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Improve your gym with USED Cardio & STRENGTH equipment from:


Designed for beginners and advanced users, they promise excellent comfort in movement and training position.

Life Fitness

Innovation and improvement ensures that their machines remain trusted workhorses in today's fitness facilities.


Strong, smart and beautiful. Matrix delivers exactly that. Superior styling and signature features.

...AND WE ALSO SELL USED Cardio equipment from:


Searching for refurbished indoor rowers? Concept2 is the most well known brand specialized in indoor rowing.


The master of stair climbing in your fitness training area. Users can complete intensive workouts like a spartan.


Precor offers equipment with a reputation for reliable performance and ease of care.

Super Deals with used cardio and strength Fitness Equipment

We have some machines in stock that we would like to sell to create more space in our warehouses. For those who are interested, send us a message to get in touch with us!

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Indoor Rowers

Indoor rowers from brands like Concept2 and WaterRower are the most used rowers in the business.

Spinning Bikes

Cardio group training on professional spinning bikes from TechnoGym, Star Trac, Tomahawk, Schwinn etc.

AMT's & ARC Trainers

Occasionally we get used cardio machines from other brands like Precor, Cybex, Star Trac, etc.

We do professional refurbishment

When you are looking for an affordable supplier in used and refurbished fitness equipment, FITNESS-TRADER.COM is the place to go. Our core business is buying, selling and refurbishing of used fitness equipment and accessories. This is what we do every day and more importantly what we love doing. With our extensive suppliers network we periodically buy a whole lot of new stock of used fitness equipment that we can sell as-is or refurbished. This depends on the wishes of our customers who most of the time are gym owners, personal trainers, fitness centres, hotels, therapists, schools or other fitness equipment dealers. And we also do servicing of fitness equipment on location if that is what you want.

Fitness-Trader knows what gyms, fitnesscenters and other dealers are looking for

The strength and cardio equipment that Fitness-Trader buys to sell consists with a range of equipment and machines you need to run a professional gym, fitness center, therapy/revalidation area, crossfit area, personal training area, etc. Our main focus lies on the brands TechnoGym, Life Fitness and Matrix but we also sell used cardio and strength fitness equipment from some other brands like: Concept2, Cybex, Hammer Strength, Precor, StairMaster, Star Trac and WaterRower.

 We every day sell machines like: single stations, cable stations, plate loaded machines, benches, racks, treadmills, synchro's, bikes, crossovers, stair climbers, spinning bikes, arc trainers, ascent trainers, indoor rowers, summit trainersvario's and more.

- Fitness-Trader sells used and refurbished Fitness Equipment -

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The goal is selling for good prices so that we can keep buying used fitness equipment.
Our team speaks English, dutch, german, romanian, Italian, turkish and polish.
we sell used equipment of brands like TechnoGym, Life Fitness, Matrix, Concept2 and others.
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