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36. Unica 070 0 71

10. Designed by Antonio Citterio – Assistant Toan Nguyen Run Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio – Assistant Toan Nguyen Run Personal 018 019

40. Wellness Tools Wellness Tools 078 079

1. technogym.com PERSONAL LINE

14. Designed by Antonio Citterio Recline Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio Recline Personal 026 027

18. Designed by Antonio Citterio Cross Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio Cross Personal 034 035

22. Kinesis ® Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio – Assistant Toan Nguyen Kinesis ® Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio – Assistant Toan Nguyen 043 042

13. PERSONAL LINE 024 025

17. PERSONAL LINE 033 032

39. UNICA 076 077

43. WELLNESS TOOLS 085 084

21. PERSONAL LINE 0 41 040

24. PERSONAL LINE 046 047

26. PERSONAL LINE 051 050

61. 12/17 technogym.com 0SM00921AB-UK

28. PERSONAL LINE 054 055

30. PERSONAL LINE Designed by Antonio Citterio Power Personal 058 059

47. WELLNESS TOOLS Wellness Rack The elegant, functional Weights Kit for complete strength training programmes involving all muscle groups. The high-quality polycarbonate weight stand combines quality and durability with modern, stylish design. User-friendly design Innovative, modern design Thanks to the innovative system for fastening the disks to the handlebar, the dumbbells are easy to assemble and use just like professional ones. The original weight stand is a stylish interior accessory in its own right. 093 092

12. PERSONAL LINE Enhanced training performance Innovative design and materials The silent motor empowers any type of training, from easy-paced walking to high intensity marathon training (4 HP). The soft touch plastics used for the central and side handles make them pleasurable and comfortable to touch and provide optimum grip. Comfort and safety Constant heart rate monitoring with Hand Sensor and telemetric heart rate monitor. Central support bar, large running surface with shock absorbers and joysticks for adjusting speed and incline from correct posture. Runner Detection Function automatically that stops the equipment when not in use. Emergency STOP button also incorporated. Inclination up to 15% to simulate hill training. The micro-polished sleek aluminium frame enhances your home environment design. 022 023

44. WELLNESS TOOLS Wellness Ball™ Training Suitable for users of all kinds - from the less experienced to the most demanding ones - Wellness Ball™ makes training all your muscle groups fun, helping you develop exibility, balance, coordination and correct posture, and perform bodyweight strength exercises. Its double-layer surface, the result of a patented technology, ensures that the Ball’s elastic properties remain unchanged even in the case of frequent use. Safe materials Personalised dimensions Environmentally friendly Appropriately selected materials guarantee stability, adherence and a soft surface nish. Wellness Ball™ Training is burst-resistant Wellness Ball™ Training is available in two dierent models and colours: grey, 55 cm The Ball is made from top quality PVC and vinyl, both suitable for recycling. Furthermore, it is phthalate-free, latex-free and compliant with certied for extra safety and its special mixture ensures slow, controlled deation in case of contact with sharp items. diameter for people up to 175 cm tall; black, 65 cm diameter for people taller than 175 cm. strict European safety regulations regarding cadmium and lead content. 086 087

45. WELLNESS TOOLS Wellness Bag™ The Wellness Bag™ is a kit of accessories, including handles, elastic cords and ankle straps, designed for people of all ages who wish to stay in shape at home and on the move. Ideal for improving strength and exibility. Safe exercising Maximum portability and versatility Exercises performed using the elastic cords are simple and the resistance/load is optimised Easy to carry around when travelling. Insert the Wellness Bag™ inside the Wellness according to your physical characteristics and your tness level. Pad and you instantly have a mobile gym which weighs just 2.5 Kg. 089 088

46. WELLNESS TOOLS Wellness Weights Wellness Weights are dumbbells to be used at home and on the go. The modern design and the special materials make them the perfect answer for people looking to keep in shape and tone up with small weights and a touch of style. Unique design Wellness everywhere Technological innovation comes in the form of unconventional materials and a modern, advanced design concept. The bag is designed to pack the weights correctly and to carry them around safely. 091 090

29. PERSONAL LINE Thanks to the 3 pairs of handgrips you can perform over 750 dierent exercises, without having to make any adjustments. Specic muscles (chest, back, abs, glutes and quadriceps) are engaged using the standard individual movements, whereas the combined movements work several muscles in total synergy and at the same time (front and back kinetic chains, core and multi-chain). Multi-purpose 056 057

48. WELLNESS TOOLS Wellness Pad An excellent stretching mat, ideal for daily use to improve exibility and perform basic strength-building oor exercises. Stretching reduces muscular tension, enables greater freedom of movement, helps prevent injuries and improves posture and sports performance. Practical to use and carry around Stylish design The basic stretching exercises are printed inside the mat and illustrated in the user manual. The two pockets and shoulder strap With its elegant shape and colour, this mat ts perfectly with the Wellness Tools™ line. make it a versatile and handy solution even for people on the move. Conceived and created to incorporate the Wellness Bag™ perfectly. Designed specically to be carried around and used in combination with the Wellness Bag™. 094 095

9. PERSONAL LINE Take control of your health, take all the data with you The benet of tracking all your data is that information is permanently stored, can be referenced over time and helps serve as a reminder for you to continue your healthy exercise habits. All data aggregated from equipment, apps and devices are automatically pushed to your account in the mywellness cloud and saved. You can access your data whenever you want from your personal devices or from the console to monitor your results over time. Let your family and friends know of your success, you can share all your data with them and share your latest body parameters with your doctor. Save your eorts Check your performance wherever you are Share your data WEBCAM 016 017

