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WaterRower Designed for Life Catalog 2012

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1. Designe D for Life

10. Commercial Use Water r ower's extensive model range includes styles which fit perfectly beside the treadmill on the cardio floor, as well as suit instructor led group-exercise sessions in the studio. The Water r ower provides an unmatched workout for both the elite athlete preparing for their competitive challenge and for the individual simply looking to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. All Water r owers offer an exceptional cardio exercise in minimal space and require no external power. With a high regard for aesthetic quality, each Water r ower model has been uniquely designed to compliment any environment, from commercial gym to luxury hotel or spa.

8. The Water r ower’s unique Water f lywheel has been designed to reproduce the precise physical dynamics of a moving boat; the surest way to replicate the physiological benefits and aesthetic pleasures of rowing. Many rowing machines imitate the action of rowing but do so mechanically and often lack the natural dynamics experienced when in a boat. The Water f lywheel’s uniform mass provides an authentic resistance through the entire stroke, spreading the work evenly over the muscle groups. WaterRower - Powered by You Because water is 800 times more dense than air, there is no need for unnecessary dampening. The Water r ower’s resistance is self-regulating, varying according to the “ r ule of Cubes.” Doubling the speed requires an eight-fold increase in power and effort. r esistance is therefore infinite and infinitely variable.

3. page : 3 Fitness Equipment You Can Live With s mooth, s ilent, s tylish and s torable, the Water r ower provides an unrivaled full body workout. Water r ower’s broad model selection offers a style to compliment any environment, from living room to fitness facility. s toring conveniently upright when not in use, the Water r ower may be moved and stored with ease.

5. page : 5 The Water r ower has been designed to simulate the smooth, flowing nature of a boat gliding through the water. A truly self-regulating exercise, rowing is ideal for any user, from o lympic athlete to those looking for a fulfilling personal workout; suitable for any age, gender or level of fitness. Combining control, strength and stamina in one complete exercise, rowing burns fat and strengthens your cardiovascular system with no detrimental impact or load on your joints. The Water r ower offers you an unrivaled aerobic and muscular workout. The Perfect Exercise

11. Medical Use The Water r ower provides a non-impact, non-load bearing workout, ideal for full body development and rehabilitation. The seated position removes the body weight from injury-prone hips, knees and ankles, while the unique Water f lywheel creates a uniform self-regulated stroke, eliminating the heavy jarring experienced on conventional rowing machines. These features provide an ideal environment for monitoring and testing patient recovery and advancement. The Water r ower is the ideal choice for physiotherapy and sports science practices around the world. page : 11

2. Introducing WaterRower Long recognized as producing the purest, most realistic simulator of on-water rowing, Water r ower has been dedicated to handcrafting rowing machines of exceptional quality and design since 1988. With a worldwide network of offices, Water r ower has grown to become a globally recognized brand. We take pride in supporting our customers through a lifetime of rowing. Water r ower proudly manufactures in the U s A; our complete range of wooden models are sourced from sustainably managed hardwood forests of the Appalachian Mountains. AMERICAN MADE AMERICAN MADE

14. Monitor Series The s 4 Monitor is designed to be user-friendly while providing ample advanced functionality. The monitor displays Time, Distance, s peed/ i ntensity, s troke r ate and Heart r ate (with optional sensor). s peed/ i ntensity units include: m/s, mph, time/500m, time/2km, watts and cal/h. Distance units include: meters, miles, kilometers, strokes and calories. Advanced f unctions include: Zone Workouts, Auto s tore Program s torage, Manual Program s torage, Projected Distance or Time, s troke r atio, Heart r ate Prognostics and more. o ptional Heart r ate modules include Polar or A n T+ technology. The s 4 monitor may also be interfaced with a PC for advanced display and monitoring. The i ndo- r ow ® Monitor has been designed for the i ndo- r ow ® group rowing classes (see page 19). The monitor displays Time, Distance, Calories, s troke r ate, s peed/ i ntensity and also features the unique r ace/Pace Coach option. The A1 Monitor includes Quick s tart functionality and displays a variety of i ntensity and Distance Units. The monitor features programmable Time and Distance workouts. o ptional Heart r ate modules are also available. Series 4 Monitor Indo-Row ® Monitor A1 Monitor

