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TechnoGym XT - XT Pro - Glidex - Rotex

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1. GLIDEX XT PRO ROTEX XT PRO Natural stride is the special elliptical movement that Technogym has created for the Rotex and Glidex machines. They are ideal for cardiovascular training, they are all equipped with HR receiver (included in the Service Box) and are able to satisfy the needs of the de-conditioned user as well as the demands of sporting professionals. The Still Novo products represent a sound investment offering not only performance, but also excellent ‘value for money’. The best way to have a good quality product at a low price. Rotex Xt - Rotex Xt Pro - Glidex Xt Pro STILL NOVO ® CARDIO ROTEX XT

2. Rotex Xt Rotex - Glidex Xt Pro HR DETECTION HR transmitter HR transmitter , Hand sensor TRAINING TYPES 3 training programs, Constant 6 training programs, Constant heart rate training, heart rate, Manual training, Manual training, Fitness test Fitness test, Quick start RESISTANCE SYSTEM Elettromagnetic LEVELS 12 RESISTANCE 60 - 500 Watt TIDY RACK No Yes MOVEMENT TYPE Ergo Pivot DIMENSION (LxPxH) 86x200x173 cm 86x200x180 (Rotex 173) cm WEIGHT 180 Kg 190 Kg POWER SUPPLY 220 V - 10 A (consumption 50 watt) WARRANTY 1 year on parts TECHNOGYM SpA Via Giorgio Perticari, 20 - 47035 GAMBETTOLA (FC) Tel. +39 0547 56047 Fax +39 0547 650505 www.technogym.com Actions 1. REAR COVER Check Replace 2. PEDANE Check Replace 3. RUBBERED PARTS Replace 4. DUMPERS Replace 5. FRONT COVER Check Replace 6. RIGHT COVER Check Replace 7. LEFT COVER Check Replace 8. ALTERNATOR BELT Check Replace 9. LUBRICANT Check 10. ALTERNATOR BRUSH Replace 11. STICKERS Check Replace 12. FRAME Check Paint 13. KEYBOARD Replace 14. RECEIVER BOARD Check Replace 15. FUNCTIONAL TEST Check 16. EL. SAFETY TEST Check Refurb process Technical specification Rotex Xt - Rotex Xt Pro - Glidex Xt Pro CARDIO Technogym® and The Wellness Company® are trademark owned by Technogym® S.p.A. in Ital y and other country. The information c ontained in this document is subject to change without notice. STILL NOVO ®


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