25. PERSONAL LINE The covering panel of the BLACK version is made of wood treated with a special paint to make it unalterable with the passage of time and to give the surface Kinesis® Personal HERITAGE BLACK an attractive leather look. The American oak wall bars are selected individually by craftsmen who assess their awless quality. 049 048

27. PERSONAL LINE The surface of the LEATHER version panel is made of full grain leather, Kinesis® Personal HERITAGE LEATHER carefully selected by craftsmen and applied by hand with contrasting stitching. 052 053

3. 002 Timeless beauty The new icon for your Wellness PERSONAL LINE heralds the day of a new era in the way we approach physical exercise. Born out of the collaboration between Technogym and Antonio Citterio Design Studio. 003

16. PERSONAL LINE The die cast aluminium frame and the craftsmanship which can be seen in its polished nish make Recline Personal a unique example of style and robust quality. The ergonomic adjustable seat designed by Vitra ensures that correct posture is constantly maintained, without straining the back muscles. Thanks to the technological drive transmission system, pedalling is extremely smooth and silent. Robust and elegant Maximum comfort Micropolished steel with a sleek mirror nish in the front section of the equipment enhances the style of the product making it easy to suit any interior environment. Attention to details The automotive style loudspeakers, which accompany workouts with a clean wrap around sound, are located under the seat and well out of sight. Entertainment 030 031

38. UNICA Biomechanics and the easy start system allow correct, safe use of the equipment even for less experienced users. Biomechanics and safety A real classic in terms of Technogym design, it complements any interior. Unique design Simply select the desired weight, then Unica does not require any further settings. User-friendly set up 075 074

7. PERSONAL LINE Our smart TV technology supports all standards including IPTV and PRO- Idiom, without the need for set top boxes so you can control viewing directly from the touch-screen console while training. Enjoy the feeling of being somewhere else! Select one of 16 dierent virtual locations (8 on bikes and 8 on treadmills and crosstrainers) and try an outdoor training simulator on your cardio console. With the User Content Sync when you log in, the equipment automatically signs in to all app. Watch the best TV programs Train and discover new landscapes Your favourite contents always with you Live the fun everytime with your personalized entertainment UNITY™ enables you to set up a personal prole that automatically links to your favorite content and training programmes. Use your preferred training app to track your path and performance, feed the information to UNITY console from your mywellness.com account and recreate your outdoor experience every time you want to. Go straight to your Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Skype accounts. You can also access your favorite apps, TV channel and websites. Live your outdoor training at home Enjoy your favourite apps Other apps 012 013

31. PERSONAL LINE Power Personal Created with sophisticated materials and excellent craftsmanship, Power Personal consists of two elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal. Designed by Antonio Citterio, the essence of Bench Persona l is performance with simplicity. Modern manufacturing technology embraces elegance and craftsmanship, using machined aluminium to represent a new standard in the industry. Rack Personal ensures maximum safety thanks to the innovative Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems allowing user- friendly barbell support locking and a smooth, uid sliding movement of the safety bars. It also includes an ergonomic, chrome-plated steel bar for pull-ups with the Multi-grip. 060 0 61

4. KINESIS PERSONAL RUN PERSONAL CROSS PERSONAL RECLINE PERSONAL 007 004 Personal Line Designed by Antonio Citterio POWER PERSONAL Masterpieces are made of small details PERSONAL LINE translates thirty years of research and product development into beautiful design objects created with exclusive materials and exquisite craftsmanship.

20. PERSONAL LINE Thanks to the telemetric band or the Hand Sensors, which constantly monitor your heartbeat, you can perform each workout The four integrated loudspeakers carry the sound around you to give you an unprecedented workout experience. Perfectly safe training Entertainment and controls close at hand The technology behind the braking system is based on a special electromagnetic device which ensures Cross Personal operates in Silent uid movements in the best way, in line with your objectives and in total safety. Ergonomic levers with Fast Track Control allow for exercise intensity adjustments without changing the correct exercise position. a completely smooth fashion, making for a comfortable, stylish home environment. SPEAKERS SPEAKERS 038 039

41. WELLNESS TOOLS The QR Code enables you to access a library with the most appropriate exercise videos. A trainer always with you Receive personalised training programmes developed by our specialists. View videos of each exercise, wherever you are. Receive a reminder of training sessions directly on your device or PC. Mobile content via smartphone, tablet or PC Train while sitting comfortably By making involuntary micro-movements or by using the ball for targeted exercises, you can improve exibility, stability, balance, coordination and posture, and tone up your back muscles as well as the core muscles. Its patented design ensures a comfortable, stable and correct sitting position for back pain prevention. Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting* improves your lifestyle. All the time you spend sitting, at home or at work and in your leisure time, can be turned into an opportunity to exercise and be more active. Wellness Ball™ Active Sitting * Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is an exercise equipment that can be used as an alternative seat but cannot replace traditional chairs. 080 0 81

8. PERSONAL LINE Meet your objective and improve your training performance Create a personalized training experience suited to your requirements choosing from a variety of workout options. Discover the most popular workout for exercising against time, or number of calories burned, or the distance covered. Set your goals You can choose your exercise from the complete list of available workouts: Goal Driven, Heart Rate Driven, Advanced and Test. Select your exercises You can create a personalized training programme on your mywellness.com account based on your needs and available equipment. Follow the list of exercises and keep track of their status. Create your workout Is your training eective? You can monitor the results over a set period of time and check your progress against your set goal to make the necessary changes to your training programme. Track your performance 014 015

