows all users to perform the same movements at the same time, creating a sense of team work and of shared goals. Identical Omega modules allow for a huge variety of exercises and movements at a single station. The configuration allows one trainer to easily manage an entire class in a time efficient and goal oriented session. Discover more about Kinesis Class www.technogym.com/kinesisclass Kinesis Class T h E O RI GINAL F UN CTIONAL M OVEMENT FOR SMALL GROUPS Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis / Kinesis Class 21 0

12. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y Cod. M5800 ONE K I NESIS ONE Cod. M5750 + A0000408 OMEGA K I NESIS CLASS Cod. A0000197AA ANTERIOR FLAT CONNECTION PANEL b ASIC 217

10. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y BUSINESS MODELS w hen you choose KINESIS , you purch ase not only an outstanding piece of equipment, but comprehensive business support as well. The KINESIS business implementation manual also equips you with practical advice on how to prepare a successful launch and how to market the product inside your facility. SECONDARY REVENUE Kinesis training is sold separately from the monthly membership fee. This model could include revenue from classes, small group training, and/or one-on- one personal training. SPECIALIST A business model suited to a small Studio facility (personal training or physical therapy) where KINESIS is the main equipment. ALL INCLUSIVE As with every other activity, KINESIS training is included in the monthly membership fee and available to all members. Kinesis Class - Secondary revenue layout Kinesis Class - Specialist layout Kinesis Class (or Kinesis One) - All inclusive layout 215

17. Wobble Board A0000214AA Rocker Board A0000213AA KINESIS Belt A0000334 Thigh Strap A0000335 Double Loop Handle A0000336 Rotating Handgrip A0000337 Wooden Step A0000342 Connector A0000353 Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis / Kinesis accessories KINESIS CLASS AND KINESIS ONE ACCESSORIES Universal KINESIS Lock A0000332 Ankle Strap A0000333 222

15. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis Kinesis Class Kinesis Class Kinesis Class 4 MODULES AGAINST THE WALL IN LINE + 2 E x TERNAL P ANELS 2 & 2 OPPOSITE MODULES AGAINST THE WALL 4 MODULES AGAINST THE WALL IN LINE 84’’ 84’’ 84’’ 154’’ 344’’ 29’’ 51’’ 25’’ 227’’ 25’’ 29’’ 29’’ 51’ ’ 185’’ 154’ ’ 25’’ 29’’ 29’’ 51’’ 344’’ 220

14. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y Kinesis Class WHITE Cod. -18 Kinesis One ALUMINIUM Cod. -G v WENGE Cod. -1 BLACK Cod. -17 OAK Cod. -2 WHITE Cod. -18 ALUMINIUM Cod. -GV Kinesis Class Kinesis One FRAME & ARM COL O R C OMBINATION S Anthracite Cod. -AN Arm and finishing detail colors 219

16. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y Kinesis Class 3 MODULES AGAINST THE WALL IN LINE Cod. A0000201AA Anterior connection panel with towel holder Cod. A0000210AA Anterior connection panel with integrated pc touch screen Cod. A0000202AA Anterior connection panel with shelf Cod. A0000197AA +A0000223AA Anterior flat connection panel basic Cod. A0000420 Set lateral panel for Omega Cod. A0000468 Accessories cabinet Kinesis Class accessories modules Kinesis One 1 FREESTANDING MODULE 93/42 CEE MEDICAL STANDARD COMPLIANT K I NESIS O NE is endorsed with a TÜ v GM certification, a recognized medical certifying body in Germany. This confirms K I NESIS O NE as an appropriate tool for health professionals in the field of injury prevention and rehabilitation, whether they are out of shape, recovering from an injury or even professional athletes. 3900 625 720 720 12 8 0 6720 mm 212 0 84’’ 154’ ’ 55’’ 49’’ 65’ ’ 25’’ 2 21