16. Education and Support Services Water r ower’s online rowing education and advice program, WaterCoach, is designed to improve user knowledge of the sport and exercise of rowing. WaterCoach Home Designed specifically with the individual user in mind, this program provides information and videos for starting out on the Water r ower, guidance on correct rowing technique and suggestions of rowing workouts for all levels of fitness. WaterCoach Home is available to all Water r ower owners after registration. This program also offers a complimentary online personal training service to all registrants; WaterCoach provides personalized professional advice and guidance to individuals on how best to use the Water r ower in order to achieve their fitness and training goals. f or further details visit WaterCoach.com/home .

17. p age : 17 WaterCoach Professional This program is designed for those with a formal background in fitness who have a desire to improve their general knowledge of rowing. This internet based resource has been developed by f itness Professionals, as well as World-Class r owers and Coaches, to bridge the divide between non-rowing fitness and the sport of rowing. The modular construction includes History, Technique, f ault f inding, s tretching, Physiology, Program Design and culminates in a multiple choice examination. s uccessful completion earns AC e (American Council on e xercise) education credits, allowing you to earn while you learn. f or further details visit WaterCoach.com/professional .

23. page : 23 Experience it for Yourself Try the Water r ower for yourself at one of our many retail partners. f or further information, please visit WaterRower.com or call your local office. Whether you wish to use the Water r ower at home, at your place of work or within a gym or spa, we have a model to suit your requirements.

20. WaterRower in the Media “[The Water r ower] provides an all-over workout with minimal impact on the joints. e very major muscle group is used.” “ s uch is the appeal of these machines that they boast owners as diverse as s teven s pielberg, Princess Anne and Larry Mullen of U2... Unlike other rowing machines which are air resistance, the Water r ower uses, well, water, contained in a large transparent drum... Working on it was a joy because the sound of the water gurgling was really pleasant. i could imagine i was actually doing it, out on the water. i t’s stable and easy to store...” By s ir s teven r edgrave ( f ive Time o lympic g old Medallist), “ s mooth and very comfortable to use, with a nice pick-up. [The Water r ower] looks great... i t’s easy to move around, and even easier to store away - it’s one compact unit and can be stored upright...” “The undoubted king of the crop is the magnificent Water r ower, a unique rowing machine that manages the unlikely feat of bringing style and substance to this unglamorous field... i f general wellbeing and fitness are your targets, this is the perfect machine.” “ i f i was going to have one at home this would be it. i t looks attractive not like a gym instrument of torture... r owing, like cross-country skiing, gives an excellent aerobic workout and this machine is the r olls- r oyce of rowers... The Water r ower scored 5 out of 5 in a review of exercise equipment...” “The Water r ower] is one of the most stylish pieces of home-fitness equipment. The unique Water f lywheel creates the sound of lapping waves, giving you the impression that you really are on the river... Verdict: excellent...” “ r owing is one of the best forms of exercise there is and the Water r ower emulates the same physical dynamics as rowing, thus not only giving aerobic benefit but also similar pleasure...”

24. United Kingdom 25 Acton Park e state The Vale, London W3 7Q e Tel: +44 (0)20 8749 9090 [email protected] www.waterrower.co.uk United States 560 Metacom Avenue Warren, ri 02885 Tel: +1 (401) 247 7742 [email protected] www.waterrower.com Australia 46-50 Wellington r oad s outh g ranville, ns W 2142 Tel: +61 (0)2 9681 4221 [email protected] www.waterrower.com.au f or your local office visit WaterRower.com WRM1163 C