15. PERSONAL LINE Recline Personal integrates performance and style, biomechanical excellence and innovative entertainment. The perfect balance between technology and design. Recline Personal RECOMMENDED FOR • Slimming and weight control. • Maintaining and improving tness levels. • Toning legs without straining the back. • Both advanced workouts and moderate cardio activity for de-conditioned users. 028 029

19. PERSONAL LINE Micropolished steel with a sleek mirror nish in the rear section of the equipment enhances the style of the product making it easy to suit any interior environment. Precious materials Cross Personal is the rst total body elliptical trainer with an integrated personal entertainment console. Thanks to its silent operation, you will fully appreciate the surrounding eect of the hi- speaker sound. Cross Personal RECOMMENDED FOR • Slimming and weight control. • Total body workouts. • Exercising without placing joints under stress. 037 036

6. PERSONAL LINE Live an extraordinary experience: train and be entertained with Unity 3.0 Thanks to the enhanced picture quality and the new powerful hardware featuring a processor that is more than twice as fast, you can watch what you want with increased quality during your workout. Brilliant image quality You can easily connect to Netix and enjoy your training while you’re watching your favorite tv series. Unlimited entertainment The UNITY 3.0 console plays your favorite music from your Apple or Android device via Bluetooth®. To enjoy a hands-free training and entertainment, pair with your Bluetooth® wireless earphones. Run your favourite Marathons at home. Choose your location and the treadmill will make your run more realistic by changing the incline to mirror your path. Pick up where you left o if you don’t nish. Your music, your training hands-free The experience of the marathon on the treadmill The Speed Shift option allows you to create interval training proles on-the-y and switch from one speed level to another with one touch. Training that’s always more eective HD 010 011

35. PERSONAL LINE Rack Personal is available in 2 colour options and can be enhanced with the Functional Upgrade Kit*. This extends training possibilities to include suspension training and resistance band exercises. * The top bar will be replaced. RACK PERSONAL WITH THE FUNCTIONAL KIT FUNCTIONAL UPGRADE KIT 1. Omnia-Pivot: allows you to attach Dual Lift to perform suspension training exercises. 2. Additional Hook: integrated in the J-hook, it is used to connect the resistance bands. Wall Fixing: a superbly nished chrome bar xes the Rack to the wall ensuring maximum stability while exercising. Colour options: Chrome Dark 1. 2. 068 069

37. UNICA Designed and built with the same materials as professional gym equipment, with a rened and elegant design, Unica is the most comprehensive physical tness and muscle-strengthening equipment that exists, allowing more than 25 dierent exercises to be done in just one and a half square metres. Unica RECOMMENDED FOR • General tness training. • Targeted muscle strengthening. • Athletic conditioning for sports. Adjustable seat, large anatomical backrest, ergonomic padding and non-slip handgrips. Thanks to the exclusive linkage system, Comfort and functionality without substituting any part, you can perform more than 25 dierent exercises by simply selecting the desired weight. Unica 072 073

11. PERSONAL LINE Run Personal combines cutting edge technology, innovative materials and awless design to bring you not only professional cardio training, but also an engaging multimedia experience, so that you can have fun while you run. The tablet-like UNITY™ digital console provides a host of exciting entertainment options: TV, radio, games,web, music and videos. Integrated 19’’ touch-screen tempered glass display and loudspeakers. Full multimedia entertainment RECOMMENDED FOR • Improving the cardio-respiratory system. • Weight loss and maintaining body weight. Run Personal • Strengthening and toning legs. • Beginners and experienced users. 020 0 21

34. PERSONAL LINE Advanced security. At your ngertips. Safety is the number one priority. Thanks to the Smart Lock system, the barbell holder cannot be unlocked accidentally. Remarkable details. The chrome-plated steel bar features multi-grips allowing dierent pull-up options. All in one place. Integrated storage for barbell, dumbbells and discs. Reinventing each essential element as part of a singular, simple design. Easy. Light. Smooth. Thanks to its oating spring system, Precision Glide ensures ease of use and an unexpectedly smooth feeling during adjustments. The ultimate solution for strength training. RACK PERSONAL 066 0 67

5. PERSONAL LINE UNITY™ 3.0 More connected, more personal Take your training to the next level, enjoy a fully personalized session with UNITY. The new Android 5.1 powerful console makes the training experience more simple and fun thanks to Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity and new engaging workouts that will race you to the nish line. Let’s start! 008 009

33. PERSONAL LINE Attention to detail Stylish nishing, the soft touch upholstery on the bench features Body Print technology for maximum comfort during the workout. Maximum versatility Adjusting a bench has never been so easy. Bench Personal can be xed in several dierent positions with just one hand thanks to its innovative set up. Easy to move Thanks to the integrated wheels, Bench Personal can be easily moved around with minimal eort. Colour options: Chrome Dark Attention to detail and leading technical solutions for the best bench ever. BENCH PERSONAL 064 0 65

32. PERSONAL LINE In line with the current high-performance workout and professional training trend, Technogym has created Power Personal, the specic solution that oers over 300 exercises for strength training, including: • Exercises with dumbbells • Exercises with barbells • Body-weight exercises And with the functional upgrade kit: • Suspension training • Exercises with resistance bands STRENGTH Reverse wood chop Bench press Suspended push-up Pull-up Deadlift Squat 0 62 0 63

49. 096 097 The Personal Experience / 099 Professional training solutions online or on site to guide you in your quest for Wellness. Personal Training / 10 0 Guidance to create and furnish your Wellness environment with style from specialist Technogym consultants. Wellness Design™ / 098 E ngaging training programs directly on your smartphone. Training Programs