7. M ULTIMEDIA S MALL G ROUP P ROGRAMMING To help users get the most out of K I NESIS C L ASS equipment, we provide a variety of multimedia programs to satisfy the needs of a diverse clientele. The programs provide a structured approach to learning K I NESIS movements for both group or personal training formats. Our choice of programs is wide and ever- expanding to help you make the most of your K I NESIS opportunity. Available through multimedia tools, on site sessions and/or online training through the Wellness Institute. INTEGRATED SOFT w ARE An optional touchscreen PC built into the K I NESIS wall offers a simple way for users to select and view over 450 movements. This is a useful tool for instructors to use as reference during a class or training session, or for members to navigate independently. K I NESIS utilizes advanced technologies to strengthen trainer knowledge and application skills. Our unique video movement library system catalogs over 450 exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility and balance. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis / Kinesis Class PROGRAMS & EDUCATION T h E NE w w E b COMMUNITY WeKinesis is the new web community dedicated to Functional Training. Personal trainers, owners and end- users can discover Technogym equipment for functional training and share their passion and knowledge of this training method. Operators and professionals can use WeKinesis as a marketing tool to advertise their business free of charge by creating detailed profiles with contact and website information, or by generating new content. Clients will benefit from the endless source of information about their training possibilities. Check out Wekinesis for videos, images, training programs, a trainer blog and more. www.wekinesis.com 212

8. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y KINESIS program / MOVE To improve efficiency in daily life KINESIS program / S h APE For targeted muscle strengthening KINESIS program / PO w ER To create a strong and powerful body KINESIS program / b RE AT h E For a body&mind experience KINESIS program / SPORT For athletic conditioning KINESIS program / PL AY To grow healthy teenagers 213

9. K I NESIS OFFERS A FLE x I BLE PLATFORM TO GROW y O UR SER v ICES Technogym provides extensive business, trainer and end-user support for our various K I NESIS products. Education Equipment Marketing Support Layout design Programming b USINESS MOD EL GOALS N E w SERVICES CLIENT S ATISFACTION T RAINER DEVELOPMENT Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis SERVICES KINESIS offers a full package of support services that will enable you to reach your most ambitious business goals. Marketing tools are at your disposal to help you exploit every available sales opportunity, and we will provide you with education, incentives and know-how to launch, promote and sustain KINESIS over time. A solid business model, a strong range of training programs, advertising materials that resonate with your clientele, and web- based training services all contribute to an excellent service offer in your facility. b USINESS GUIDE The K I NESIS business guide incorporates various business models to most closely fit your unique application. K I NESIS tools support you step by step, day by day. The K I NESIS Business guide also equips you with practical advice on how to market the product within the facility. 214

18. Kinesis & FL e X i B i L i T Y Foam Mat A0000268AA Stretching Mat A0000270AA Power Mode System (Patent pending) A0000526 Back to Back fixing kit A0000551 KINESIS STATIONS ACCESSORIES A0000261AA ( Ø 65 cm) Carabiner 0K000390AA (1 piece) A0000332 U niversal KINESIS Lock 2 p cs. A0000333 Ankl e Strap 2 p cs. A0000334 K INESIS Belt 1 p c. A0000261AA W ellness Ball Silver Ø 65 cm 1 p c. The accessory package contains the following existing items: KINESIS One Accessory Package A0000459 Wellness Ball hoop A0000267AA Foam Roller A0000269AA Wellness Ball A0000260AA ( Ø 55 cm) Carabiner Adapter (Set of 6 pieces) A0000383 2 23

3. Kinesis & Flexibility / Kinesis / Kinesis One As one of the most prolific training platforms on the market, Technogym offers extensive support options to accelerate the success of your K I NESIS O NE implementation. O NSITE C ONTINUING E DUCATION C OURSE Technogym offers an optional 4 hour CEC approved training course for K I NESIS O NE customers. This fundamental onsite experience is recommended for all K I NESIS customers. The course is titled Applying Behavior to Movement: Ground-Based Programming Strategies. It is delivered by Technogym’s Master Trainer Team onsite at a customer’s location. Those who attend the live workshop experience will be able to: • Distinguish the styles of training that best suits the client’s motivation • Manipulate exercises systematically and specifically using K I NESIS O NE to match the client’s preferred style of training and motivation • Create thousands of exercises from the basic movement patterns PROGRAMS & EDUCATION wE b- bASED S UPP ORT T h ROUG h T h E wEL LNESS I NSTITUTE K I NESIS O NE includes an exceptional online training platform that offers a variety of resources to support trainers’ business needs including: • A three part video training series, with sections on K I NESIS Introduction, Movement Modification and Program Design • A video movement library with hundreds of K I NESIS movements • 7 printable program cue cards • Business and marketing support tools, including a business manual, marketing templates and more M ARKETING AND T RAINER S UPP ORT D IS C S ET For trainers who have limited access to the internet, this resource that arrives with the K I NESIS unit will help to drive your marketing and educational direction. The discs include: • A trainer D v D with the same three part video series as posted on the Wellness Institute • A disc of customizable marketing templates (email, posters, etc.) v isi t www.wellnessinstitute.com to know more 208


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