4. The Ultimate Cross-Trainer The Water r ower exercises all major muscle groups uniformly, making it the most efficient aerobic workout available. The Water r ower’s fluid, even stroke is superior in its natural replication of on-water rowing, eliminating the unpleasant mechanical fatigue associated with conventional rowing machines. o ther common aerobic exercise equipment such as treadmills, cycles and ellipticals use considerably less muscle mass, burn fewer calories and generate less exercise benefit. Burn in excess of 1,000 calories per hour • Work 84% of your muscle mass • Target core muscles and strengthen posture, • helping to reduce back ailments Work joints through a full range of motion, • improving joint health and flexibility s eated, non-load-bearing and low impact; • rowing removes stress on the injury-prone joints of the ankles, knees and hips

19. p age : 19 Developed by i nternational o arsman/Athlete Josh Crosby and Celebrated f itness e xpert Jay Blahnik, i ndo- r ow ® has taken the fitness industry by storm. i ndo- r ow ® is a one-of-a-kind rowing workout that truly changes the way you think about group exercise. Working in teams, partners and as one crew, each participant receives top-notch coaching and a transforming, total-body workout that leaves them begging for more. e asy to learn and appealing to all levels of fitness and abilities, i ndo- r ow ® is perfect for group exercise facilities interested in broadening their offering. page : 19 with ® f or further details visit IndoRow.com . Jay Blahnik is a previous winner of i D e A's f itness i nstructor of the Year Award and was chosen by s hape Magazine as one of the fitness industry's " i cons and i nnovators." He is a n ike Athlete, lead member of g atorade's g s eries f it Team, a B os U Development Team Member and the Program Developer for s chwinn i ndoor Cycling. He has consulted for Apple, s tarbucks and ge , and Jay is an Advisor for e quinox f itness Clubs. Josh Crosby is a World Champion rower, ultra-endurance athlete and competitor in the i ronman World Championships. He is the creator of i ndo- r ow, an international fitness presenter and certified trainer who has been featured on The Today s how, C nn , and f ox n ews. Josh serves on the international indoor rowing federation advisory group ( fis A) and is a member of g atorade's g s eries f it Team. Group Rowing

18. To help you stay motivated, we continue to develop programs which will allow you to get even more out of your Water r ower. The Water r ower s 4 Monitor has been designed to interface with a personal computer, providing enhanced feedback and display. Current software offerings include: We- r ow- o nline rowing/training community • Web r acing- Virtual reality software • UltraCoach- Data and performance logging • Water r egatta- Tournament system • Visit WaterRower.com for the latest additions. Water r ower ownership entitles you to join our unique online rowing community, We- r ow. We- r ow allows for you to train and compete with members of the community across the globe. s hare your experiences and motivations with others from the comfort of your own home. Stay Motivated We-Row Online Rowing Community The application is browser based allowing it to run on a broad variety of operating systems and platforms. All you need is internet access and the s 4 Monitor (which comes complete with the necessary cable). For further details visit We-Row.com.

15. Monitor Comparison page : 15 Features Series 4 A1 Indo-Row ® Display f ields Units Time, Distance, i ntensity, s trokes per minute, Heart r ate (optional) Time, Distance, i ntensity, s trokes per minute, Heart r ate (optional) Time, Distance, i ntensity, s trokes per minute, Calories i ntensity Units Meters per second, Miles per hour, s plit time per 500 meters, s plit time per 2 Kilometers, Watts, Calories per hour Meters per second, Miles per hour, s plit time per 500 meters, s plit time per 2 Kilometers, Watts, Calories per hour Miles per hour, s plit time per 500 meters Distance Units Meters, Miles, Kilometers, s trokes, Calories Meters, Miles, Kilometers, s trokes, Calories Meters Workout Programs Distance, Time, Distance i ntervals, Time i ntervals Distance, Time Distance r ace/Pace Coach, Time r ace/Pace Coach o ptional Heart r ate    Average i ntensity o ption    Zone Workout    Program s torage    Projected Time and Distance    r atio Display    Prognostics    PC i nterface   