42. WELLNESS TOOLS The handle allows for easy ball positioning, helping you nd a correct sitting position. Positioning and trasporting via the handle The lower part of the Ball is high- density material for greater stability and to prevent it rolling around, ensuring a tidier environment. A specically Safety and stability developed material has been used on the underside to prevent slipping (patent pending). The Ball is burst-resistant certied. Design and quality nish Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting diameter measures 55cm, which is a suitable size also for use at desk (based upon an average desk height of Perfect dimension 70cm). Maximum user weight: 160kg (353 lbs). Wellness Ball™ - Active Sitting is an interior design item, hand-stitched in Italy and ideally suited to modern, fashion-forward environments (patent pending). The cover can be removed thanks to a high- quality zip fastener made to nautical standards to stand up to wear and tear (patent pending). It is made of multilayered fabric, with a support lining and breathable honeycomb material, typically used in running shoes. Each ball can be inated to a personalised setting, according to uses, level of comfort Personalisation and your height. Use the special label to personalise your ball with your name. The Ball is made from top quality PVC and vinyl, both Environmentally friendly suitable for recycling. Furthermore, it is phthalate-free, latex- free and complies with strict European safety regulations governing cadmium and lead content. 55 cm 083 082

23. PERSONAL LINE Kinesis® Personal is the rst piece of designer gym furniture for the home and environments dedicated to people’s mental and physical wellbeing. The VISION version is made of three steel panels applied to a rigid structural support which act as a mirror without distortion. Kinesis® Personal VISION Thanks to the FullGravity patent, consisting of a pivoting pulley system, Kinesis® Personal provides an unlimited range of movements. The resistance applied is regulated by a sophisticated and patented innovation. A system of forces gradually and smoothly increases the resistance in total safety, thereby maintaining supreme uency and silent movement during exercise. This system, which does not require the presence of a cumbersome weight stack, also contributes to reducing overall equipment dimensions. Quiet, safe, unlimited movement Kinesis ® Personal The sleek mirror nish allows you to instantly check posture while exercising. RECOMMENDED FOR • Improving movements connected both with daily activities and specic sports. • Improving strength, coordination, exibility, posture control, breathing control. • Exercising both single muscles and entire muscle chains, thus helping you to achieve not only more strength, but also better balance, exibility and stability as key abilities. 044 045

52. 103 102 103 RUN WELLNESS RACK RECLINE WELLNESS PAD KINESIS® WELLNESS WEIGHTS WELLNESS BALL™ TRAINING WELLNESS BALL™ ACTIVE SITTING Equipment Specications CROSS UNICA UNITY™ WELLNESS BAG™ Personal Line Wellness Tools™ / 105 / 10 6 / 111 / 112 / 107 / 104 / 114 / 114 / 114 / 115 / 115 / 115 POWER / 10 8

50. 099 098 SERVICES Personal Training The Personal Trainer is a professional gure (certied by Technogym) that will help you design a personalised training programme based on your needs, and that will follow you in the progress and achievement of your wellness targets in the privacy of your home or at a place of your choice. SERVICE CHARACTERISTICS Technogym Personal Trainers will provide you with expert advice and guidance, create the training programmes best suited to you and follow you in your progress, motivating you to reach your targets. You can book the service choosing the days and times that suit you best, between 7am and 10pm. We can be at your side wherever you are, at home, at work, or on holiday thanks to a widespread network of professionals. PT EXPERIENCE “Kim is just great. She explains everything and shows you exactly how to move and how to use the equipment. I know I’m training right, even on my own” “There’s one thing a Personal Trainer gives you that a machine can’t. Motivation. Francesco is full of motivation. And since meeting Francesco, me too!” “Xavier makes a workout fun and eective, but what I really appreciate is all the amazing advice he gives me about how to stay balanced and improve my lifestyle” Training Programs MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR EQUIPMENT By using the Technogym app you can enjoy the benets of your equipment by following our training programs directly on your smartphone. 01. Select your equipment 02. Choose the programme 03. Start your training DOWNLOAD THE TECHNOGYM APP EQUIPMENT

51. 10 0 SERVICES Wellness Design™ To help you achieve a state of total wellbeing, we can plan your Wellness space according to the principles of Wellness Design™, which take into account both the physical and mental aspects of the individual. Technogym can oer you an interior design service to help you create your very own Wellness space in order to integrate the equipment into your environment and let you live your Wellness experience in the best possible fashion. Plan your Wellness Our Wellness Design™ service will allow you to create a virtual image of your home gym before you go ahead with it. During the design phase we pay special attention to the following aspects: TECHNOGYM PRODUCTS We will assist you in choosing the right equipment for you and for the space at your disposal. SPACE We will set up the equipment making it fully accessible and enabling you to train easily, and in a way which ts perfectly with your environment. MATERIALS We will advise you on which materials to choose for your Wellness area (ooring, walls etc.). LIGHTS AND COLOURS We will help you select the ideal lighting and colours to t with the surrounding environment, so that you can enjoy the pleasures of a relaxing Wellness experience. FURNITURE We will guide you in the choice of furnishings and complementary items that are best suited to your Wellness area. WIRING We will give you clear instructions regarding the electrical requirements necessary for your Technogym equipment. Get inspired. 101

