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8. ITALY TECHNOGYM SpA Via Giorgio Perticari, 20 47035 GAMBETTOLA (FC) Ph. +39 0547 56047 Fax +39 0547 650505 E-mail: [email protected] GERMANY TECHNOGYM Wellness & Biomedical GmbH Im Geisbaum 10 63329 EGELSBACH Ph. +49 6103 201240 Fax +49 6103 2012410 E-mail: [email protected] U.S.A. TECHNOGYM USA Corp. 830 Fourth Avenue South - Suite 300 SEATTLE WA 98134 Ph. +1 206 6231488 Toll free: 800 8040952 Fax +1 206 6231898 E-mail: [email protected] UNITED KINGDOM TECHNOGYM UK LTD. Doncastle House Doncastle Road - Bracknell BERKSHIRE RG12 8PE Ph. +44 1344 300236 Fax +44 1344 300238 E-mail: [email protected] BENELUX TECHNOGYM BENELUX B.V. Rhijnspoor 259 2901 LB Capelle a/d IJssel Ph. +31 10 4223222 Fax +31 10 4222568 E-mail: [email protected] FRANCE TECHNOGYM FRANCE SAS 4, Rue Nieuport B.P. N.109 78143 VELIZY CEDEX Ph. +33 1 34582585 Fax +33 1 34582588 E-mail: [email protected] SPAIN TECHNOGYM TRADING S.A. Parque de negocios Mas Blau Ed. Océano 1 c/Garrotxa, 10-12 Bajos 3ª 08820 El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona Ph. +34 902 101 093 Fax +34 933 704 736 E-mail: [email protected] PORTUGAL TECHNOGYM TRADING S.A. Parque das Nações Edifício Smart - R. Pólo Norte, Lt. - Piso 1 - Fracção 1F 1990-075 Lisboa Ph. +351 21 893 40 30 Fax +351 21 893 40 39 E-mail: [email protected] JAPAN TECHNOGYM JAPAN Ltd Shibakoen Bldg. 3F 3-5-5 Shiba, Minato-ku Tokyo, 105-0014 Japan Ph. 81 3 5765 7788 Fax 81 3 5765 7789 E-mail: [email protected] CHINA TECHNOGYM (Shanghai) INTERNATIONAL TRADING Co., Ltd. Room 3001, China Insurance Building, No. 166, East Lu Jia Zui Road, Pudong, Shanghai, China Ph. +86 21 5888 6355 Fax +86 21 5888 6950 E-mail: [email protected] ASIA TECHNOGYM ASIA Ltd 18/F, Unit 2 59 Connaught Road, Central - Hong Kong Ph. +852 3 1162 622 Fax +852 3 1162 625 E-mail: [email protected] OTHER COUNTRIES TECHNOGYM SpA Via Giorgio Perticari, 20 47035 GAMBETTOLA (FC) ITALY Ph. +39 0547 650500 Fax +39 0547 650591 E-mail: [email protected]ogym.com 0S000563AA-UK 00/00 Technogym®, The Wellness Company™, Excite™, Goal Training™ and Wellness TV™ are trademarks owned by Technogym S.p.A. in Italy and other countries. Technogym® reserves the right to modify its products and documentation without prior notice.

3. Champions train with Technogym ® EXCITE ™ TOP provides the best upper body training and is fundamental to a well-balanced workout. It combines aerobic activity and high calorie expenditure with shoulder, torso and core stabiliser muscle toning and strengthening. The specifi c WARM UP function on the EXCITE ™ TOP ensures the upper body joints are lubricated and muscles activated prior to a workout making it perfect to use in preparation for upper body weight training and for sports performance. By selecting the WARM UP button on the display, users will access a specifi c warm up routine suitable for all levels of conditioning. Alinghi, Defender of the 32 nd America’s Cup Warm up with Excite ™ To p

7. Powered: 100-230 Vac 50/60 Hz Cordless 650 x 1550 x 1540 mm (26“ x 61“ x 61“) 130 kg (280 lbs) 1-30 25-1000 Time, Distance, Calories 18 - Quick Start, Goals (Time-Distance-Calories), CPR, Profiles (6), Training Zone, Warm Up, Constant Power, Constant S peed, Tests (3) Fitness Test Maximal Test, Wingate Test Telemetry Service not required Software Serial U pload Bordeaux, Grey English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian Yes Optional Yes No 100 VA No 700iE 700i 700iSP Power Supply: Dimensions WxLxH * : Weight: Difficulty Levels: Resistance (watt): Goal Training™: Total no. of programmes: Sub Maximal Tests: Maximal Tests: HR Monitoring ** : Servicing: Seat colour: Language Options: User defined language selection: Wellness System: Wellness TV™: Energy Consumption: * Dimensions WxLxH = W idth x L ength x H eight while working on the equipment ** Chest band and transmitter not included Upper body training for all users EXCITE ™ TOP ’s innovative & simple design satisfi es many different needs by providing: • an excellent warm up for all users • specifi c training for upper body strength and endurance • users with a temporary or permanent leg injury or users suffering from leg fatigue to perform a regular cardio workout • an opportunity to strengthen the muscles after minor shoulder injuries or surgery • a great upper body toning & conditioning workout!

4. Upper body training for top performances ERGONOMIC SEAT DESIGN The innovative seat design, with an open angle sitting position, ensures correct posture is maintained and makes the most of upper body training by further engaging the core and torso stabiliser muscles. EASE OF USE Technical features include High Visibility Display without adjustments, Telescopic Arms , Rotating Handles and Adjustable Hand Crank Height for user comfort and precise fi t. A forward-backward movement allows users to achieve a more balanced workout. ACCESSIBLE DESIGN The Rapid Seat Release and the Integrated Platform allow the easy removal of the seat for training whilst standing up or wheelchair access. Controls are easy to access enabling optimal use from every position (140 - 205 cm user height). The WARM UP routine (patent pending) allows users to prepare for training by fi rst lubricating the joints and then progressively engaging and warming up all upper body muscles. In just 4 minutes users will be guided through an exercise routine that prepares all upper body muscles and joints for a safe strength training session by using the forward and backward rotation of the arms combined with a progressive increase in resistance. PREPARE FOR TRA INING WITH THE INNOVATIVE WARM UP FEATURE


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