22. Accessories WaterRower Protective Mat The 90” x 36”/228cm x 91cm mat can be placed under your Water r ower as added protection for your floors or carpets. Extra Long Rails The e xtra Long r ail option provides an additional 4”/10cm in rail length to accommodate the taller user. Available on all wooden dual rail models. All of these accessories and more can be purchased online at WaterRower.com , as well as by contacting your local retailer or local Water r ower office. Cleaning Kits A collection of materials and special cleaning agents to keep your Water r ower looking new. Available for Wood, A1/ i ndo- r ow, M1 and s 1 models. Starter Kit s ave on Water r ower Accessories with the s tarter Kit. This offering includes the Protective Mat, A n T+ Heart r ate Kit and the corresponding Cleaning Kit for your Water r ower. ANT+ Heart Rate Kit The digital heart rate kit uses A n T+ technology to wirelessly transmit data to your monitor. The A n T+ receiver is available in an internal and external option. HiRise Adaptor Available in all Water r ower wood types. The Hi r ise Adaptor allows you to raise the height of your Water r ower by 8”/20cm, making it easier to access.

21. p age : 21 Endorsements Anna Friel : Actress i t’s great because with g racie (my daughter) i can’t really get to the gym but with the Water r ower i can just lower it down and have a quick workout while g racie runs around the house... The Water r ower is a piece of exercise equipment that lasts and actually looks nice. We originally bought it because it’s made from this beautiful wood and fitted into our house in Windsor, but it looks great in LA as well ...the added bonus is that if you don’t have a gym it tucks neatly behind a door. i love it. Mar k Edgar : British Olympic Team Physiotherapist; London, England What impressed me most about the Water r ower was the lack of shock loading at the front end of the stroke... the athlete must load biomechanically more efficiently to score well - similar to what is required on the water. Martin Cro ss : Olympic Gold Medalist The Holy g rail for all ergo makers is to find a product that some how captures the feel of rowing in a boat: a smooth ‘catch’; a resistance that loads their body just like it does in a boat and a recovery phase that simulates the glide a rower experiences as the boat moves under them. i n over twenty- five years of rowing, i ’ve tried all that the market has to offer and there’s only one that comes close to capturing the essence of the sport: Water r ower. Xeno Müller: Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist i won o lympic gold and silver in the men’s single scull and i will keep rowing for my entire life, to stay healthy and be able to chase down my great grandchildren. n ow, i am a husband and a father of four and i love rowing at home. The Water r ower is gentle to row and gives me a full body workout. The quiet sound of the water adds harmony to our family life. r owing at home is a great way to lead by example for my children to adopt exercise as a life style. When i exercise on the Water r ower i feel rejuvenated physically as well as mentally. i look forward to helping others find the same benef its. page : 21 Dolvett Quince: Trainer on The Biggest Loser ® i 'm a huge fan of the i ndo- r ow ® (A1) Machine by Water r ower and would love for clients, present and future, to share in such an amazing product.

6. All Monitors have been designed for ease of use and our s 4 Monitor is compatible with a range of enhanced software applications. 9 Defined by Quality Design 7 8 s oft rubber feet prevent slipping and damage to your floors. 8 e nclosed sealed water tank is engineered from durable polycarbonate. 2 Durable padded seat provides comfort and our unique dual rail models offer added smoothness and stability. 7 Unique Water f lywheel silently simulates the dynamic of a moving boat. 3 Crafted from premium materials including select replenishable American hardwoods. 1

7. p age : 7 1 2 9 5 4 3 6 e rgonomic handle is foam coated for comfort and contoured to fit the natural grip of your hand. 5 QuickAdjust footpads cater to a broad variety of users. 4 Convenient dolly wheels enhance mobility and ease of storage. 6