59. 116 0800 3162496 (Freephone - UK only) 1800 615440 (Freephone - Australia only) +971 4 3375337 (United Emirates only) +39 0547 650111 (Other countries) For information and purchases Call us for advice on which products and services best t your needs: Discover Technogym's complete oer and make your purchases directly from the online Shop: Visit us to try our equipment and to create a personalised solution for your Wellness with the help of our experts: Technogym Stores in the world: c/o Harrods, 87-135, Brompton Road Sheik Zayed Road - Exit 42 Palladium Building Building E, Suite E204, 24-32 Lexington Drive - Bella Vista Al Maqta Building Sultan Bin Zayed The First St. LONDON DUBAI SYDNEY ABU DHABI FOLLOW US ON Technogym products and services are only sold directly. PHONE NUMBERS & WEBSITE TECHNOGYM SHOWROOMS & STORES technogym.com CONTACTS Cesena c/o Technogym Village, via Calcinaro, 2861 Milan Via Durini, 1 New York 70, Greene Street Moscow Crocus City Mall Red Square 3, GUM, 3rd oor/3rd line Madrid Calle Hermosilla, 8 St. Petersburg Bolshoy prospekt P.S. 49/18

60. ITALY OFFICES & SHOWROOM Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC) Numero verde: 800 70 70 70 Ph. +39 0547 56047 Fax +39 0547 650555 [email protected] TECHNOGYM MILANO Via Durini, 1 20122 Milano Ph. +39 02 76280543 [email protected]m   UNITED KINGDOM OFFICES & SHOWROOM Two The Boulevard Cain Road – Bracknell Berkshire RG12 1WP Freephone: 0800 3162496 Ph. +44 1344 300236 Fax +44 1344300238 [email protected]   GERMANY OFFICES & SHOWROOM Frankfurter Str. 211 (Eingang Du-Pont-Straße) 63263 Neu-Isenburg Freephone: 0800 0556633 Ph. +49 (0) 6102 - 822380 Fax +49 (0) 6102 - 8223810 [email protected]   NETHERLANDS OFFICES & SHOWROOM Essebaan 63 2908 LJ Capelle aan den IJssel Freephone: 0800 3322448 Ph. +31 10 422 32 22 Fax +31 10 422 25 68 [email protected]   BELGIUM AND LUXEMBOURG OFFICES & SHOWROOM Ikaros Business Park, gebouw 2A Ikaroslaan 3 1930 Zaventem Freephone: 0800 11198 Ph. +32 2 709 05 50 Fax +32 2 721 36 99 [email protected]   PORTUGAL OFFICES Tagus Park – Nucleo Central, 284 2740 – 122 Oeiras (Portugal) Freephone: 800 784592 Ph. +351 21 893 40 30 Fax +351 21 893 40 39 [email protected] SPAIN OFFICES & SHOWROOM Parc De Negocios Mas Blau Ed. Avant 1 c/Selva, 12 08820 El Prat De Llobregat, Barcelona Freephone: 900 89 88 99 Fax +34 933 704 736 [email protected] TECHNOGYM STORE Calle Hermosilla, 8 28001 Madrid Ph. +34 914318356 [email protected] FRANCE OFFICES & SHOWROOM 20, rue Rouget de Lisle 92130 Issy les Moulineaux Ph. +33 (0)1 45 29 90 00 Fax +33 (0)1 45 29 90 05 [email protected] RUSSIA TECHNOGYM STORE Red Square 3, GUM, 3rd floor/3rd line 109012 Moscow Ph. +7 495 737 64 68 [email protected] TECHNOGYM STORE 66 km MKAD, Crocus City Mall Store 163, 143400 Moscow Ph./Fax +7 495 987 42 27 [email protected] TECHNOGYM STORE Bolshoy prospekt P.S. 49/18 Ph. +7 812 703 53 34 St. Petersburg [email protected] NORTH AMERICA OFFICES & SHOWROOM 700 US Highway 46 East, Fairfield, New Jersey 07004 Toll free 800 8040952 Ph. +1 206 6231488 Fax + 1 206 6231898 [email protected] TECHNOGYM STORE 70 Greene St, New York, NY 10012 Ph. +1 646 578 8001 [email protected] BRAZIL OFFICES Rua Jardim Botânico, 205, Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro RJ, CEP 22.470-050 Ph. 0800 600 6070 / +55 21-3176-6070 [email protected] UNITED ARAB EMIRATES OFFICES & SHOWROOM Sheik Zayed Road - Exit 42 Palladium Building Dubai, United Arab Emirates ABU DHABI SHOWROOM Al Maqta Building - Sultan Bin Zayed The First St. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates Ph. +971 4 3375337 (centralized) Fax +971 4 3372660 (centralized) [email protected] JAPAN OFFICES & SHOWROOM Seafort Square Center Bldg. 18F 2-3-12 Higashi-shinagawa Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 140-0002 Ph. +81 3 5495 7783 Fax +81 3 5495 7789 [email protected] CHINA OFFICES & SHOWROOM 4th Floor, No.1 Building No.881 Wuding Road Jing An District, Shanghai 200040, China Ph. +86 21 5888 6355 Fax +86 21 5888 6950 [email protected] HONG KONG OFFICES & SHOWROOM 35/F, Suite 3509-11 25 Canton Road, The Gateway Tower 2 Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong PH. +852 31162622 FAX +852 31162625 [email protected] AUSTRALIA OFFICES & SHOWROOM Building E, Suite E204 24-32 Lexington Drive Bella Vista NSW 2153 Ph. +61 (02) 8883 0172 Toll free 1800 615 440 Fax +61 (02) 9672 6410 [email protected] OTHER COUNTRIES OFFICES & SHOWROOM Via Calcinaro, 2861 47521 Cesena (FC), Italy Ph. +39 0547 650111 Fax +39 0547 650555 [email protected] website www.technogym.com Technogym®, The Wellness Company™, mywellness®, Kinesis®, Wellness™, Wellness Design™, Wellness Bag™, Wellness Ball™, Wellness Lifestyle™, Wellness Tools™, Excite® and UNITY™ are trademarks of Technogym® S.p.A. registered in countries of the European Union and in the world. Wellness Ball, mywellness key, Cross Personal, Kinesis Personal, Recline Personal, Run Personal, User Content Sync, Bench Personal, Rack Personal, Technogym Discs and User ID are patents or patent filings of Technogym S.p.A. in countries of the European Union and in the world. Wi-Fi® is a Trademark of Wi-Fi Alliance® and used with their permission. US Patents No. US 5931763, US5916063, US6334836, US7670270, US7901340, US7704195, US7874965, US 8480542, US7601102, US7556592, US7115073, US6786850, US 8128306, US7867153, US7878951, US9403055, USD712171, USD566208, USD566209. Technogym reserves the right to modify its products and documentation at any time and without notice. © 2015-2017 Technogym. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Technogym® is under license.

