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WaterRower Step by Step Driver Installation

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3. Step Three: Select: Install from a list or a specific location (Advanced). Followed by Next.

4. Step Four: Select: Don't search. I will ch oose the driver to install. Followed by Next.

5. Step Five: Proceed by clicking Have Disk...

6. Step Six: Click Browse... and locate the folder where you extracted the .zip file.

7. Step Seven: The proper device should appear in the white box. Click Next to continue..

8. Step Eight: Select Continue Anyway

9. Congratulations! You have installed your WaterRower Moni tor for use with Web Racing software such as: We-Row & NetAthlon.

2. Step Two: Begin the new hardware installation wizard. Select: No, not this time. Followed by Next.

1. Step-by-step Installation Instructio ns for the WaterRower Monitor. Visit us on the web at: http://www.waterrower.com for more information. Step One: Plug in the WaterRower Monitor to your PC.


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