12. Model Range A1 Series A1 Home s olid Ash wood frame finished in Danish oil. i ncludes aluminum monorail design, home use warranty and A1 Monitor. A1 Studio s olid Ash wood frame with honey oak stain and finished in Danish oil. i ncludes aluminum monorail design, commercial warranty and A1 Monitor. Natural Series Indo-Row ® Studio s olid Ash wood frame with honey oak stain and finished in Danish oil. i ncludes aluminum monorail design, commercial warranty and i ndo- r ow ® Program Monitor. Indo-Row ® Home s olid Ash wood frame finished in Danish oil. i ncludes aluminum monorail design, home use warranty and i ndo- r ow ® Program Monitor. Indo-Row ® Series Natural s olid Ash wood frame with honey oak stain and finished in Danish oil. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty and s 4 Monitor. Club s olid Ash wood frame with black and rose stain and finished in Danish oil. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty and s 4 Monitor. Designer Series Oxbridge s olid Cherry wood frame finished in Danish oil. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty and s 4 Monitor. Classic s olid American Black Walnut wood frame finished in Danish oil. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty and s 4 Monitor.

9. A Lifelong Investment • – the WaterRower in either wood or metal construction is engineered for life, making it the perfect investment for your health. Unique WaterFlywheel Resistance • – infinitely variable, smooth and natural, the WaterRower's self-regulating resistance is suitable for any user. Award Winning Design • – the WaterRower has won design industry accolades and has been exhibited at London’s Museum of Design . Soothingly Silent • – the WaterRower is designed to be non-intrusive, distinctly quieter than air resistance rowers, mechanical treadmills and other cardio equipment. Minimal Space • – the WaterRower has a surprisingly compact footprint and stores conveniently upright when not in use. Low Maintenance • – unlike chain driven air rowing machines, there is no need to oil chains or clean vents. Each WaterRower comes supported by an extensive factory backed warranty. No Running Costs • – with no external power required, you can workout wherever you want. Ethically Produced • – handcrafted in the USA from sustainably managed Appalachian Forest hardwoods. Performance Monitors – • designed to be simple to operate with a QuickStart function, while offering a feature-rich range of advanced options for users that desire more information. Benefits of the WaterRower page : 9

13. page : 13 † s tandard Colors: s ilver, White or Black. Custom Colors: Customer color specified. M1 Series M1 LoRise Durably constructed in steel and powder-coated in a variety of colors † to appeal to individual taste and needs. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty and s 4 Monitor. M1 HiRise Durably constructed in steel and powder-coated in a variety of colors † to appeal to individual taste and needs. i ncludes dual rail design, commercial warranty, raised height rails (8"/ 200mm) and s 4 Monitor. Warranty and Service WaterRower Warranty e ach Water r ower carries a standard one year conditional warranty on the frame and components. An upgrade to a five year frame and a three year component warranty is complimentary upon customer registration. Support and Service We have a large library of online resources for Water r ower owners. o wner support can be found at WaterRower.com , as well as contact details for your local Water r ower office, who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. * Wet weight assumes tank filled to level 17 s ee WaterRower.com for shipping dimensions. Wooden Series Dimensions In Use: H: 20” / 51cm L: 82” / 209cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Stored: H: 82” / 209cm L: 20” / 51cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Weight: Dry: 67lbs / 30kg Wet*: 104lbs / 47kg A1/ Indo-Row ® Dimensions In Use: H: 20” / 51cm L: 84” / 212cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Stored: H: 84” / 212cm L: 20” / 51cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Weight: Dry: 61lbs / 28kg Wet*: 98lbs / 44.5kg M1 LoRise Dimensions In Use: H: 20” / 51cm L: 88” / 224cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Stored: H: 88” / 224cm L: 20” / 51cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Weight: Dry: 111lbs / 50kg Wet*: 148lbs / 67kg M1 HiRise Dimensions In Use: H: 28” / 70cm L: 88” / 224cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Stored: H: 88” / 224cm L: 28” / 70cm W: 22” / 56.5cm Weight: Dry: 120lbs / 55kg Wet*: 157lbs / 72kg Dimensions


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