56. PERSONAL LINE Free Weights Kit for Bench. Set of free weights: 55 Kg (5 Kg x 8; 2,5 Kg x 4; 1,25 Kg x 4) for dumbbells (2,5 Kg each). Free Weights Kit for Rack. Set of free weights: 115 Kg (20 Kg x 2; 10 Kg x 2; 5 Kg x 8; 2,5 Kg x 4; 1,25 Kg x 4) for dumbbells (2,5 Kg each) and barbell (10 Kg). Sleeved Elastic Tubing. A set of 3 pairs with different resistance levels. Waist Belt. For locomotion exercises, attached to the sleeved elastics. Lift Band. Foot, leg or trunk attachment easily used with elastics and Dual Lift. Dual Lift. Professional solution for suspension training. Flooring. Rubber flooring (3060 x 2290 mm) designed to protect your permanent flooring. Ankle Strap. Allowing isolated lower body work. Personal Mat. A padded memory foam mat in 3 sections (65 x 65 cm each) providing protection for flooring and superb comfort for yoga, stretching and bodyweight exercises. Short Handle. Classic handgrip. The Functional Training Bag. A full set of functional training accessories neatly stored in a handcrafted bag. A0000663 A0000871 A0000723 A0000866 A0000872 A0000684 A0000666 A0000724 A0000725 Personal Line ACCESSORIES A comprehensive set of accessories complete Power Personal. Free weights and functional tools expand your training program. Specications and training features Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 184 x 120 x 207 cm (72” x 47” x 81”) - 184 x 160 x 207cm (72” x 63” x 81” ) during operation Equipment weight 240 Kg (528 lbs) Weight stack 5 - 90 kg (5 Kg weight stack increment) - (10 - 180 lbs, 10 lbs weight stack increment) Power requirement 110 - 220 VAC (Trainer version) Standard functions and accessories Stretching mat, Ankle strap, Pulley handle and Standard handle, User manual, DVD and maintenance kit, Integrated wheels Unica NA. Black M. Bordeaux NA. Black AL. Silver Frame Upholstery 110 111

2. Index / 002 Timeless beauty / 004 Personal Line / 008 UNITY™ 3.0 / 018 Run Personal / 026 Recline Personal / 034 Cross Personal / 042 Kinesis Personal / 058 Power Personal / 070 Unica / 078 Wellness Tools / 080 Wellness Ball Active sitting / 086 Wellness Ball Training / 088 Wellness Bag / 090 Wellness Weights / 092 Wellness Rack / 094 Wellness Pad / 096 The Personal Experience / 098 Training Programs / 099 Personal Training / 10 0 Wellness Design / 102 Equipment Specications / 116 Contacts 0 01

55. 10 8 109 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS RACK ACCESSORIES FOR THE FUNCTIONAL UPGRADE KIT* Rack Rack with Functional Upgrade Kit Specications Code MD150 Maximum user weight 150kg (330 Ibs) Maximum load useable 150kg (330 Ibs) Width 1412 mm (56’’) Length 1313 mm (52’’) Height 2216 mm (87’’) Net weight 185 kg (408 Ibs) Color Options Chrome or Dark Specications Code MD100 Maximum user weight 150kg (330 Ibs) Maximum load useable 150kg (330 Ibs) Width 584 mm (23’’) Length 1316 mm (52’’) Height 443 mm (17’’) Net weight 47 kg (104 Ibs) Color Options Chome or Dark Quadriceps, Iliopsoas, Gluteus maximus, Biceps femoris PRIMARY MUSCLES ALL PRIMARY AND SECONDARY MUSCLES ARE INVOLVED. Obliques, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, Adductors, Calves SECONDARY MUSCLES Bench DESCRIPTION CODE QTY ELASTIC BAND KIT (A0000869) SUSPENSION TRAINING KIT (A0000870) FUNCTIONAL TRAINING BAG (A0000871) Anklet Strap A0000725 1 • • Short Handle A0000723 2 • • • Sleeved Elastic Tubing Set A0000663 1 • • Dual Lift A0000684 1 • • Waist Belt A0000724 1 • • Lift Band A0000666 1 • • CHOOSE THE BEST CONFIGURATION FOR YOU ESSENTIAL SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE Adjustable Bench *Code for Functional Upgrade Kit: A0000874 - For more details see page 69; Wall Fixing is required. Rack Discs Kit and Dumbbells Adjustable Bench Adjustable Bench Personal Mat Discs Kit, Dumbbells, Barbell Discs Kit, Dumbbells, Barbell Flooring Rack with Functional Upgrade Kit Functional Training Bag Personal Mat Personal Line BENCH

54. 10 6 107 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS CROSS Personal Line Specications and performances Dimensions (LxWxH)* 194 x 69 x 176 cm (76” x 28” x 69”) Equipment weight 145 kg (320 lbs) Max user weight 160 kg (352 lbs) Diculty levels 1 - 25 Resistance at 70 SPM 40 - 400 Watt Power requirement 100 - 240 VAC Max power consumption 16 0 VA Training and performance features Goal Oriented Display Ye s Training Programmes 18 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Proles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Outdoors, On Trend (Hills; Hi-low blocks; Cross Training) Submaximal Tests Fitness test Languages available 18 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish User-dened language selection Ye s Heart rate monitoring Hand Sensor, Telemetry Fast Track Control Ye s Calorie Coach Ye s Supplementary features Plug & Play System Ye s Standard functions and accessories Telemetric heart rate monitor (CPR), User manual and Maintenance kit Display Standard display available UNITY (15.6”) Quadriceps, Iliopsoas, Gluteus maximus, Biceps femoris PRIMARY MUSCLES Obliques, Deltoids, Biceps, Triceps, Adductors, Calves SECONDARY MUSCLES * Length x Width x Height while working on the equipment Specications and training features Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 45 x 170 x 210 cm (18” x 67” x 83”) closed 115 x 170 x 210 cm (45” x 67” x 83”) during operation Length when closed 45 cm (18”) Length during operation 115 cm (45”) Minimum frontage required for use 2 m (79”) Equipment weight 240 kg (528 lbs) Heritage - 280 kg (616 lbs) Vision Power requirement 110 - 220 VAC Versions available Vision, Heritage Black, Heritage Leather Standard functions and accessories Wellness Ball™, 2 x Revolving attachments 2 x Ankle straps, Exercise and Wellness Lifestyle™ DVD, User manual, Exercise manual Kinesis Personal - Heritage Black Kinesis Personal - Heritage Leather Kinesis Personal - Vision KINESIS® PERSONAL - VISION Micro-polished steel panels KINESIS® PERSONAL - HERITAGE BLACK Wooden cover panel KINESIS® PERSONAL - HERITAGE LEATHER Leather panel KINESIS®

58. 114 115 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Specications and training features New design, lines and materials make Wellness Weights the ideal solution for anyone wanting to tone up using small weights. Perfect for running and aerobic exercise Set of 2 dumbbells with Velcro straps weighing 0.5 kg (1 lb) Set of 2 dumbbells with Velcro straps weighing 1 kg (2 lbs) Standard accessories Weight bag, exercise manual Specications and training features Made of materials which promote perfect stability, adherence and softness during exercising, guaranteeing durability and maximum safety Ø Dimensions Silver 55 cm (22”) Ø Dimensions Black 65 cm (26”) Standard accessories Bag, Pump with adapter, exercise manual WELLNESS BALL™ ACTIVE SITTING WELLNESS BALL™ TRAINING WELLNESS WEIGHTS Wellness Tools™ Specications and training features Versatile, unparalleled in the sector. The perfect blend of functionality and design: an excellent stretching mat and at the same time a convenient bag and elegant accessory Dimensions when open 120 x 50 cm (47” x 20”) Dimensions when closed 30 x 50 cm (12” x 20”) Thickness when closed 5 cm (2”) Weight 0.7 kg (1.5 lbs) Standard accessories Removable shoulder strap, exercise manual Specications and training features Compact dimensions and limited weight make this a real travel gym. The Wellness Bag™ can easily t in a suitcase, overnight bag or be combined with the Wellness pad Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 82 x 21 x 4 cm (32” x 8” x 1”) open - 39 x 21 x 8 cm (15” x 8” x 3”) closed Weight (lbs) 1.8 kg (4 lbs) 2 Elastic cords + footrest 71 cm (28”) 2 Elastic cords + footrest 81 cm (32”) Specications and training features Strength training disk holder display, with two handles (Jolly Handle) which use a unique locking system Dimensions (Length x Width x Height) 19 x 41 x 43 cm (7" x 16" x 17") 8 disks weighing 2 kg (4 lbs) 8 disks weighing 0.5 kg (1 lb) Handle weight (lbs) 1 kg (2.2 lbs) Max weight loadable per dumbbell (lbs) 13 kg (26 lbs) Max loadable weight for simultaneous use (lbs) 10 kg (20 lbs) WELLNESS RACK WELLNESS PAD WELLNESS BAG™ Specications and training features Double density ball, weighted in the lower section to help centre it and stop it rolling around, making it a comfortable seat. Made in Italy out of premium quality PVC, it is phthalate-free and latex-free and is built not to burst. The multilayered fabric cover consists of a support lining and breathable honeycomb material. The handle helps to carry it around and adjust it when used at a desk. The QR code on the handle gives access (via Smartphone) to exercise videos, which can be planned in one’s own electronic calendar Ball Ø suitable for sitting 55 cm (22”) Ball Ø suitable for exercising 55 cm (22”) for users whose height is under 175 cm (5' 9") Standard accessories Cover, Pump with adapter, Exercise manual Maximum user weight 160 kg (353 lbs)

53. 10 4 105 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS RECLINE Specications and performances Dimensions (LxWxH)* 139 x 64 x 138 cm (55” x 25” x 54”) Equipment weight 70 kg (154 lbs) Max user weight 160 kg (352 lbs) Diculty levels 1 - 25 Resistance at 70 SPM 40 - 400 Watt Power requirement 90 - 264 VAC Max power consumption 50 VA Training and performance features Goal Oriented Display Ye s Training Programmes 19 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Proles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Outdoors, On Trend (Hills; Hi-low blocks; Burn Out; Cross Training) Submaximal Tests Fitness Test, Smart Test Language available 18 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish User-dened language selection Ye s Heart rate monitoring Hand Sensors, Telemetry Fast Track Control Ye s Calorie Coach Ye s Supplementary features Plug & Play System Ye s Standard functions and accessories Telemetric heart rate monitor (CPR), User manual and Maintenance kit Display Standard display available UNITY (15.6”) Quadriceps, Iliopsoas, Biceps femoris, Calf PRIMARY MUSCLES Adductors, Tibialis anterior, Gluteus SECONDARY MUSCLES * Length x Width x Height while working on the equipment Personal Line RUN Specications and performances Dimensions (LxWxH)* 201 x 80 x 147 cm (79” x 31” x 58”) Equipment weight 170 kg (374 lbs) Max. user weight 160 kg (352 lbs) Running surface height above ground 20 cm (8”) Speed 0.4 - 18 km/h (0.2 - 11.2 mph) Incline (%) 0 - 15% Running surface (Length x Width) 145 x 51 cm (57" x 20") Power requirement 180 - 265 VAC Motor power (peak) 4.0 HP Max. power consumption 2200 VA Training and comfort features Goal Oriented Display Ye s Training Programmes 19 - Quick Start, Goals (Time; Distance; Calories), CPR, Proles (6 preset), Create your own, Training Zone, Weight Loss, Outdoors, On Trend (Speed shift; Hills; Hi-low blocks; Cross Training) Submaximal Tests Fitness Test, Smart Test, Single Stage, Multi Stage Maximal Tests Technogym Maximal Test, Custom Maximal Test, Bruce, Bruce Modied, Naughton, Balke And Ware, Astrand Modied, Costill And Fox Languages available 18 - UK English, US English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish, Danish, Arabian, Korean, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish User-dened language selection Ye s Heart rate monitoring Hand Sensor, Telemetry Fast Track Control Ye s Runner Detection System Ye s Calorie Coach Ye s Durability and supplementary features Long Life Deck Ye s Plug & Play System Ye s Standard functions and accessories Telemetric heart rate monitor (CPR), User manual and Maintenance kit Display Standard display available UNITY (19”) Quadriceps, Tibialis anterior, Iliopsoas, Gluteus maximus, Biceps femoris, Calf PRIMARY MUSCLES Rectus-abdominis, Obliques, Deltoids, Adductor, Quadratus lumborum, Latissimus dorsi SECONDARY MUSCLES * Length x Width x Height while working on the equipment

57. 112 113 EQUIPMENT SPECIFICATIONS Entertainment options / multimedia Audio/Mic plug Yes. Mini-jack 3,5 mm, all audio standards Mic: CTIA/AHL standard USB Media: Audio MP3, M4A, WAV USB Media: Video AVI (Video codec: XVID, MPEG4, H264 Audio codec: MP3, AC3) MKV (Video codec: MPEG4, H264 Audio codec: MP3, AAC, AC3) MP4 (Video codec: MPEG4, H264 Audio codec: MP3, AC3) Up to 720p USB Media: Picture and documents readers JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF My Music (automatic Bluetooth® connection to Apple and Android devices; no pairing needed) Ye s iPod / iPhone /iPad - support and recharge With user personal cable through USB connector Android devices - support and recharge With user personal cable through USB connector Outdoors (Virtual locations) Ye s Real-time races between treadmills (B2B only) Ye s Treadmills arena (B2B Only) Ye s Famous virtual marathon courses (treadmills) Ye s Connectivity Bluethoot® headphones connectivity Ye s LAN Ethernet 10/100/1000 Ye s WiFi - IEEE802.11a/b/g/n (2,4 GHz & 5GHz) Ye s Professional Apps Supported (B2B Only) Communicator - Messagges Ye s Communicator - Club Area Ye s Asset management Ye s Technogym App Store Ye s Prescribe Ye s Self Ye s Challenge Ye s Customizable screen saver (B2B only) Customizable background Video or images Facility logo Ye s Customizable messages Ye s Screen & controls Screen size - Run Personal 19” LCD - Wide 16:9 Screen size - Other equipment 15.6” LCD - Wide 16:9 Android OS Ye s Capacitive touch screen Ye s Gesture interaction Ye s Training content Embedded Workout Programmes* 18 Languages 18 User connectivity options / mywellness cloud access Technogym key and mywellness key reader Ye s QR code Ye s NFC (RFID) reader Ye s Login with username and password (typing option) Ye s User personal account My Training Programme Ye s My Weather Ye s My Challenges Ye s Favourite TV channels Ye s Favourite WEB bookmarks Ye s Family account Ye s User Content Sync Ye s Entertainment options / Multimedia TV ANALOGUE TV: PAL (BG, DK, I, BH, M, N), SECAM (L, L1, DK, H, BG), NTSC (NTSC M, NTSC4.43 M) DIGITAL TV: DVB-T2, DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC+QAM B, ISDB-Tb (with smart card reader for Japanese market) IPTV MPEG-2 Standard Definition; MPEG -4 pt10 AVC/H.264 Standard Definition & HD; PROTOCOLS: UDP/RTP multicast & unicast Radio Yes (FM and digital terrestrial: DVB-T, DVB-C, ATSC, ISDB-T, QAM) HDMI IN Yes (up to 720p) Pro: Idiom compatibility (dedicated accessory code) IPTV and Coax Free web browsing Ye s Games for braintraining Yes, customisable (Technogym App Store - B2B only) Integrated webcam Ye s Personal Line UNITY™ UNITY™ PERSONAL UNITY™ PERSONAL *Refers to Run Personal. Total number of programmes available may vary on other equipment.


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